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That Abandoned Idea

(June 11th, 2010)
Dear thank-god-its-summer-break Planet Earth,

Sometimes I think this idea is gonna be so great. And maybe it is. But then other times I remember other things I thought would be great… What if this all bombs out? Then in a few years I’ll look back and think, Boy, was I stupid.” ~ Trevor McKinney

As a child, you are given little to no freedom. Making a difference in the world is left for the big, strong adult figures in society… everyone else just fades to the background and lets the world change around them as they go on with their normal lives. To adjust the normal rhythm of events would be too enormous for a child, supposedly. Even after thinking you come close, there is always someone to drag you down and say that the brilliant idea won’t work and how you should just move on.

Thirteen-year-old Trevor managed to go against the flow of the world and bring about positive difference. Living with an alcoholic mother and a father who abandoned him, Trevor puts aside his problems to think about how he can actually spark change in the world around him. Through the concept of “paying it forward” he passes on good deeds to the needy people around him: he helps a homeless man make a living,  helps an elderly woman with her dream garden, and helps save the life of man getting mugged. His whole plan acts as a long chain: one is supposed to help three people, and each of those three are supposed to help another three and it keeps going on until all the world is performing kind acts. Faced with the imperfections in society, Trevor just about abandons his theory thinking that no one in their right mind would pass it on. It takes a reporter: Chris Chandler, to trace his way from the other side of the country to find Trevor and tell him that he has created an enormous movement, sparked the interest of the media, and lowered crime rates eighty percent. Out of nowhere, Trevor is whisked to stardom for his development of a simple idea.

I was introduced to Pay It Forward in Eighth Grade in one of my elective classes for a unit on inspirational people. I don’t even remember why I was forced to take such a pointless class, but that doesn’t matter: I pulled something great out of the experience. After watching the movie, I at once fell in love with the sweet, warm plot line and it dawned on me that this was something I would want to revisit in the future. This past week I decided to read the book version of the novel and get even deeper into the lives of the characters that I had known  solely on the surface after seeing the movie. It seems like everyone always says that the book version is better than the movie, and I can’t disagree with that. I just adored watching the hidden progress of the movement and exploring the lives of the characters through their own various perspectives and inputs. Each chapter focuses on a different character who was affected by Trevor’s idea, which helped me understand the movement as a whole. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone interested in mystery novels, since there is quite a bit of profound investigation. Pay It Forward also has numerous heartwarming moments; these charitable characters painted intricately by the author will appeal to any reader. The ending was such an incredible twist of events; you’ll enjoy it.

A Much Anticipated Post

(April 27th, 2010)

Dearest Planet Earth, our exotic and beloved home,

I had a ball celebrating this year’s Earth Day with the annual feature-length film by Disneynature. I have found that it is a tradition to go with my friends each year to see nothing more than landscapes and animals on planet Earth. I treated myself to the film, Oceans, which came out on Thursday and was rather impressed. My friend interested in Zoology pointed out the names of sea creatures mentioned and kept me fed with random facts throughout the film. Even though the film did not have a distinguishable plot, line of characters, or special effects, all I can say is that the visuals truly capture your eye  and keep you attentive to this documentary. Every once in a while we would feast our eyes on the impressive feat of a whale or dolphin shooting out of the depths of the water or gasp at the ocean-floor-dwellers devouring their innocent prey. We would laugh at the penguins sliding on the ice into the antarctic waters or stare in awe as the baby sea turtles slowly dug their way to the surface of the sandy beach.  There was some brilliant footage of certain parts of the ocean that I never knew existed. It is such a vast area, and there are probably parts in the dark depths that man has never travelled. I wouldn’t say that I am that interested so much as to watch the entire volume of Planet Earth CDs by Discovery, but I just feel that every Earth Day we should treat ourselves to a little piece of the grand world that surrounds us and understand the power of protecting the environment and promoting life of all living creatures. Just like almost every nature documentary, Oceans talked about how pollution of the waters  has disrupted the lives of innumerable sea-creatures. It was rather sad to see a transition from crystal clear blue ocean to rusty, dirty pools of trash. At one point it showed a whole shopping cart on underwater on bed of sand. I mean, really, of all things? It would be rather nice if humans could just get along with this other parallel dimension. For a small segment at the end of the film, it showed a scuba diver approaching an innocuous shark swimming freely through the water. The diver followed the movements of its tail in a peaceful way as to not frighten it and kept up for it for some time. Such a bond between man and shark clearly shows how people can come closer to animals and stop abusing them.

Ever since the end of winter break, the focus of junior year has been on achievement in the upcoming test: the ACT. So far I’ve gone to classes for the five sections, just so that I can work for a higher score. We’ve taken a practice five-paragraph essay twice in English class. This test is just looked upon so seriously: it decides the level of college that you get into and decides the direction of your life. The intimidation starts with the fact that juniors have to sit in a room for five hours with one twenty-minute break in the middle. Electronic devices are denied entrance; not even a book or a snack out in the open.  The test alone is not even built to finish on a humane level. Having to look down at a bubbling sheet for hours, the neck gradually starts to suffer from such pain. The rather mind-numbing part, the essay question, is right at the end: the last thing that one wants to think about at that point of the test. The reading section is what I am mainly worried about. It is preposterous that the test only supplies thirty minutes to complete four readings and answer questions on each, in no particular order of difficulty or appearance in the reading. My weakness of reading fights against me in this test. Luckily my strength in mathematics helps me a bit. The math section is not only simple, but actually enjoyable. I finished the practice test with plenty of time to spare since I viewed each question as a puzzle or brain-teaser. Well, this test is tomorrow and I hope to say that I feel ready for it. Sleep and a healthy breakfast is what every adult has to tell you to do the night before, so I will definitely strive for that. I just hope my brain can deal with the intellectual burden that the ACT forces upon everyone.

I discovered something rather new this weekend: the intense flavor and texture of a homemade pizza. A couple of months ago a new pizza delivery service, HomeMade Pizza Co,  was erected in our neighborhood. Without a doubt, they have a unique style of preparing dishes. The company pools all the dough and toppings together and allows customers to cook pizzas from home in the oven or on the grill to truly press the title of “freshly baked”. This literal interpretation becomes profoundly visible when this bakery-fresh delicacy arrives at the dinner table. Beforehand, the customer is given a variety of options on the structure of their pizza: from breading to cheeses, sauces, and toppings to spices. It is now perfectly acceptable to call this a finely crafted piece of art, suited to the consumer’s taste. I absolutely loved the first time I tried my own. I decided on a sausage pizza with basil and oregano spices; I could already smell the sticky dough brim when I tore the plastic wrap off. Overall, this pizza has a natural taste, unlike the greasy fast-food pizzas from places like Dominoes or Pizza Hut. The bread is just like heaven: it is nice and fluffy inside, feels and tastes fresh on the outside. I would definitely recommend this restaurant to any pizza lover, since the restaurant gives you the freedom to experiment with different flavors. Their website is located here.

Back At School

(January 4th, 2010)

Dear Planet Earth,

School is finally back in session, which unfortunately many are not delighted to here. I know I am one of those grunpy people who would rather stay at home all day sleeping late and enjoying myself  with Dance Dance Revolution and other mind-degrading video games, blogging on WordPress, talking on Skype and Oovoo Connor, and plenty more. Of course, it is important to adjust oneself depending at what life brings someone, and it my case, it is the stress associated with schoolwork. I felt my stomach sink inside me when I heard in Physics that I would have to do a project examining the changes in force and total mechanical energy at different points on a roller coaster. I had completely forgotten most of the material over this long break! In English I could barely pay attention to the reading we started in class because I was so lost. I really need to get my game on, or I am in for a mighty spin down a drain. I’m sitting in Tutoring in the learning center at school typing this, honored to have potential time to relax after this hectic morning of classes. Today was also the first day getting ready this morning in my new house. I feel like I smoothly adjusted back into my routine of eating cereal, preparing my choice of sanwich for the day, checking updates on my computer, and talking to Connor. Sadly, I was unable to stop to check the weather, but during the dead of winter it seems to be a common instinct to know how to dress for the day. I felt rather cranky this morning though, I just wanted to hop back into bed and sleep for another… five hours?

A couple of days ago I was browsing through Barnes & Nobles when I came across a book that I am dieing to get my hands on: The Wild Things by David Eggers. I had told Connor about it, and apparently he had already known about this certain book. I just have to read it! I wasn’t able to purchase it, since I had just used my money to see The Blind Side with my friend Nick and a couple of other people. Anyway, I’m just so interested to find out how it relates to the movie, its a rather long read (in my opinion). Of course, I am not much of a devoted reader to start out with, but I was pretty excited about this one. I’ve heard some pretty good reviews online about it. I just hope I can find the time in my day to read given that it is junior year, my hardest year in high school. I will get to it eventually!

Childhood VI – Reading

“There are perhaps no days of our childhood we lived so fully as those we spent with a favorite book” (Proust). Growing up with reading is something that I will cherish for a long time. I remember starting out reading books by Dr. Seuss, one of the most famous childrens’ authors of all time. I always enjoyed the illustrations on each page and how each one has a burst of creativity on it. They were the kind of images that could never escape your mind. Of course now, all the English teachers at my school criticize them by saying that they can be misleading and it is what limits the child’s creativity. Well, I completely disagree with that; children use those pictures as a guide to help them understand the reading at such an early age. They can not be held accountable for understanding every word in the text.  Anyway, it seems as though every kid in America at one time was read a picture book before going to bed or curled up in a parents lap next to a fireplace. These classic stories continue on into the later years- even after that child has grown up. Don’t think they go away forever! You might end up reading it to your child or grandchild… or better yet… see a movie based on that book! Over the years, books have been transformed into movies with an extended plot line. This weekend, Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs was released as a movie; one of my favorite books to read as a child.

With no doubt, the one that the public is most excited for is the movie Where The Wild Things Are, which is released October 16th. The preview of the film looks so deep; it sends shivers down the spine… “Inside all of us is hope, fear,  adventure, and a wild thing” I’ve heard that the director added an extended plot to that movie to give it a realistic meaning.  I found out a pretty nice selection of artwork for the movie created by a large number of artists with different renditions. Click Here. Even if you are now past childhood, it really still is a movie for everyone. It’s nice to look back at those earlier years and this movie provides a key to that gate that has locked up your childhood forever. See the movie and release your inner wild thing; it has been waiting to come out all these years!




One of the many places we went.

I am so surprised to be making it to such a day where I am alone in the blogging world with no one to lean upon for help or advice. It is such a strange feeling. It is like being stranded on a deserted island with nothing to do but write. All you can do is hope that there is someone out there who is listening. God, perhaps? I am now in such a world where I am not judged on the way that I write; the way that I express my feelings because everyone is gone. Everyone has quit or has just faded away ever so slowly. Then again, I have quit in a way. I now do not feel such a motivation to write, but I still continue to do so– every once in a while. I now do not feel that same pressure to complete some post by the end of the week or something like that. I am my own boss, I am the all powerful Clonez.

How do I begin to talk about Club Penguin? Well, my membership has just run out and I do not feel that same urge to renew it as I used to when I received peer pressure from my friends online. I am alone once again. It seems very complicated to talk about because it seems as though a year or two ago I was urging others to not give up; to keep on fighting strong till the end– whenever that was. I realize now that special spirit is over. It has been over for quite some time now. Ever since the beginning of 2009 I haven’t felt the same way making posts about Club Penguin. I had started to shift to other topics. Most people who read them felt disgusted in a way. They had wanted my to give them more Club Penguin news, but I had a feeling deep in my heart that this wasn’t meant to be and I was afraid to let that feeling out until now. I do enjoy talking about life and topics that interest me, like my series of posts on advertising. There has only been one person who had pushed me to write for what I believed in; everyone else who worked on the site was concerned about getting more views and comments on posts and so they tried to steer me to talking about Club Penguin. The one person who pushed me to write with freedom was Connor.

Connor and I have finally made it up to that point in our friendship in which we met in person, face-to-face, for a whole week. In case you were wondering, yes, Connor and I are going to tell you about that time he came. Because this is a real life experience, I decided that it would just be the perfect opportunity to actually use my real name in this post. My name is Michael. It’s nice to meet you 😉 .


Connor: I woke up at 7:05 am, much too early to talk to Michael before I departed for Raleigh-Durham Airport. So I got up, took a quick shower, got dressed, and the three other members of my family and I were on our way to Raleigh, which is about a 2 hour drive from where I live. I was really starting to feel nervous about flying by myself for the first time and navigating through the airport all by my lonesome. I was also a little nervous about Michael’s two sisters. But not as much as traveling. My family and I stopped at McDonald’s about halfway there, because we had to eat breakfast. This is when Michael called me on my cell. He was uber excited for later… and I was too. I couldn’t stick around and chat though, because my hands were otherwise engaged with a sausage biscuit, orange juice, and a hashbrown. A little while later, I arrived at the airport. My family went with me to security, where my dad had to get a special pass to go to the gate with me, since I’m a minor. There, he dropped me off to wait for my flight. I talked to Michael until we boarded. I got on the plane, picked a seat, put my bags in the overhead bin, and buckled my seat belt. And then, I was in the air. Flying into the unknown.

Michael: Wow, what a day! I remember talking to Connor the night before and we were joking about how it would take us a while to get to sleep the night before the visit. For me, I slept like a baby and I woke up feeling refreshed. I was a little nervous the time and I kept thinking that maybe something will go wrong. I’ve heard many cases where bad things happen to people who meet online, but I felt this visit would differ from previous ones, since we had been web camming for at least half a year and it seemed as though there was nothing left to hide since we had spilled all our secrets to each other. My dad and I brought the dogs along for the ride. There was a ton of traffic, but we made it on time.  The dogs were pretty tired from the long ride by the time we arrived. I remember seeing Connor standing at the drop-off area. I recognized him almost immediately, and I thought in my head, “Oh my gosh, there he is!” The kid I had talked to all this time was right before me. It was so weird not to see that camera box around Connor, I had gotten so used to it.

Connor: I got off the plane, called Michael up to see where he and his dad were waiting for me. Michael replied, “there’s traffic, we’ll be there in 10 minutes.” And I said, “okay. It’ll take me time to get off this plane anyway. See you soon.” I eventually got off the plane, and I grabbed my backpack and my duffel bag and raced through Concourse B of Midway Airport. I got out at exit 2 LL where all the taxis were. I called Michael and asked which road lane he’d pick me up at. He said the outside lane, so I started my way over there. I stopped in the median against a big concrete pillar. He said to look for a black Mercedes, so I was looking at all the cars. And then I see a black sedan pull up a lane away. I look through the darkly tinted windows and I see a clean-cut boy in an orange shirt… who looked awfully familiar.. and we made eye contact. And I saw his eyes instantly grow in size. I raced over to the car where he popped out and gave me a big ol’ hug. I put my bags in the trunk and got in. There, I shook his dad’s hand and just took everything in.

Michael: We left the airport to go back to my home-sweet-home. We were very quiet in the car at first because I am guessing that he too was a little scared to start-up a conversation at first. For me it was because I was so used to hiding our conversations on the phone, which is why we would always talk on the cell when our parents weren’t around. I noticed Connor was petting Chewy (one of my dogs) most of the time. We giggled at some of the billboards that went by. Even I hadn’t seen so many: one after the other. I pointed out some things along the way that I had talked about on web cam. I remember showing him my room at first. We got up the stairs and I closed my door and said something like, “this is what you’ve waited to see in person.” I just wanted to set the mood because I would be totally amazed myself in that place. Anyway, I showed him my room for a bit and we left to go have lunch at Einstein Bagels and later we went downtown to see an art fair. It was so weird walking around with Connor downtown because I felt like most of the time I would have to just leave him in my room and go by myself and later talk to him on the cell when I left to go somewhere. Anyway, the art fair was amazing and it was so much fun to look at art together. It was very crowded though, but we managed to see a lot.

Connor: In the car, I was quiet because I was definitely scared. I didn’t want to say anything that may repel Michael away, or something Michael’s dad might find crude, etc. So I played it cool with small talk and I felt like I had to do something with myself, and that is why I stroked Chewy the way home. I was so scared. Then we got home. I was really turned around because row after row of townhouses and garages, I just got so lost. But we eventually pulled up to number 2212 and I entered his house through the garage. The first thing I saw was Michael’s younger sister, Emily, staring at me like, “who the heck are you?” so that made me kind of uncomfortable. Michael showed me around his house, and then we retreated upstairs to look at his room and to drop off my bags. What I saw amazed me. Everything was so vivid, much more so than on web cam, and it was just so weird to be IN his room finally. After being in his room for around 15 minutes, we went to Einsteins. I just got a plain bagel with shmear (lol) and then we ate. Afterward, with Michael, his dad, his two sisters, and I went to downtown Chicago for the art fair. It was such an alien feeling for me as well because I was so used to just staying at my house while he went somewhere and then hearing about it five hours later. But I was actually THERE *with* him. I wasn’t hearing the story, I was part of the story. And that was amazing. I got to do something with Michael for the first time.

Michael: We went back home after the art fair and settled down for a bit. I showed Connor some of the books on my shelf. We looked through a book by The Onion and I watched him laugh at that. I also showed him a spoof on Sky Mall, since he had just seen it on the airplane, I figured, why not? We all went to a pancake house for dinner. There was this one fly that kept flying around our table, it was hilarious how it would not leave. My dad and I joked about the fat person sitting at the booth next to ours, like we always do… good times, good times… we came back to see some of the movies that Connor had brought on his trip: The Onion Movie and Date Movie. They were hilarious and we had a fun time watching them. It was very late by the time the movies ended. We “freshened up” and went to bed. I was glad that I didn’t have to leave Connor hanging on camera and instead be able to talk to him during the night.


Connor: One of my favorite things to do is to go to Starbucks and get my favorite drink, vanilla bean frappucino. So I thought, well…. why not have Michael try Starbucks too! We walked from his house to a close-by strip mall with a Starbucks. I’ve told him a lot about Chai Tea lately, so he ordered that, along with a breakfast sandwich. I ordered a vanilla bean, of course. We sat down at a little table and drank/ate/talked. And then… it started downpour outside, so we were stuck there! Eventually it let down and we decided to go to a park instead of going back home.

Michael: The park was all mucky and wet from the rain, but we kept on walking anyway. I showed Connor my middle school and told him about some of the memories I had there. I showed him the deadly playground in the back and the gymnasium. It was new to me too, because so much had changed since I last went in the building. I looked into my old drama and art room to see it completely changed. We walked through the park center and I took him to the top of the hill in the park where there is a suspended little hut in the middle of the lake. I showed him the graffiti and we laughed at some of the messages people wrote on the hut. It started to downpour again and we kept on running together, screaming, “must… escape… the rain!!!” We hid under another building until it settled down. My grandparents picked us up and drove us to a mall with a bookstore. I knew it was the one place we could go that I could talk to Connor in because I knew he loved reading. We spent a while there and tried on some animal puppets in the kids section, we laughed at the humor section, took pictures together, and looked at the calendars. We both were getting hungry and so we headed over towards Panda Express for lunch.

Connor: After eating some Chinese food, we called Michael’s grandparents, but they couldn’t pick us up yet, so we went on over to a plant nursery and looked at all the exotic plants they had to offer. I took so many pictures while we were there, it’s unbelievable. We even did some tree hugging. (And more!) After walking around there for a while, and almost bumping our heads into a huge carnivorous plant, we finally got picked up. We went home, where one of Michael’s friends, Trevor, had been waiting for us. A girl who goes to Michael’s school, named Kathy, wanted to meet me, so we set up a time and place. Two o’clock at a small ice cream place like a mile away… I’ll let Michael talk about that… he was pretty peeved.

Michael: I really didn’t know what I was getting Connor into, because this was his first time riding a bike in so long! I  had a different perception on what a “short” and “long” distance was because I use my bike quite often and Connor had not ridden one before in a while. Anyway, Kathy didn’t sound like she was going to show up at all, and we were halfway towards the ice cream place. It was hot outside and windy, and so I got really upset that I had to drag Connor into this. I just ended up showing him the downtown area. We went to a candy shop and tried a few samples. Trevor made a train blow its horn by doing a motion with his hand. After waiting there for a half hour, it seemed as though we had given Kathy enough time to get over there. We decided to just leave, for I had other things to get to with Connor. Kathy called me when we finally got back home, swearing in my ear for leaving the ice cream bar. I really did not want to wait there any longer because of the awful weather. Also, I was really ticked off because Nick was not home when he said he would be the day before and Trevor lied when he said he had pool passes to get us in. We ended up going to my Grandparents’ pool. I was begging for them to drive us over there because of that bad biking trip we had just faced; Connor was out of breath. The pool was cold at first, but I got used to it. I knew I wasn’t going to wait out the whole time. Connor decided to sit out, so I tossed a pair of goggles back and forth with my sister. I had prune fingers, but I was fine. My grandma brought down some cookies from the concierge desk at the motel. We both agree, they were the best cookies ever!

Connor: The pool was soooo cold. Plus I’m kinda uncomfortable with my body, well, I was at the time, until I noticed something about Michael after he got out of the pool. I won’t say what though, since it’s really personal. But that one thing I noticed led me to trust Michael and so I showed him something no one else has seen. But that will remain a mystery to you, the reader, as it is also personal. Immediately after the pool, though, we went back up to Michael’s grandparents’ hotel room and all three of us changed back into clothes. Then we went back to the house. Michael and I showered and got all comfy in our pajamas.


Michael: Connor and I went to Starbucks again. After trying that delicious vanilla bean Frappuccino that Connor gave to me, I was just so excited to try any other thing that he ordered, knowing he had the same taste as me. We both ordered a double chocolatey chip Frappuccino. I never realized how good the drinks were at Starbucks, since I never ordered a single beverage from the menu. I am really against any kind of coffee, and so I was a little scared to try it at first. Connor and I went to the Botanic Gardens with my younger sister and grandparents. We took so many photos of our adventure there. I just had to show him the fruit and vegetable garden. There was a really sweet aroma in the air from the garlic patch area. I just didn’t want to leave that area. We saw pear trees and apple trees; Connor loved looking at the pepper garden they had since he recognizes it from the spicy dishes he makes at home. We also saw the bonsai garden, waterfall garden, and the Japanese garden. We went back to the garden restaurant to meet back up with my family and have lunch. Connor and I split a ten dollar cheeseburger and a two dollar cookie. I don’t think it was worth it though because the prices were just so high. It was still fun to share food.

Connor: After having a ton of fun looking at that wonderful vegetation, Michael, Emily, and I (along with Michael’s grandparents, of course) went to a dog park with Michael’s dogs, Chewy and Indy. I’m not sure what Indy and Emily did, but I do know that Chewy, Michael, and I went to the very back of the dog park where the grass is long and trees made shade, where we all sat down and hung out. Trevor called us while we were there, and I talked to him. After, oh, I don’t know, half hour or so, it was time to go home. Chewy got extremely vicious around the other dogs at the park, so that really made us go early. But that’s okay. In the car ride home, Emily and Michael’s Grandpa got in a little argument because Chewy was blocking Emily’s seat belt buckle and Grampy wouldn’t budge the car until everyone was buckled in, so we sat there a while until Chewy moved. Also, Indy was standing on Michael’s “family jewels” so naturally, Michael was like OWWW the whole way home. I felt so bad for Mr. Happy’s friends. When we got home, Michael and I just showered early and had dinner. Afterward, we just had to watch a movie! And then we got to bed.

Michael: The ride home from the dog park was pretty harsh for me. I had to sit in the middle seat with Indy’s butt in my face. Connor and I were laughing the whole time because I held up a plastic bag to his butt so that I wouldn’t have to look at it. We had beef stew for dinner that night. My grandma asked me and Connor to set the table, so we put out the forks, knives, plates, and napkins for everyone. She then threw a fit because we did not properly place the utensils in the correct spot. Dinner wasn’t that great. My grandma always makes beef stew the wrong way every single time, and I used to keep telling her how to make it like my mom does. The sauce was 99% water, there wasn’t that much flavor, and not much was prepared. I tried out Connor’s way of eating by squirting on some tabasco. We both thought it was delicious afterwords.


Connor: On Wednesday, Michael and I woke up, and I had a hankering to try something HE liked instead of him trying everything that I like, and I knew he liked the breakfast sandwiches at Dunkin Donuts. We rode our bike there and we ate. I got orange juice for the drink (I drink soooo much OJ, ask anyone that knows me.) and Michael got milk, since he drinks a ton of milk just like I drink OJ. We got kind of the same sandwich except I had mine on a croissant and he got it on a bagel. Afterwards, Michael called Nick to see if we could come over. Nick said a little later. To waste time, Michael and I went to the Walgreens near his house. Michael and I tried on big girl glasses and reading glasses, and I kept finding shirts for Michael to put on. He even tried on a pink, tight, small shirt on. That was priceless! I’m so happy I took a picture. After that, we rode over to Nick’s house and we played Scrabble and Jenga. We then went downstairs into the basement where one of Nick’s brother was playing video games. He reallllllly got on my nerves though because he was being really sexual and I just didn’t like how he was talking to Michael, so I politely asked Michael if we could go and he said okay. Down the street, is a small farm that we went to on the way home. We walked around. Then we went to where the cows were, and there was this little kid who was all like, “mmm! I SMELL MILK.” And Michael and I looked at each other like “wtf, you can’t smell milk.”

Michael: I took Connor with me to go back home. Along the way, there was a teacher store that I really felt we should go visit. We reminisced the times in which our teachers had put up the same posters on the walls, played the same educational games with us, and much more. We joked about some of the older people who were shopping there; the “future teachers”. Just think what it would be like if one of those people shopping were your teacher during the school year. I know it sends a chill down my spine.  We headed back to the park by my house. I had never gotten the opportunity to show him the top of the hill. We went up carefully; there was a lot of tall prairie grass along the way. We finally made it; you could see the city from the top of the hill. Connor was simply amazed that you could see so far into the distance. Around noon, we went back home and I showed Connor a restaurant at our mall called Noodles & Co, which was not located near him. We both got the macaroni and cheese with Parmesan chicken. I could tell that this was Connor’s favorite meal during his trip, because he just loved the way it tasted and wanted to go back there a second time. We headed over to Dick’s Sporting Goods by my house (no silly, not because we were obsessed with sports!) We went to try out the scooters they had on the top floor. We tried out this one where you put your feet on two platforms and you shake your booty to the left and right to make it move. It was hilarious watching Connor try it out. He loved it. We then got the idea that we should bake something together. Connor had a recipe for chocolate cake that he wanted to share with me, and so we biked to the grocery and obtained the ingredients. We had a blast making it together and it turned out alright, even though we could not find the correct size pan to use. The cake was delicious in my opinion; Connor thought it was dry, but it didn’t matter to me. I hadn’t made one before at home, and so it was a new experience for me. We played video games together while the cake was cooking in the oven.


Connor: We started the wonderful day off with a gourmet breakfast at Egg Harbor. We got pretty much every side dish on the menu and split it all. It was soooo yummerz. Especially the potatoes with the restaurant’s special seasoning. After we ate and payed, we rode our bikes on over to Target and we just browsed around. We picked up the movie Superbad, and continued to walk around some. And then Michael’s bowels decided they wanted to move around some, so we quickly bought Superbad and rushed to the bathroom. Michael went into the stall and I was the only other person in the restroom, so he and I just talked the whole time. I don’t even remember what about, poop I’m sure. Our code in case anyone came in was to cough once. But that wasn’t necessary, so that was nice. After he finished up, we walked on down to Michaels, the craft store. Michael and I tried on some feather boas and other fun things. We took so many photos there. And we saw the miniature animal toys! While I tried to get two cows in a sexual position, Michael was marveling at the meerkats, which I’m sure are one of his favorite animals.

Michael: Connor didn’t let me play with the meerkats or any of the other animals on the rack. He just pulled me away from it by the collar, saying that I shouldn’t get hypnotized by its cuteness. Anyway, we then looked a little bit at the Halloween section (gosh, it comes earlier every year!). We then took a ride over to Kohls and looked at the clothing together. We tried on matching soda shirt outfits. I had a Dr. Pepper shirt and Connor had a Orange Crush shirt on. We looked like twins in them! I remembered that there was another mall I had wanted to show him, so we biked over to it. I showed him the fancy, exquisite bowling alley. It wasn’t really what people expected from one of those places; there weren’t drunk sports fans watching football at the bar in the back. No, there were couches, a fine restaurant, and a perfect cleanliness. We were getting thirsty from the heat, so we headed towards Starbucks and got a Frappuccino again. The people working there were snickering because we decided to share the drink and had asked them for two straws. It was embarrassing, but we enjoyed our time there. Connor spilled some of it on his pants, so I helped him get the stain out (I’m just such a clean freak, I know).

Connor: Yeah, the Starbucks was kind of embarrassing, but oh well. I got to share a drink with my bestie. After that, we biked on over to REI, the outdoors place. The first thing we spotted there was a HUGE rack of about 50 or 60 sleeping bags. Michael and I hid inside them and none of the employees could see because our feet were even covered up. That was fun. Then we roamed over to the clothing section where Michael found those swishy track pants and he was like, “I wanna try these on!” so I said something like, “oohh, okay,” so I grabbed a pair of super lightweight shorts and we ran on over to the handicap dressing room. Michael tried on the pants, then the shorts. I tried on the same bottoms as he did, and, since there were already two female shirts in the room, I took the liberty of trying those on as well. I then stuffed my socks where there should be boobs. Michael was laughing hysterically. I’m sure that was probably one of his favorite times of the whole week. We got our normal clothes back on and on the way out, I saw biking shorts. You know, those super tight shorts that professional bikers wear. So I grabbed a pair and dragged Michael back into the dressing room. I tried them on first. And what a convenient time to have an erection. In the shorts it was possible to see the entire outline of my penis. We laughed so hard at that! Then I made him try on the shorts! He was really uncomfortable in them, so I didn’t have time to take a picture. Boooo. Michael’s grammy had just called asking us to get some Medium (not Hot, noooooo Hot wouldn’t work for her. It HAD to be Medium) salsa, so since Whole Foods was next to REI, we ran in and got grammy her Medium salsa. When Michael and I got home, we decided to chill out and we went into momma and dadda’s room to watch TV. Now, pretty much when Michael and I were alone in front of a TV, he would allow me to lay my head on his stomach/lap, and we couldn’t have anyone see that, so I closed and locked the door to the bedroom and we settled down to watch Tom and Jerry, Cash Cab, and Food Network Challenge (Princess Cake episode.) We heard Michael’s friend Trevor pop in, but we dismissed it as his dad getting home from work. About half an hour later, someone knocked on the locked door. I got off Michael’s lap and he ran over to the door. It was Trevor. Again. So after his rambunctious “hello,” he jumped on the bed next to me, and a big waft of sweaty air collided with my nostrils. We all three layed on the bed and continued watching Food Network Challenge until dinner time.

Michael: What was funny (and downright ridiculous) was that my grandma did not let Trevor eat enchiladas with us for dinner; what was even more ridiculous was that he was not even allowed to sit at the table with our family to eat because my grandma considered him as a “disturbance to the peace”. The enchiladas were pretty good; Connor made me try an olive slice (which I hated the taste of but was too scared to admit it). I also tried some Tabasco on top, just like Connor always does. After dinner, Trevor went to the basement to go hang out with my sister, so I came up with the idea that Connor and I should go take the dogs for a walk to escape Trevor, so my sister came along and we brought them to the fountain in the park and let them run around without their leashes on. This didn’t go so well as the other times we let the run around. There was a really old woman there and she yelped when the dogs came up to her after jumping out of the fountain. My sister told us that we should keep the dogs away from her or she would have us put the leashes back on the dogs. The good news is that the old woman finally left the area, the bad news is that the dogs also left the area. Connor and my sister went chasing after the dogs while I went to go grab their leashes and bring them over. We were very upset after that: we were exhausted, Connor got tons of splinters from running barefoot on gravel, and worst of all, Trevor found us. He followed us home all perky and happy; asking to run with the dogs some more. He didn’t realize how upset we were chasing after the dogs and that we wanted to keep them under tight control on the way home. We didn’t trust him with the dogs. Connor screamed at Trevor for repeatedly asking, “Can I walk the dogs?” He was really getting on our nerves and we kept telling him to just go home. We made it to our doorstep and there was Trevor, completely disobeying my request of his removal from the premises. We went inside; Connor went upstairs to shower while I told my dad to make sure Trevor leaves the house when he comes. I started to walk upstairs to go shower too. While I was brushing my teeth, Trevor came upstairs to say goodbye to me (I guess my dad didn’t tell him to leave). I stepped into the shower and I still heard noise coming from outside the bathroom door.

Connor: That noise? That was me blowing up at Trevor. A second time. But first… let’s rewind. Let’s go back to after Emily and I caught up with the dogs. I caught one of the dogs. I think it was Indy, but I’m not so sure. So Emily went a different way home, running with Chewy. Michael and I were walking with Indy. And bam! Guess who shows up in his tye-dye shirt and rollerblades? Trevor. That kind of made me a little annoyed. But microscopically annoyed. What really got me was the fact that he would not listen to me when I said to leave me and Indy alone. He said, “it’s not fair that the other dog gets to run, but this one has to walk with you. Cmon, please hand him over,” I kept saying, “no,” very calmly. And then, about half a block from home, I was telling Trevor how rude it is to just drop in on someone (Michael) especially when they have a friend over (me). Then he told me, “but I called Michael and he said I could come over anytime I wanted,” but I knew this wasn’t true, as I had been around Michael 24/7 AND I have been the one answering Michael’s cell. So this made me mad. Really mad. So I blew up. I screamed at him, “WHAT. EVER.” And I stormed off, halfway between a walk and a jog. Michael caught up with me, dumbstruck. I turned around once, to find Trevor staring at me like a deer caught in headlights. He hadn’t budged from the spot I screamed at him at. Michael tried his very best to cool me down, and it worked quite a bit. I stopped after crossing his street, pulled my checkered Vans and socks off and tried picking out one of my many splinters from running barefoot after Indy and Chewy. Michael sat with me, making sure I was okay. I said yes, and we were at home. Both of us went upstairs to shower, and Michael told me he told his dad to get rid of Trevor. I got in the steaming hot shower and totally tranquilized. I got out after giving my head and every other square inch of my body a nice lathering. Then I heard Trevor’s voice out in the hallway. I had thought of what to say to Trevor the entire shower, so I rushed through drying off, didn’t do my hair, and left my glasses on the sink. I pulled on my clothes, that were specked with wet spots from my body, and I ran out into the hall to find Trevor practically pounding on Michael’s bathroom’s door. *Now we’re back from the rewind.* I tried to get Trevor into Michael’s bedroom to talk to him man-to-man, but he wouldn’t have it. So I just unleashed myself right there. Right in the stairwell. Right in front of Emily’s open door. Right in front of my best friend, trying to shower. I totally lost my cool. I asked Trevor how many times does he see Michael. He said, “I dunno!” and I asked him how many times I get to. He replied, “once, I don’t know not very much.” And I said, “exactly. That is all I had to say,” and I went to the bathroom to continue drying off. I exit, and make a beeline for Michael’s bedroom to wait for him. I pass Emily’s room, hoping somehow she didn’t hear what just occurred. I sat down at Michael’s desk, giving the wall a very blank stare. I heard Trevor crying, and that made me feel like pure sh*t. Then Michael came in his room, closed the door, and sat on his bed. I came over as well, sitting next to him. I was keeping my cool. And then Emily came in to snag Michael. I was left giving the opposite side of the room the same blank stare.

Michael: Emily brought me into her room where my dad was sitting on her bed. My dad told me that I should go downstairs to try and calm Trevor because he was having a mental breakdown in the kitchen of my house. My dad told me that he has a lot of social problems and that this would affect our friendship if I didn’t go down to calm him down. I went down the stairs; the crying got louder. I was afraid that Trevor would try and shoot me or something crazy like that. I slowly walked in and saw that he was sitting in the corner of the room, rolled up in a ball talking with his mom on the phone. I sat next to him on the floor and hugged him and tried to calm him down by telling him that everything was going to be alright. He slowly stopped crying and put down the phone to hug me back. I told him that we were still friends and that he shouldn’t be upset. I finally saw that smile I was aiming for and he started to regain himself and talk to me a little bit more. I told him that he should be getting home because it was late and that we would hang out after Connor had left. I watching him leave, shut the door and went back upstairs as if nothing had ever happened.

Connor: Michael entered his room again, I was sitting on the desk chair. Michael sat on his bed again, and again, I followed him over, and I laid on his lap. I asked him what he did when he left, and he told me. I remember so so so clearly asking Michael if he still liked me after what happened and I think that’s when I turned on the waterworks. There we were. Michael sitting on his bed with his legs folded and there I was, crying, with my head on his lap, between his stomach and his thighs. He just let me lay there, and he was touching my hair and consoling me, telling me that he still liked me and he didn’t think of me as a bad person. He asked if I thought we shouldn’t be friends and I vividly remember digging my head into his stomach and hugging him and saying no, no, no, no involuntarily. So then he told me about how he met and became friends with Trevor. Simply because they were the ones sitting together at lunch. And I told Michael that he shouldn’t let Trevor take advantage of him, as I saw Trevor do on the walk home with Indy. I told Michael that he was definitely my best friend, and why he, an online friend, is better than any school friend. And then I started crying hard again. After a little while, we hugged. Long and caring. I think, if I remember correctly, we hugged like three separate times. That was when I realized that I loved Michael. Not homosexually, sexually, or anything; but as a friend. I saw that Michael really cared for me, and that made me feel so good.

Michael: I tried to get Connor back on his feet again. I had already cheered Trevor up, so I felt that this would be like a “Round Two.” He kept on going to topics which would make him more upset and I tried to steer him away from that. We hugged a lot; I told him to take deep breaths to get it all out. I had to change my shirt afterward, for it was covered in Connor’s tears. I went into my dad’s room and he told me that I handled the situation well with Trevor because he was afraid that he would try and kill himself when he got home or something crazy like that. Connor was afraid what my family thought about him now that he yelled at Trevor. He followed me into the room and my dad started to explain that Trevor has problems and he requires special help. He wasn’t mad at him; instead he understood that Connor didn’t know at the time. We felt at ease after that and decided to end the day by watching Superbad and Borat. Connor laid on my lap while we watched the movies.


Connor: I think Friday was the first or second day where I got in Michael’s bed and woke him up with a head/back rub. Something funny happened when I tried to keep Michael from getting out of bed, but I won’t say what cause I like secrets, teeehee. Anyway, we got dressed and stuff, and decided to make pancakes for breakfast! We got a recipe off the internet and prepared them. We had a little batter left over after making 3 pancakes, so we made a penis shaped pancake with the left overs. I ended up eating the pener and it was yummy. Then, we played Wii a little while with Emily. Then, we went to the movie theatre at the strip mall near Michael’s house. I wanted to see 500 Days of Summer, so that’s what we saw. The ticket agent was not paying attention, so I had to repeat the order. And then Michael had to repeat some of it too! All because the 17 year old lady had the attention span of a two year old. So that made me kind of mad, so I called her “honey,” which I do sometimes. We finally got our tickets and walked off to the theatre. Michael was upset with my temper, so I apologized for embarrassing him.

Michael: I was pretty embarrassed when Connor called the lady “honey” because it not only affects the way she viewed Connor, but also the way she viewed me, since I am the friend of him. Anyway, I really enjoyed the movie we saw, 500 Days Of Summer. It was about the relationship between this guy and this girl named Summer. The movie spans over 500 days and switches back and forth between the beginning and end. I thought it was clever how they contrasted the different feelings in the beginning and end. I just loved the end of the movie, it was so cute. I won’t spoil it though, but it does have to do something with seasons. Connor loved the movie too. We were a little hungry afterward (Connor and I keep a meter out of 100% to describe how hungry we were), but we didn’t stop to go have lunch so soon. I got the idea that we should sneak in to see another movie! It was raining out pretty hard and there was no way we would walk home in that, so we passed the time by seeing a second movie: The Hangover. Connor was really excited to show this movie to me because he had seen it before he came and he loved it. The movie was rated R, so I was a little afraid that we would get caught sneaking in to an R rated movie; then again, the security at our mall is pretty low, so we got in very easily. We hid in the back row of the theater just in case a worker came in. We were fine though, there was just one worker who came in to help a handicap person out. The Hangover eventually started and our hunger level began to rise. Connor was lieing on my stomach half the time and he said he could hear my stomach growling pretty viciously. The movie was a lot better than 500 Days Of Summer, I just loved the plot because it was very unique and grasped my attention. We were laughing pretty hard at the credits of the movie, but we had to get out of there fast because we felt like slaves waiting to get their dinner. We were sitting in the booth at Noodles & Co for our food to arrive. We were to only get a little, considering dinnertime was in an hour. I ordered a spaghetti and meatballs and Connor got the macaroni and chicken. We walked home, glad to have our stomachs filled. It was pretty wet on the ground from the rain and there were some tents set up for the art fair that would take place the next day.

Connor: Michael and I walked home, and as soon as we got home, Grammy asked us to set the table, so I told Michael to sit back and relax, since I don’t have many chores at home. I took the forks and knives and set them on the right side of the plates, just like I do it at home. The thanks I get? Gramma comes in and says, quite dramatically, that I did it wrong! The forks had to go on the OTHER side. So I mouthed to Michael, “does it really flipping matter?” and I saw him stifle a giggle or two. And then granny asked for one of us to go downstairs to the basement to get a new jug of milk, so again, I did it for Michael. I went downstairs, picked a gallon, and brought it upstairs. Me: “here you go.” Gramma: “no no! That’s the wrong jug! Get the one in front!” So I went back down, got a different milk, and brought THAT back up. Amen. It was the right one. Then we had Shabbat dinner, since Michael’s family is Jewish. This was the first Jewish thing I’ve done since I had Passover dinner with some of my mom’s family like 4 years ago, so it was new to me. Michael’s older sister, Rebecca, was saying some things in Hebrew then we ate our oven baked chicken, broccoli (well I had some, anyway), and mashed potaters. Also, Shabbat wasn’t complete without some Challah, so we had some of that yumminess too.

Michael: When we were clearing up, I talked to my dad in the kitchen. Of course, I wanted to tell him what we did today, so I told him what movies we saw and I told him that we snuck in to see The Hangover– right when my grandma walked in. I didn’t even see her there! She’s so tiny! Well, she gave me “the talk” again and Connor gave a look like, “why did you have to tell?” so I was pretty upset. I guess grandma likes her etiquette.

Connor: After dinner, Michael, Emily, and I watched Scary Movie 4 along with Michael’s dad. About halfway through the movie, though, his dad went up to bed. After Scary Movie 4, Emily stuck around to watch Austin Powers and the Spy who Shagged Me. Both movies are in my top 10 favorites. Sooo funny. Michael liked them too. Every time I looked over at him, he was smiling or laughing.


Michael: We really could not believe that this was the last full day we were spending together. Connor got into my bed and I buried him in all the pillows that I had and took a picture. We got dressed pretty quickly and headed over to go to Egg Harbor for lunch. We got our usual breakfast buffet and ate up. Connor wanted to try on more clothes with me after we had so much fun trying some on at REI. We headed for Target. Connor took a bunch of pictures of us wearing hats, purses, belts and other accessories. We headed over towards the athletic section and we were like, “we HAVE to try this on!” We tried on an “out of the hood” outfit in the changing room and had a bunch of laughs. I was afraid that the lady working on the other side of the wall didn’t hear us.  We tried on some really soft pajamas too and anything else we could find. We stopped at Kohls and tried on a sport outfit in the changing room and had some fun trying on some other clothes. I tried to find a pair of pajamas to put on but all we found were boxers (I’m guessing because it was summer). I took a picture of Connor in a little kid bath robe, it was so cute on him! We bought some matching shirts and headed back home on our bikes. We saw a dead rabbit in the middle of the road and Connor ran over it with his bike twice. I stopped at a lawn sprinkler and bent down to get a drink. The water was coming out really fast, and so my lips were tingling when I stood up from getting a drink.

Connor: It was interesting to see Michael bending down on the side of the road drinking out of the sprinkler. It was nice though. I would have too, except I wasn’t thirsty and it looked kind of painful. We got home and we were the only ones in the house, since Emily was walking the dogs. Michael had the brilliant idea of changing into our brand new shirts from Kohls. He also decided to change his pants, so he took off all his clothes and was like, “I wanna walk around the house like this,” so he did. He went to the bathroom completely naked except for his underwear. I was like, “why not?” so I took my shirt off and walked around too. Of course, I just HAD to snap a picture of Michael when he was in his bathroom putting on deodorant, heh. After we changed, we headed over to the art fair at the nearby mall. One of the tent owners noticed we were wearing similar shirts and he asked, “do you guys like call each other up and ask what the other is wearing?” and I said, “naw, we just got them.” After walking around some more, we decided to go get some Ben and Jerry’s. When we were ordering, the woman also noticed our shirts. She asked the same question and got the same answer as the other guy. Michael ate his half baked ice cream stuff and I just had vanilla. I’m a simple-to-please guy. It was really hot outside, so it wasn’t much longer until we went home. When we did get home, Emily, Michael, and I played the Wii until Daddio got home to take us downtown.

Michael: Ben and Jerry’s was so, so refreshing! That day it was very hot out: a sweltering 90 degrees and so I’d totally skip lunch to go have ice cream! I noticed someone from my school working there, so I greeted them. My ice cream was so messy! I’m just such a messy eater. I had to get a bunch of napkins from the counter to wipe it up. Good thing it didn’t get on my awesome shirt that Connor bought for me. My dad finally came and we left immediately. I pointed out some things to Connor along the way. I showed him the building that keeps getting painted over every week or so. We pointed out some funny license plates. There was a lot of traffic, so we rested on each others shoulders in the car. Even my sister joined in and leaned on my shoulder. We finally reached the city and Connor took plenty of photos of things. He took a picture of this really sweaty guy we saw running. He took a picture of this guy painted all in silver. He even took pictures of people taking pictures! We went to go to the Water Tower and look around. By that time, Connor and I were very hungry, so we went straight to the top and split a hot dog at Auntie Annie’s so that we wouldn’t starve by the time dinner came around. We looked around in some shops there. We drank a few samples of tea at Teavana. We messed around with the lotions at Bath and Body Works. I almost broke a bottle of perfume because I dropped it on the floor. Connor put some foundation on my arm and it wouldn’t rub in, so I had to wipe it off with a paper towel. Connor had to put his camera away after taking some pictures in this art gallery we stopped at. We had fun though; we looked around plenty. My dad led us to the John Hancock building next door and we shopped around there too. I was really surprised that Connor had never been through a revolving door before. He was all scared the first time we went through one. They are just so common in Chicago.

Connor: When all five of us entered the John Hancock building, Michael and I made a beeline for the restrooms, since we both had to pee. We were planning on going up to the observatory at the top, but it was 15 bucks a person, which was too expensive, so instead we rummaged around in the gift shop there. We even found a shirt with a hot dog on it that said, “bite here.” I just had to take a picture of that, since Michael was cracking up. Michael’s dad suggested we go to the Hershey store. When we got there, on a display was “the world’s largest Hershey’s bar” and it really WAS big. After taking some pictures, we went to the Ghirardelli store, where they gave us free chocolates. It was packed tighter than a can of sardines in that shop, though, so we went back to the Water Tower for dinner at Foodlife, a buffet type restaurant with numerous different types of cuisines. I decided to get Nachos from the Mexican area, Michael decided to go for the traditional deep dish pizza from the pizza area, Michael’s dad went for a sea food soup, Emily had spaghetti, and Rebecca got stir fry. The stir fry took so long to be ready, that in the time Rebecca waited in line, the other 4 of us ate all our dinners, Dad had seconds, and Michael and I shared a Nutella crêpe. But we patiently let Rebecca eat. We didn’t go straight home after dinner though. On our way out of Chicago, we stopped and Michael’s dad went to go pick up some pizzas for another time. That left us, the four kids, sweltering in the car. “I Gotta Feeling” played so much that day, that while we were waiting to go home, Michael, Emily, and I were all singing it! That was pretty fun.

Michael: We went back home to go settle down after our grand adventure downtown. Connor put all of our pictures together on Facebook. I dedicated the evening to Connor, for it was his last night and I decided to put on the House Bunny, a movie that both of us would enjoy. We went to bed early that night, since Connor had a big day tomorrow and had to pack for his departure. That night we talked about how the week went by so fast and he asked me about how my perception of him was different from before the trip.


Connor: Sunday. My last day. The moment I woke up, I was already kind of sad that I had to go home, but I tried my best not to let Michael see that. Ever since the art fair, we had realized we were subconsciously ending my trip the same way we opened it up, so where not better to go for breakfast than Starbucks? I got my vanilla bean frappucino and a doughnut. Michael got the same drink, along with a chocolate cookie and a sausage breakfast sandwich. It was $13. The last money I’d spend on the both of us. When we got back home, we tagged all the Facebook pictures and I half-heartedly packed, since I knew I had time. But it was getting late, so I really started dedicating myself to packing. And then Michael’s dad asked when my flight was. I replied that it was at one thirty, and he said, “oh, man! We gotta go right now! Are you guys [Michael and me] ready to go?!” So Michael and I grabbed my two bags and put them in the car. Now this is when I was really starting to be sad. I knew we had such a limited time left. About 75% of the drive back to Midway consisted of me staring at Michael’s face and pointing at funny billboards. When we arrived at the Southwest Drop Off, I got out of the back seat of the car, Michael followed my actions. He pulled my duffel bag out, and I got my backpack out. And then we hugged one last time and I thanked him for the absolutely amazing time he gave me and I thanked his dad for allowing me to live in their house for a week. I also shook Dad’s hand, they got back in the car and when I was halfway through the double sliding doors alone, I looked back and there the black Mercedes was, pulling away.

Michael: I really could not believe that the week had gone by so fast, I really could not leave him there. I remember pulling into the airport seeing these two girls hugging in the middle of the terminal. It made me feel more depressed that he was leaving. Airports are places that bring people together, yet they are also places that tear people apart. Connor was being torn apart from me once again. I watched him from the car window go into the doors of the check-in area. We had such a great experience together filled with tons of memories. It is difficult to fathom that we came from just two people who met online to best friends in life. Ever since I met him on WordPress that one day, we have gotten to be closer and closer friends. We moved from talking through comments and avatars to swapping our Microsoft Live user names and talking some more on there. Then the unimaginable happened: we started to use our web cams back in February 2009. I remember we were just so shy at first, we didn’t want to share our voice because we were scared to see what it was like to talk to a stranger face to face. Now it is like we can not go a single day without talking to each other on the phone. Time went on and we grew even closer as friends. We started to trust each other more and learn more about each other. After 5 months of web cam, something even more unimaginable happened. Something that we thought was extremely unlikely to occur when we first met online: meeting in person.

Connor: So that is that. Michael and I. Best online friends transformed into best life friends. We had amazing times, and not so fantastic times, but that isn’t relevant. What is relevant is the metamorphosis we have gone through together and the fact that I got to spend a week with one of the best people in the world, something I never imagined in my wildest dreams when we first became friends, about a year ago. Michael has given me a taste of something that I have never had with any of my other friends. Hopefully I gave him something similar.