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(March 23rd, 2010) Dear Planet Earth,

Wild, exotic, adventurous, and vastly descriptive. I’ve caught myself in a pretty captivating adventure book called The 13 1/2 Lives of Captain Bluebear. It had stood out to me greatly at Borders and I wanted to give an adventure story a shot, since this genre is completely unfamiliar with me. The book reminded me of all of the picture books I’ve read when I was little — expanded to appeal to the adult audience. The story follows a blue bear that is trying to find a place to fit in with society. The book starts out with Blue bear on a boat in the middle of the ocean and continues with a variety of random events and adventures. Any person can connect Blue bear’s development to the development of their own childhood, because just like a human, Blue bear eventually is taught how to speak by talking waves in the ocean, learns early life lessons from a mysterious island that lures him in with desire, and is shown the world on the back of a flying dinosaur. He has formed a couple strong bonds of friendship with many of the characters he has encountered, while in the meantime has been strongly betrayed. Blue bear consistently is cast away from the communities that he grows to be apart of, and so it is a little saddening. At the same time, I find it to be probably one of the most descriptive novels I have ever encountered, since it spends such a large number of pages just to describe the physical characteristics of the ever changing landscape or the many species of creative characters that the author, Walter Moers, has formed. Blue bear’s journey is throughout the land known as Zamonia, which was supposedly a continent formed millions of years ago and had been in the middle of the Atlantic. I would recommend this read to anyone with lots of time on their hands and open to a captivating journey of adventure.

Childhood II – Youth vs Adult

A Collaborate Post
By Clonez and Connor

The end of school is approaching ever so slowly. Tests, quizzes, projects, speeches, orals, in-class essays, writing assignments, papers, and lots and lots of studying for the finals. My level of stress is really soaring right now. I was up last night really late working hard on getting work done early. I am starting to get those end-of-year jitters. Things were so much easier when I was little. I remember the end of first grade: our class had a huge party to celebrate the end of the year. Cakes, cookies, and brownies galore! We would leave school with no homework to work on at home: free to play and do as we please. Sophomore year rolls by ten years later. Everyone is walking around school like a zombie for not getting enough sleep last night because they were working on that last minute project or paper for the final. No party whatsoever. The level of stress soars to new heights that we thought were unimaginable. I just feel like going back. Going back to the time when everything was care-free: to reminisce once again the magic of childhood.

Sometimes I really feel like school is such a boundary for me
I feel like I am in a jail cell
Just waiting to burst free out of the doors
Freedom is waiting patiently on the other side
He encourages me to gnaw through those steel doors and walls
to reach the light I see on the other side
I must escape from this darkness

Freedom isn’t always a good thing Other times I feel like I need to stay in school
where it is safe
Where every day is a new adventure
A new experience to learn more about myself
I go through my everyday routine of walking down the pathways
I’ve carved them for myself to travel throughout the year
where I can meet up with friends
spend time getting to know others
be part of the many clubs that are offered
School really fills up the boring schedule of couch-potato-ness

School really brings out the stress in me.
I come home after a long day
loads of homework
Summer settles me back to a state of peace with myself
I feel the rush of freedom flow through me
I can go wherever I please
see whatever I am in the mood to see
enjoy what I want to enjoy

School helps me in the long run
I start to focus more on my future
the things that really matter
getting into a good college,
studying for the ACT and SAT
getting a part-time job
Oh, and did I almost forget?
I am going to be a tutor next year
the urge for retaining education has surged through me

Leisure and diversion help me in the long run
I start to learn more about myself
I continue to do summer activities that please me
I can return to the child side of me
Summer keeps me relaxed
I will start all fresh and new when school begins in the fall.

Imagine being stuck at a fork in the road. You have just been traveling for miles trying to find the way out of a desolate, dark, and dreary forest. You now have to make the choice that determines your fate. Its a hard and painstaking decision which road to follow. That is exactly how I feel. I really don’t want to give up the magic of childhood, but I also really want to grow up. I’m torn apart by the mysterious forces of both sides.

Connor’s eighth grade is a little different. Since my “class” is “graduating” to high school, the eighth grade teachers are like totally “oh em gee!” So we’re doing a bunch of end of the year festivities like we all did last year. Picnics, free days, blah blah blah. This year, one thing we’re doing is a “Graduation Ceremony” at some college campus called Wait Chapel. Or something like that. Whatever. We have to rehearse for it, so I know I’ll be missing a couple periods in the next few days. My “finals” were two weeks ago, so I’m pretty much stressless. However, I do have my FIRST actual fo reelz high school final on June 4th. For math, since I took a high school level class this year. I am definitely stressing over that. My 8th grade end of grade tests don’t count towards my grade at all, but the math EOC (end of course, final, whatever you wanna call it) is 25% of my final class grade. I’m scared about that since math isn’t my BEST subject. The days of naptime and end of year waterdays are long gone. However, I do have a little party in Spanish. It won’t be much though, since my spanish teacher treats our class as high schoolers, because in fact I took a high school level spanish class as well. Waaah! I want chips and movies and soda in Spanish. Those lucky 6th graders. ):


Adventure Play

Hello! This is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com. The main attraction this week in Club Penguin is the new play! Alot of the decorations resemble the Indiana Jones movie Raiders of the Lost Ark. The game used many of the well-remembered elements from the film and I really enjoy their version because it was really cute in a way and it is something that was not expected. The picture at the top left shows ice cream being thrown from holes on both sides. This was actually one of the traps used in the movie when Indiana Jones was searching for the golden idol in an ancient temple in Peru. Of course, the movie used darts that would kill in one shot, but the Club Penguin staff would not want bloody, dead penguins lying around. At the bottom right is the most remembered element from the movie: the deadly, giant boulder. Of course, if they were doing this jungle theme, they would have to use this classic scene. I thought there were fake snakes hanging on the left side of the stage. If you are an Indiana Jones fan like myself, you would know that he is really afraid of snakes. Unfourtunately when you look closer, they are actually just vines. Snakes would have been perfect for this play, though. The picture on the bottom left is of a penguin flying through the air in a mine cart. This made me think for awhile, then I realized why Club Penguin put this in! It is so clever! If you did not know, Steven Spielberg directed the Indiana Jones movies. He also directed the movie ET, which released in 1982. Do you remember that one scene with the kid flying in the air with ET on a bicycle? Club Penguin used that scene in the play. I don’t think they had an apparant reason why, but it is so clever! 

I feel like getting something off of my chest here. Has anyone noticed the note that was put on the door of Rockhopper’s ship? Well, it disappeared a few days ago and was replaced with one by G. I am really confused about why Club Penguin thinks penguins need keys to open doors. If the penguins want to go in the room so badly, why not get a chainsaw and bust the door down? FYI: Rockhopper’s quarters probably broke open when the ship sank to the bottom of the ocean. Why couldent the team search inside? I wonder how they pulled that room up without looking. Maybe they put their fins over their eyes while operating the crane. Maybe they closed their eyes when they were nailing the wood back together. Who knows! I really think that we should get to see the room already. We have been waiting for more than a year until the right moment. Maybe Rockhopper is hiding something “disturbing” Maybe a picture of his penguin wife, Mrs. Waddles who broke up with him because he would not get off the ship. (I know it’s not true, but still…) Maybe Rockhopper is hiding something that will change Club Penguin forever. He might be hiding the map to Rockhopper Island in the quarters. He might be hiding another animal other than a puffle. What I am trying to say is that Rockhopper’s quarters might not “just” be a room for people to talk in. I know it is something more and that one day “it” will be released.

Over and Out!