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Catching Up

(July 10th 2010)

Dear burst of hot gas Planet Earth,

It has been about a month since I last blogged, ouch! Well, it is the dead of summer already and I can finally say that I am sick of the heat wave that has passed over your entire northern hemisphere. I had a very non-traditional Independence Day at my friend Nick’s house. I’m pretty thankful to have a buddy like him to goof around with. I’ve been having him drive me places repetitively throughout the summer since he owns a car, so in a way I feel a little guilty. We still have a fun time together. Anyway, on this Independence Day, we basically spent the entire afternoon and evening avoiding all fireworks, which was an almost impossible stunt since there were bursts of explosions outside for three days straight. We blocked it out by watching a couple of segments from BBC’s Planet Earth on the couch and later took a dip in his pool. Who knew seventy degrees for a pool temperature is actually really cold? Unfortunately we couldn’t bring on the heat from the heater since it had mysteriously malfunctioned. We sort of pretended that the hot tub was somewhat warmer than the actual pool even though they were the exact same temperature. Although we were all squirmy the entire time in the ice bath, it was still relaxing to float away on his inflatable rafts in the middle of the night. I’m not quite sure why, but staring up at the stars in the deep, celestial sky makes all of my muscles and bones release all their tension and just fall loosely on the brim of the water. It was a semi-sweet end to a lazy July day.

I feel like summer school adds a more reality-centered element to my drab summer. I’ve grown closer to a group of students who sit at my long art table with me. For four hours we would be talking to one another about the most random junk while completing assignments in art. I really felt the thick outer-casing of a bubble shielding us from the rest of the activities of the classroom. While everyone else worked diligently, we were making the most fun out of our time. I know it’s sad, but I thought it was really funny how we joked with the freshmen about how unexperienced they are dealing with high school and the real world. This one boy thought that you get your social security number when you get a credit card and we just started cracking up. I had a nice time sharing music interests with these two girls who sat across from me. I started bringing in music disks every day to play during class to play on the computer audio speakers. They would always point out parts of some song they liked and compliment me on my good taste in music. I could tell the class favorite (and my personal favorite) was playing Wincing the Night Away by The Shins. We played it around three times in a row during class period. Luckily I wasn’t the star artist during the class. I mainly covered up my skill by talking poorly about my work. There was this one student at my table who worked on making sure every part of his drawing had all of the intricate details. I mainly worked on catching up with everyone else. I fell behind like everyday which means I had to work on artwork 24/7 . Gladly, I survived those three weeks and I felt like I pulled a lot out of it. I recently started with a cooking class, but more of that later!