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Moment We’ve Waited For

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of I just want to start off by saying that this is my 147th post on this website! It is just such an honor on my part and my website 🙂


Ever since the first sighting of the puffles back in 2005, Club Penguin has always meant to put in a Puffle Party in order to celebrate them. Unfortunately, that idea was probably kept in the back of their database for quite some time now, and it isn’t until 2009: less than four years later, that they finally got the idea to make one. People have been commenting in the past a frequent number of times on the Club Penguin blog to tell them that they should make one. I had even made a prediction about this one happening in a post I made less than 2 years ago.
ball-pit_2I thought that it was a little strange and out of the ordinary to have one in February 2009, because there hasn’t been much of an event to celebrate. For example,there is not a new color out to follow the release of the yellow one and everyone was expecting some kind of release of a new special item. Anyway, I just thought that this party is so much more unique than the past few, even if some people thought it was pretty small. The feature highlighted at the left is the ball pit, it is located in the forest.  This is probably one of my favorite rooms, it is a great hiding place. All of the little plastic balls in the tub are colored to be just like all of the different colors of the puffles. It is like swimming in a  giant pool of them. I am not sure why they added the white plastic balls in the tub. You know, recently Club Penguin has given a lot of hints about the white puffles. It seems like it could be a possibility that they might actually come out before the orange ones that I had predicted. I heard recently that there have been spottings of the white puffle in the Dojo. There is one that comes out every 30 minutes in the bushes. I guess Club Penguin is trying to make it similar to how the yellow puffle only came out of the bushes at a certain time like during the Halloween party. Only time can tell us what the future holds. For now we will have to wait for that answer.


If you find yourself waddling over towards the underground area, I definitely suggest that you check out the room where the pool used to be. It has been transformed into a giant skating rink and the black puffles dominate the room. Even though this is the only puffle that does not have an expression on it’s face, Club Penguin really spent a long time putting expression into this room. fireThey have never dared to put in such an urban style into any of the parties in the past. I definitely think this is the best room at the party to see. It is very modern and there is a graffiti effect on the wall (except Club Penguin uses chalk instead because spray paint is a bad influence on younger children). If you look closely, you may find a surprise button on the wall to press that will light up all four black puffles in the corners of the room to turn into a spectacular festival of fire. The picture at the right is located on the floor of the room; I just thought it looked amazing with the black puffles eyes blazing with fire. This room finally brought out the expression in this puffle that has been hidden for years and that mysterious attitude of this puffle is revealed on the walls and floor.


At this party, probably everyone has at least one puffle that they can relate to. This puffle likes similar things, has a similar attitude. The puffle that I feel relates to me the most is yellow puffle, which is why I thought that the lighthouse was pretty well decorated. paintingThe lighthouse features the yellow puffle through a variety of different arts, like acting (along with directing), painting, and sculpting. It was fun to watch the puffle act on stage, make sculptures of penguins, and most importantly, paint individual pictures of each penguin. The only problem with the painting is that it doesn’t have any of the clothing on you, which is understandable because it is just like the sledding game: they cant bring in every single piece of clothing because of the number of different clothing combination’s. Anyway, I thought that the picture was pretty cute even without the clothing, because real penguins don’t even wear clothing. The puffle was pretty happy with his creation. I took a picture of his/ her masterpiece, which is located at the left.


As told in the fortune cookie that Sensei left in this weeks newspaper, it says “Keep and eye out for pirates”. Just in time for Rockhopper’s visit; the cove is updated to feature Rockhopper and his red puffle, Yarr.ship_5 The room is set up so that it is pirate oriented with a pirate ship replacing the surf hut. Although I was unsure why Club Penguin named it the “HMS Puffle”, connora had stated to me that “HMS” is added on to the beginning of ship names. According in Wikipedia, it is a ship prefix used for ships of the navy and it means “Her Majesty’s Ship”. I was still unsure why that was added on because a pirate ship isn’t part of any navy. Anyway, I still think that the room is decorated nicely. There is a free item located in the back; even though it is a repeat, it did kind of fit the theme of being pirate and puffle related. Although I do wish that Club Penguin would be more creative with their free items. A lot of people were hoping for an item for a puffle to wear like a hat on its head.


Final Rating: Although there are not that many rooms decorated, the ones that were added on to were very creative and unique. Like I said, this party is the one that we have all been waiting for. You may feel that the free items were not that good, but like I always say, try and look past the surface of those free items and enjoy the party for what it is. I still do feel that a lot of the most important rooms on the island were not decorated and that is why the rating was lowered.



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It’s a waste!

Hi, Bigmokey2 here. I have some bad news. I’m quiting my site. Here’s why: I don’t know how to create pictures, my site is the last on the cheat site list on google, and no one will help work on the site. I’m not deleting it because I might find out some tips and how to do things later in my path. But the good part is that I can come to more parties and and keep the site up to date!

That’s all until next post!

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Design and Portrait Contest

There will be a contest for drawing, design, and portraits! You could also do an igloo design and submit that.

The rules are:

  • Must be made by Microsoft Paint, if you do not have that program, you can team up with someone else who has it.
  • It can be Runescape or Club Penguin related
  • I am aloud to help people with pictures, but I can not make you win
  • If you don’t know what designs are knowledgeable, go to photos page and check out Clonez’s pictures. It can be like those
  • Those are the rules for our contest the contest. Please try to finish by June 20th

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Fame Gone?

Today i went to CPIP to see whats new. Soon i saw Gift for testers on 30th! I was so happy to find i out! But the rares on the other hand have no chance of being BETA RARE. I mean theres a 50 50 chance is ganna be the beta hat since we tested! If you have a different sugustin post

Also, our party was great! We took pics, lughed, and much more! The only bad thing is that not much ppl were there! i really hope you can come next time!

Where Was Everyone?

Hey guys, why wasn’t at the party yesterday? I was gonna record (cause i got CamStudio) and take pictures (thanks to sky i know).

Problems With Pictures

Hello Everyone. This is Clonez. I am sorry to everyone about the pictures failing to come up on this site. This includes photos on the sidebar widget, on the honor page, on the notes page and the 2007 page. Apparantly, everything got jumbled up after Mr Hamm Jam deleted his site. I was working there before this and so all of the pages were copyed from his, which means it sends the link to his website. I will have all of the pictures restored soon along with updates. I am sorry it took so long for that. I will be up and ready to fix everything by the end of the weekend.

Thank You For Your Time!

Over and Out!

New Pin Moving And More!

Hello! This is Grim Reepa, administrator of this site, and i would like to say that there are some new, but rather different updates in the world of Clubpenguin! First off, Aqua Grabber was a success! as you can see on this picture:rockhoppers-stuff.pngalso, the pin:new-pin-moved.pnghas been moved. Almost forgot, to check the catalogues, click them on the taskbar on the side.