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Tribute To Potatoes

My idea of heaven is a great big baked potato and someone to share it with.” ~Oprah Winfrey

The classic game, Hot Potato involves players gathering in a circle and tossing a small object to each other while music plays. When the music stops, the player with the “Hot Potato” steps out. In the real world today, who would even dare to give up one of those darling little foods? The potato is just one of the most delicious, nutritious, and most widely eaten foods on the planet. So next time that “Hot Potato” lands in the palm of your hands, don’t pass it around to the next person. If it is too hot to hold, just put it down on the table, pull out your fork and eat it right up!

Mr Potato Head: the sacred shrine that represents the entire incredible, edible race of potatoes. All potatoes must bow down to the all mighty leader, the Head. Okay, maybe not, but the point is that Mr. Potato head symbolized one of the most tasty, delectable foods that has made such a positive impact on our planet. Remember when you were little, watching the Toy Story movies? They had just come out, and they were a hit at the box office. It was one of my favorite movies when I was about five. In fact, I loved all of those classic Disney movies from the nineties. But this movie had one peculiar character; he might have not stood out so much, but just the idea of him made me giggle.  A plastic potato with removable facial features is more fun than a barrel of monkeys! Ever since I was little, I have always loved playing with food, and what could be better than making a funky fresh potato with sunglasses, a cap, and shoes. It turns out that I was all wrong to think that the legendary Mr. Potato head started with the release of Toy Story. It had actually become a hit way back in 1952 when Hasbro released it to the public so that children all around the world could enjoy playing with food! A fantastic idea. Not only fun for the children, but also great for fastidious parents that like their dinner table clear of food, but also like their kids to enjoy playing with comida.


Meet the dream team: the crops that are like heroes to developing nations, because they are the most important crops on the planet. Humans consume these more than any other. They are the potato, the rice, the yam, and the corn. There are more that apply, but these are the most well-known of the crops. Anyway, just push aside the other three, because our main focus is on that funny guy with the beanie on the left: the potato. If you did not know, last year was the international year of the potato according to the Food and Agricultural Organization! Oh yeah, go taters! So that gave declaration of the rights to potatoes and all the other starchy edible tubulars because they totally dominate over all other crops. If you did not know, the potato is the number one non-grain food commodity, with 325 million tons grown in 2007. The potato is getting most of its global support from the developing nations. They chow down on almost half of all of the potatoes that are grown. Because the population is growing by a large number of people every year, the world needs some reliance on a source of food, and the potato is there to take that role, and become the super hero of the food industry. I remember learning in Hebrew school (I am Jewish) that in Hebrew, potato translates as tapuach adama, which literally means apple of the ground. I found this interesting, because it is as if saying that potato has all of the sweetness of an apple. Although it is not literally “sweet” it represents everything good because it is just such a help to all of humanity.

There are so many different ways to prepare the potato, and there are also thousands of different species of the potato to enjoy, and so there are endless possibilities to enjoy this amazing food. In the United States alone, only 33% of the potatoes are eaten fresh. 61% is processed into frozen products such as those Ore-Ida french fries or potato wedges, dried out and turned into potato chips, and turned into starch – all processes that remove the majority of the nutrients in the potato. the other 6% is used for replanting the seeds to grow more. In the United States, it really is a shame that a fewer number of people are eating the potatoes fresh. The consumption has declined from 22kg per person in 1999 to 16kg in 2006. Probably one of the most famous states for growing potatoes is Idaho. What is so important about Idaho when it comes to finding a perfect potato? Well, the potatoes grown in Idaho have a high solids content, so there’s more potato and less water. They also get that light and fluffy texture when you put them in your mouth. The soil in Idaho is very dense with nutrients, which makes those spuddies so darn tasty.

Potatoes are great when they are mashed, baked and fried, but did you know that they also can be used as batteries to power up a clock or a small LED light? Last year, I had to do an experiment to show that the potato could be used to power a small light. It turns out that it takes only about ten potatoes to make that light bulb start to spark with light. Me and my partner for the project had set up a system. We turned off the lights and connected to final wire.  To our amazement, there was a small flicker of light coming from the bulb. Unfortunately, we couldn’t present it to the class because we had to set it up from scratch at school. So after a week of research and collecting of supplies we had to start over and do origami instead. Anyway, I still remember how awesome it was to figure out that potatoes could really have the energy to light it up. It shows the amazing, perplexing power of the legendary Idaho potato. There are a lot of complex answers that neither me or my partner could decipher on why this works. The simple answer is that the potato contains a lot of phosphorous, which transmits the energy to the light bulb making it glow.  I may be 100% off on that answer, but that is the reason that I have come to know and love after that research attempt.

The potato is eaten all around the globe. It truly is a global food because almost every culture on the planet utilizes this stupendous crop. In case you were wondering where the great potato comes from, let’s pull out our history books and turn to page– no you don’t have to do that. The short version of that story is that the potato was eaten in the Andes for over 8 thousand years, and after the Spanish got a hold of it, they realized how awesome the potato was, and so they spread it far and wide across the rest of the globe. Thanks, guys! I don’t know what I would do without that potato on my plate!


The Real Deal On Advertising VII


Just take it.
Grab an icy, cold glass of Coke.

You know you want to just reach out and drink it.

That moment where the bottle touches your mouth.

It is like a rapid wave of refreshment surging to your lips.

It’s like an arctic breeze coming in on a hot summer day.

It is like a swift, simple, calm wind that clears all your stress away.

That moment you drink it down; it is as if time has completely come to a stop.

Time walks up to you and says, “Take your time, you have all the time to drink this refreshment.”

They call Coca-Cola a refreshment for a good reason too, because it literally leaves you refreshed from a long day.

In Chinese, Coca-Cola means “to make the mouth happy”(1). About 94% of the people in the world have heard of Coca-Cola , that’s almost every person on the planet (2)! Coca-Cola is the shining star of all advertising. It is, and will be, the most well known trademark on the planet, it surpasses all other brand names. It is also the most recognized word on the planet, tagging behind is the word “Okay” in the number two spot (1). Coca-Cola has grown so much since that day in 1886 (1). They have attracted a ton of people over the years to consume their products. In its first year, servings of ‘Coca-Cola’ amounted to less than 10 a day(1). Today one billion servings are consumed every day (1)! That means every second over 10,400 Coca-Cola products are consumed (1). Over the years they have added a ton of other products onto their line. For example, Sprite, Fanta, Diet Coke  along with over 500 other brands (1). There is a wide variety for any kind of taste buds to enjoy.



If all the Coca-Cola… ever produced were in 6 1/2 oz. bottles and placed end to end they would wrap around the earth more than 11,863 times.

If all the Coca-Cola sold in 1994 were in 8-ounce bottles laid end-to-end, those bottles would reach to the moon and back 76 times.

If all the Coca-Cola vending machines in the U.S. were stacked one on top of each other, the pile would be over 450 miles high.

If all the Coca-Cola ever produced were to erupt from “Old Faithful” at its normal rate of 14,000 gallons per hour, the geyser would flow continually for 1,577 years.

If all the Coca-Cola products sold in 1994 were flowing over Niagara Falls at its normal rate of 1.5 billion gallons per second, the falls would flow for three hours.


Like stated in the last post in the advertising series, my family is a huge follower of the brand name, Coca-Cola. I have grown up in a household that is centered on the soda. Growing up, my father would collect old posters, banners, and signs advertising for Coca-Cola. I would see it all over the walls in my house, and it was simply unavoidable. All of the wall space in our basement is occupied by my father’s Coca-Cola memorabilia.  When it comes to writing about Coca-Cola, I know how to represent it.

In 2008, I was required to take a class in High School during freshman year that was all speeches. It was probably the hardest class I have ever taken in my life, yet I learned a lot about giving speeches. I first felt shaky and I stumbled on my words in my first speech, which was supposed to be about myself. By the time I was at the final speech, I went up there and I was so confident. The point I am getting at is that the last speech could be any topic. The teacher was very lenient on what people could decide to do a speech on, and what better topic than to discuss Coca-Cola in front of the class? I learned so many facts about how important Coca-Cola plays in our lives. It really is a drink that plays a huge role in the commercial world.

First of all, almost all of the Coca-Cola commercials feature the drink in a glass bottle. It took me a while to notice this, because I am so used to thinking that I can just walk in to a normal supermarket, grab a glass bottle of Coke, and leave. It takes a while to realize that this is not a normal thing to be seeing. There are a couple of reasons why they still choose to show the glass bottle. First of all, it is a tradition for the company, and traditions are very important because too many changes draws the consumers away. Second of all, think about it: a glass bottle. Humans are drawn to objects that are shiny, and glass is the most shiny thing that they could use to hold the drink in. Third, it really shows that the drink is cold, because it magnetizes the drops of condensation on the bottle.

Let’s move on to the Penguins. Penguins, penguins, and more penguins! Well, let’s widen the category to all of Coca-Cola’s winter advertising. Coca-Cola uses a ton of different characters in their winter advertising. They  have their version of Santa Claus, they have the penguins (my personal favorite), and of course, they have the polar bears. All these characters are enjoying the refreshing taste of Coca-Cola in a glass bottle. First, I want to examine this “Santa Claus” figure that has been used repetitively every year. Rumors have it that the modern day image of Santa Claus was invented by Coca-Cola. Well, this was proven false, but that does not mean Coca-Cola didn’t play a single role in its making. In fact, Coca-Cola played a huge part in forming our view of Santa Claus. When the Santa was released to the public in 1931, artist Haddon Sundblom brought all of the characteristics from past versions of Santa, like his cheerful, chubby face and his long white beard. If you have not noticed, Santa Claus is wearing a red and white coat, which of course are the main colors of  Coca-Cola’s logo: red and white.

That video is probably one of my favorite videos in all of Coca-Cola history. The polar bears and the penguins, both on opposite sides of the globe, come together to celebrate with an ice cold bottle of Coca-Cola.  This symbolizes different families coming together from far away for a celebration together. It really is quite comical and peaceful at the same time. The penguins came a little while after the image of Santa Claus. It was introduced in 1962 and has been a popular mascot for Coca-Cola. It may not surprise you to see that they’ve paired Coke with a penguin as the idea of serving Coke ice-cold is one they have strongly promoted over the years. The third, and probably the most popular symbol of all the winter advertisements is the Polar Bear. It is hard to believe that the Polar Bear was only introduced fifteen years ago in 1993. Anyway, it was pretty cute how the artist came up for the idea of using the Polar Bear. The creator, Ken Stewart, got the inspiration for the animal from his Labrador Retriever which had resembled a polar bear as a puppy (3). And soon these arctic creatures became a huge hit for the industry.

Companies have been using the image of polar bears to sell everything from soda to insurance for years. Maybe it’s time for corporate America to consider protecting a species that has been such a profitable sales tool. They say things go better with Coca Cola. For the sake of the penguins and the polar bears, let’s hope so (4).

Cute animals just draw us in for some reason. Although we know that an actual Polar bear can not pick up a glass of Coca-Cola, we still fall for them and go buy the product. Well, another reason we fall for them is that these animals are symbols of showing that the product is “ice-cold,” as we like to drink soda that way. Also, their habitat is like a giant refrigerator, keeping the Coca-Cola cold. On the other side, because the Polar Bear is on the Endangered Species list; caused by the polar ice caps melting, Coca-Cola might have to find a new arctic animal to replace the Polar Bear, because it could be on its way to extinction.

Back in 1927, Coca-Cola’s tagline was “Around The Corner From Everywhere”. Well, once again its name emblazoned into  Time Square over the crossroads of the world. Coca-Cola truly is around the corner from everywhere. Congratulations and let there be light!

This quote by the mayor of New York city, Michael Bloomberg, is stated right before the launch of the new Coca-Cola sign in Times Square. Coca-Cola has been a strong partner with all of New York and they have been advertising there for over 80 years. The sign in New York is one of the largest advertisements signs with some of the latest technology available. It really is a work of art, with flashing colors and a curvy shape to it. The sign is seen in a ton of movies that take place in New York, for example, I remember seeing the sign in the movie, Enchanted, when the dragon at the end had climbed up the sign. I really can not wait to see it during my trip to New York. It really has become a monument for visitors to see, though it may not be as important as the Statue of Liberty or Ground Zero, but it is a monument in advertising history.

Coca- Cola has had many slogans since its creation on May 8th, 1886. One of its most recent slogans created in 2006, The Coke Side Of Life, really sums up the soda brand’s performance on our planet. There really is a Coke side of life, because Coca-Cola is constantly changing the commercial world with all its products.

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Clonez: Over the past few months- and maybe even years, I have tried to find a game that is similar to Club Penguin. A game that has been recently created so that I could become a beta for it. I know Club Penguin has a highly selective group of penguins who have been chosen to wear “the hat”. Over the years, there have been many things that have caused the number of beta penguins to decline. It could be that their penguins was banned forever. It could just be growing up. It could be that they were angry because Club Penguin changed their name to Penguin*so-and-so* because it was only 3 characters long. Whatever the reason, betas in Club Penguin are not only rare to have a beta tester hat, but they are also rare to find. In this day and age, many people realized that they needed to join another game to become a beta- to see what it is like to wear that crown of authenticity. There are two types of games that come out: the serious games and the not serious at all games.
It all started for me with the “so called” release of the game Waddle World in 2007. I had heard about it on a website and how it was coming out soon. It was supposed to be exactly like Club Penguin in many ways. Unfortunately, the game never came. I realized that a group of kids under 18 were creating it. These people were definitely not serious about creating Waddle World, and so it was a complete disaster.
If you may have noticed from the past on this website. I have advertised for Sunny Tropical. In fact, it is still here on the widgets to this day. Well, it was “way back then* that I realized Sunny Tropical was going to be a game that would be coming out soon. It turns out that they have closed themselves off from the world, leaving no updates on their website.
Another game that I have been following recently is called Dragon Play. This game is still not out yet. I really doubt that they are serious with their creating of it. Way back in 2008, they put up a slogan to draw some attention to the year. “2008: the year we have all been waiting for.” This directly implied that Dragon Play was coming out in 2008. Yet, they lied, and now I doubt this game will come out for another few years.
There have been other games that have been pretty serious with they development. Some were serious, yet their game design was kind of pointless. I was shown the game Dinosaur Junction in 2008 by a friend. Nobody ever logs on, it is a complete ghost town, and the games are pretty boring.
Then came Panfu. Panfu was a very cute game in a way. Yet there were way too many features that were locked. There is not much to do if you choose not to pay. The games are too similar to Club Penguin.
I am really impressed with Planet Cazmo so far. It was actually the first game that I saw the creator actually put effort into and was serious about it. They just completed beta testing a couple of months ago and are far into creating their multi-player chat world.
And then came Pandanda…

Hello everyone this is Dublanous1, technical admin. of
There is a new game called Pandanda, you can see it at
It is much like Club Penguin in many ways, but is very interesting, I suggest you check it out. It is so much better than Panfu, which is totally focused on younger children. This one is focused on just a little older crowd. They are doing Beta testing now as well.


The concept is basically pandas walking around, you can do the same things like dance, sit, and wave as you can in Club Penguin and you can type what you want in the chat bar.

Instead of igloos, you have Treehouses that you can design and make; since is still in beta, you don’t need to pay to buy clothing and furniture. Me and Clonez and Connor went on and we enjoyed it. Something that you can’t do in Club Penguin is sleep; but I guess pandas are usually sleeping, so there is the ability to go to sleep.They look so cute when they are sleeping, too! They wear a little striped sleeping cap on their head and make the “Zzz” above them.

You can dress up your Panda too and buy clothing for it! Another interesting thing is how at nighttime, it looks like nighttime in the game, and in the daytime its sunny and bright; very interesting. There are stores you can buy at. You are given 2000 coins right when you enter to use on furniture or clothing. Yet you can always ear more coins from games. There are many more ways to make coins other than games games: collecting garbage, picking fruits and veggies and even fishing! One concept that is really copying Club Penguin is how there is a room called the den that has find four, but its called Line four instead, kind of like the lodge in Club Penguin. The bad thing about the game is that there are some places that are closed, like the movie theater and there is a club that is closed. Yet, this can be understood, because Pandanda is going through beta testing right now, and so they are still developing a lot of different parts of the game.


Overall it is great and I hope you get to try it!

Hey! I’m Guymed

Hello, I’m a new writer/editor for My penguin name is Guymed. I first started Club Penguin when I saw my sister playing it on the miniclip website, but at that time I thought it was a bit dumb. I then joined Club Penguin about 4 days later. I named my penguin Guymed because… I don’t know. My first item was an eyepatch. I did join Club Penguin before I got Guymed, but the e-mail for confirmation never came. That penguin’s name was Dillonhz. I first started blogging about Club Penguin somewhere in March 08. My first blog was But, then I deleted it and started I have the domains,, and You can contact me at, That’s me! I forgot to say that the year I joined CP was 2007.



Jacknovozin Blog Choice Awards

Hello everyone, Jacknovozin here.  I have made this post to tell you about a really cool thing.  If you have heard of the Kid’s Choice Awards and liked it, then you’ll love this.  On my blog, I have come up with……………


It’s the same exact thing as the KCA but it’s about blogs!  Go to my blog,, and check out the post I made.  It’s all the polls and the polls are what you can vote for!  There will be 5 hosts, Kingskater99, Rutgers, Zachary red, Anthony blue (my 2 best friends in real life), and me! In between the results, that are coming March 28th, there will be a funny video.  Here’s the prize:


If you are thinking of voting then your time is now!  This is the 1st ever Blog Choice Awards.  There was also a Pageant Idol that ended already.  The winner was Zachary Red.  Well back to the BCA.  I will choose 4 hosts to announce with the winners every year, so look out, you could be one.  If you are one year, the steps are easy, I will e-mail you the winners and what category I want you to announce, you will e-mail me back how you want to announce them winning, example: The winner is……., and I will post it on my blog, easy as that.  Also I want to be the first to tell you, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!  The party is on Club Penguin and members get to go in a tree house with a cool instrument in it (Iwon’t give it away).  Also in the coffee shop there is a hat.  And on top of the mountain there is the new pin.  I really like the party this year.  Also, I’ve been hearing rumors about the Green puffle party that happened a long time ago and everyone was a green puffle, is that true?  I hope so.  That would be a waste of 4 and a half hours of trying to find out.  Well that’s all for today.  Wait I guess I can write more.  So what’s new today?  Ummmmmm.  Oh I was ban on Pandanda on purpose!  Ha-ha.


Ha ha ha.  Oh wait, you have to see this optical illusion:

Wow that hurts.  Well bye.


Club Penguin this week

Hello, this is Dublanous1, technical admin. for

Great news! There are white puffles availible in the pet shop!

Heres what Clonez had to say about it:

“My first thought was that this puffle was going to be one that represented the Sensei in Club Penguin. They both are of a pretty light color and I can see why they would relate to each other. One reason why I would choose the ninjas is because this puffle has been hiding in the mountain range and like ninjas, this puffle is pretty mysterious. Not because it hasn’t been recognized until now, but because it blends in with the snow. It can go wherever it wants to on the island and still remain in hiding. Thus, this puffle must have special ninja abilities, like the Sensei. This would make sense because Rockhopper has his own puffle, the red one, and so why wouldn’t the Sensei have one?

I then thought that this puffle would be one of the snow, because that is where it is found the most. It would spend more time in the snow than any other puffle and its special ability would be making snow castles or something like snow forts. If it is snow forts, this puffle would like to spend time having snowball fights with other puffles. It would roll up a ball of snow, plop it on its head, and jump to throw it at something or someone. This could really explain it’s white color because it would help when it is in a snowball fight in order to hide from an opponent. Whatever it is, lets just hope we find out soon!”


The puffle is great! When you have it play it blows a piece of ice and it skates on it. When you dance with it, it makes it snow ontop of it and hops around.

One thing I found strange was that the color of the white puffle is yellow, maybe they think no one will notice but it is an obvious mistake, take a look:

(yes, the puffles are named what color they are supposed to be)



Wierd, right? I think cp will change that in the future, they probably just used it really quick until they made it white.

Anyway, there is a sneak peak of an award ceremony “penguin play awards” from the cp blog, it will be a members only party, from march 20 to april 9.

Here is a peak:


Other than that, there will be no April fools celebration this year but the Clothing Catalog is out as well as the puffles and it is Themed for St. Patricks day, and there will be ties and suits to get ready for the “awards”

That’s All for now,


Hi, I’m Jacknovozin

Well hello everyone!  I am The Clonez Enquirer’s new writer, Jacknovozin.  I love to blog and I am a computer geek.  Ha-ha.  I have another blog, which is my original blog,  I hope you enjoy it.  I work for 4 blogs now.  I work for my Club Penguin wife, bdabda, my friend Boomer405, this one, and finally my blog!  I only have 1,800 hits on my blog but I know you’ll love my blog!  If you have not got the news yet then I’ll be first to tell you the Club Penguin ST. Patrick’s Day party is coming tomorrow.  I think that will be fun.


If you have any questions about what I do or anything else just contact me at, that’s  Please no bad messages.  Well it’s been my dream to work for a blog like this and I just love to blog because I have a love for writing, and computers, and taking photos.  I can’t show you right now but one time when I went to Washington D.C, I took an amazing picture of the Washington monument.  It was just perfect!  For those of you who have never been to D.C, I strongly recommend going there!  Thanks for listening to my first ever post for The Clonez Enquirer!  If you want to look at my blog remember the link is  Thank you.


Ohmigawsh haithar!!!!

I know you love that smecksy title. Don’t deny it, mister (or miss, or even misses, I don’t really know.) Anywho, this is my like second Connor-only post on this webblawg, but I’m posting because Clonez requested me to before he left for escuela this morning. But oh my gosh, Connor, how did you talk to Clonez in the morning? thats so weird!!!?!?!!1112 Well I always talk to  him in the morning when I can. And the only thing that allows me to do so are my two hour delays and school cancellations. Today was a cancellation. You may have read about that snow storm on Yahoo! I know my family and I did. Well a bunch of snow was dumped here and since North Carolinians can’t even drive when it’s 90 degrees and sunny outside, they definitely can’t drive when there’s snow and a *little* black ice on the roads.



I am so discouraged now. I might rewrite this post, but don’t plan on it.

You know what. No. I’m not going to let Clonez down. I promised him a post, and by golly I’m going to write it. D:< Wow, I’m mad.


So I’ll retype what I did today. I woke up originally at 7:50 and got on the computer to talk with mah bud, Clonez, before he went to school. We chatted ‘normally’ for like ten minutes, then we webcammed for the next twenty minutes or so. And then at 8:19 he had to go. WAAH. So I went on Facebook to get my 53 buck bonus on PTTTW. (Heh, I bet you don’t know what that is….heheh) and then I went back to sleep. At 12:52 I woke up. My sister came in just as I was getting up (oh no she saw me in my boxers!!11 AHHHH! Neh, it’s not a big deal. I wear them around the house all the time–yes, too much info. Hah.) and I talked to her about the book that I was up until 1AM finishing. Then she asked to go to Starbucks. I told her to let me get dressed and then when my dad got home on his lunch break, he dropped her and me off. I had a medium double chocolatey chip frap and my sister had FIVE, YES, FIVE chai teas. I was like, wow, drink up *name here*. Then, we walked home a few hours later through the awesomeee snow. She’s like “I don’t like the snow, Connor!” becuase she was getting all wet and I was like “you’re crazy.” Then when I got home, I let my doggy outside to take a peepee then I came in here to write this.  And I smell like coffee. Yuck. I keep getting whiffs of it off of my clothes. Ew. After my draft totally kerplunked away, I decided to (and still am, obviously) rewriting it. Also, I’m singing along to “Right Round” by Flo Rida. It’s such an infectious song! (oh, I sound like Clonez. AWESOME! :D) And Clonez just called me from school and we talked about snow days here.

In our conversation, we were talking about how we depend on our black asphalt streets to melt the snow for us, and if they don’t melt the snow, then we have to take off school, which happened today, even though it wasn’t actually snowing today. My city doesn’t spend money on salt trucks because it doesn’t regularly snow here, whereas in Clonez’s city, there’s salt trucks on every corner because it always will snow there every single winter no matter what. Hah, I need to move there, where I’m not off of school for a little bit of snow on the ground. 😛 oh wellll.

I’ve already had five snow days this year. My spring break is done. It’s five days off of school, and well, I have to make those five days up for the snow days. But my family and I have had plans for Ft. Lauderdale and we’re not going to just throw those plans away with my sister and my spring break. So I’m going byebye for those five days. I’m a lil’ rebel. Heheh.

The other day, I saw a movie called Taken and it was incredible. It was about a man who goes to search for his daughter after she and her friend are abducted in France. My dad and I were both definitely on the edges of our seats. Pretty kewl, eh?

Well I think that’s pretty much all I can remember typing from before. God I can’t believe my post disappeared.


New Items

Hello, this is Dublanous1, technical admin. for
I know I don’t post very often, and I am trying to post more, but over the years, I know that rare items have kept coming back and that people get angry when their one rare item that makes them unique/popular comes back and they are a nobody again, of course, not that it matters, but everyone still likes to have their own unique item that not many other people have. I bring this up for discussion because I am wondering what new item(s) will appear this St. Patrick’s day. I know last year they released the big green buckled hat, which a lot of people will be wearing to the party this year, but two years ago the clover-leafed hat came out, and it is by far my favorite item. I try to wear this in every single on of my outfits, and it makes me unique.




*(top)- St. Patrick’s Day outfit w/hat

**(middle) My outfit w/hat

***(bottom) My second outfit w/hat

I really hope that they don’t bring it back, I would hate it if the clover-leafed hat came back. I don’t like it because it makes me popular, I just love its uniqueness and it really shows who I am. It actually looks good on alot of outfits, I suggest using it with the 3-D glasses or the red sun-glasses like in my (middle)** outfit. But I am still curious on what will be released this year, and the clover-leafed hat is a likely candidate, though I think it may be some footware or hand-item, there hasn’t been any St. Patrick’s day footwear or hand items in the past I can remember, come to think of it, 75% of the free items on Club Penguin are hats! There are so many more hats in my inventory than anything else except for body-wear. Free Items are always a curiosity in Club Penguin, but for me, I cannot wait to see what the item will be today, I couldn’t stand everyone walking around with my signature hat on.


Waddle on,


P.S. My *** outfit was my original outfit and I got the idea of the clover-leafed hat and 3-D glasses from Joem25, I expanded on his idea.


A Collaborative Post
By Clonez and Connor

I know you want me. I am a cool, refreshing, revitalizing, glass of water. I know you see me just sitting there, waiting to be consumed. I know you want to just go out and reach towards my cool, shiny glass cup. You want to feel the curves of the glass. You want to feel the coolness soak into your palms as you pick me up. You want to slowly lift me up towards your dry, deserted mouth and just sip me in. You take small sips to enjoy the all-powerful quench of me. Or you might charge straight at me, and grab a quick gulp of me after a long game in the hot sun. You want to feel me as I hit the surface of your mouth, touching the sides of your tongue. Coating the walls of your mouth. You want to feel me wet the surroundings of your dry throat and leave you refreshed, feel me run down your esophagus like a roller-coaster. You need me. All of life needs me to function. So “water” (what are) you waiting for? Dive in!


The race is on. You decided to participate in the 3 mile long marathon race. It is a dry, hot summer day in July. You get in your running clothes and you are already starting to sweat because of the temperature. At the starting line, you feel the rush of adrenaline through your body. The gunshot goes off; you run to the end, not daring to stop, but continuing to pace yourself. You try not to use up all of that energy inside you, but you find out that you are running low on it. After all, the weight a person loses directly after intense physical activity is weight from water, not fat. (1) About a quarter way into the race, you feel the sun cooking you like an egg left on a hot sidewalk. You perspire like crazy. Your mouth starts to get dry and the thought of just “getting it over with” goes through your mind. There is something else besides that shiny golden medal that drives you to strive your hardest: it is that large, cool, refreshing glass of water that you get to drink right when you finish the race. Water, unlike all drinks on this Earth, gives us the energy nature intended us to use. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea, while made up almost entirely of water, also contain caffeine. Caffeine can result in preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body. (1)

H20 is my best friend forevarrr. But why? Because without it, I’d literally die! Water is one of the most essential nutrients for human survival. An average adult human can go about a month without eating food, but they can only go about a week without drinking any water. One time, I was in the desert and I was extraordinarily thirsty. And in summer school, I learned that if you’re stuck in the desert, to find cactus and suck on it. (yeah, they taught that in Arizona.) so I found a tasty little Prickly Pear, but before I could suck the agua out, I had to fend off a javelina with my huge biceps. After that javelina ran away like a little girl scout, I bit into that spiky gross piece of cardboard and sucked it like a lollypop! (NO, THAT NEVER HAPPENED SILLY GOOSE.) But they really do teach that. It’s absolutely imperative that you drink water regularly throughout the day; one is supposed to drink about three gallons of water per day. You have to always drink, even if you’re not thirsty, because by the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost 1% of it’s water content. (1)

But two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen ain’t just for survival y’all! It could also be used for recreational purposes. For example, I know like everyone reading this has been in a pool or to a water park at least once. Water is so versatile, you can use it for so many different things. One of my teachers also says that water-inclusive exercises are the best kind because no stress is put on your joints. That is because your body’s natural buoyancy offsets the effects of gravity in water.

WATER’S A PRETTY COOL ELEMENT STILL, THOUGH. oh my gosh, derp derp course it is. But aside from being wet and fun to play in, it has many distinct qualities that other elements lack. [I actually studied water in science at the beginning of the year.] The special characteristics are: universal solvent, capillary action, expands when frozen, and surface tension/buoyancy. (2) Universal Solvent means water can dissolve the most things than any other element can. What is capillary action you may ask? Well think about it; how do hundred foot trees get water to their leaves? They don’t suck the water through a straw. They use capillary action. Capillary action is when water defies gravity (oh yeah, I went there.) Try a little experiment sometime: fill your kitchen sink with water. Then, grab a paper towel. Dip the very tip of the paper towel in the sink, and what you’ll see is water going up the paper towel! Water expanding when frozen may not sound like much of a big deal, but it really is because it wouldn’t be a “unique” trait if all other liquid elements expanded when frozen. Evidence of this is when you freeze an entire bottle of water. If the bottle is 100% filled with water when you put it in the freezer, when you come back to check on it, the water bottle will have split. That’s because all the water molecules expanded. And finally, surface tension. Water has a very dense surface tension. You can’t really notice it normally, but think about when you do a belly flop off the high dive. Ouch. It hurts so badly because not only is your stomach so tender, but because the surface tension is so dense.

Water also has four main benefits. Thermal stress protector, UV protection, Food/Nutrient supplier, and finally Protection from gravity. Let’s talk about thermal stress protector first. Temperature differences between night and day and seasons differ little in winter as compared to land environments. Water in day absorbs sunlight, thus preventing Earth from getting too warm, but in night, water releases heat, preventing Earth from getting too cold. This creates wind and weather patterns on land. UV protection; water absorbs deadly UV radiation emanating from the Sun. Water refracts UV light into a harmless blue color that we commonly associate with the ocean. The reason water is blue when there’s a lot, but clear when you pick up a handful has to deal with UV absorption. There is not enough water in your palms to turn UV rays blue, so that’s why it’s clear when there’s not much water. Water is also a food/nutrient supplier. All food and nutrient items necessary for life can be dissolved in water thus making it easy for simple animals like jellyfish to get needed nourishment from just floating in water. More advanced organisms still use water based circulation systems to carry nutrients to their cells. Food also can be provided in three dimensions allowing for easy capture. (for example the food is in front of you, beside you, above you, etc.) As I said before, water protects from gravity. Animals in water are neutrally buoyant. No gravity affects water organisms. There is no need for strong muscles or bones. Gravity effects are extremely limited which also allows animals to achieve massive sizes that would never exist on land. (2)

Most comic books feature a main character who is a super-hero. This person is someone that people can depend on to save the day from injustice. They are kind, they help people with problems, and most importantly, they wear an awesome costume and cape and fly around the city. Well, water is a hero. It has all of those characteristics. Although it does not have a cool super-hero suit, it has a nice, flashy water bottle coating or a nice, smooth glass cup that it comes in – and you just need to praise the company for making those things in dedication to the all-mighty water! Water really is a hero. Water is used in almost every activity we can think of and even ones we don’t think of. We brush our teeth with it, we flush the toilet with it, we wash dishes with it, shower with it, clean clothing with it, and most importantly, we drink it. We don’t even bother to question where this household hero comes from. We are just glad that he or she is there to get the job done and make our lives easier. It is a shame that not everyone can enjoy the all-mighty hero, water. In many places in Africa or Asia, people have limited access to our hero. In a way, the villain is getting away with crimes. People try their hardest to bring the hero to those places to wipe out the villain, dehydration, yet it is very hard because our hero is not everywhere at once. Of the 326 million cubic miles of water on Earth, humans can use only about three tenths of a percent of this water. (1) We hope that eventually, the hero will be able to help the entire planet fight dehydration.

Just like all of the comic books have superheroes, they also have villains who cause chaos and destruction. Not only is water a hero, in a way, water is also the villain. I know that is not the first thing that comes to mind, but think about it: water is what caused hurricane Katrina to destroy the city of New Orleans. Water is what caused flooding all around the globe. Although we can not get enough of water to fill our quench, there is a point where we just have to stand back and say, “what are we getting ourselves into?” Flooding is a way of nature saying, “You wanted water, and now you’ve got it!” Water may be very helpful, but too much of it can be a pain to a large population of people. Not only does too much water hurt a country, it can also hurt your body if you drink too much of it. Drinking too much water too quickly can lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication occurs when water dilutes the sodium level in the bloodstream and causes an imbalance of water in the brain. (1) In most cases, the result of this is death. Yet, many people do not have to worry about it, because it is most likely to occur during intense athletic activity. (1) In conclusion, don’t let water be your enemy. Let it be your friend and have it help you through your daily life.

(1)  – Read, Learn and Know about Water . All About Water. 2 Mar 2009 <;.

(2) – Connor’s science notes from school.