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Okay, oh my gosh, I am so being left in the dust

So I just *had* to write this post. Everyone else is, why not me?!

I guess I’ll start with my friendship with da boss, Clonez. SOOOO it started way back when when that uber cool CPIP item was to come out on Club Penguin. A worker on my (at the time) Club Penguin site lied that the item was going to be a pink and purple party hat. (you may have seen the picture on numerous WordPress blogs, yessir, I made that edit.) And so everyone was like OHMAHGAWD! PINK ADN PURPLE BETA HAT ZOMGZZZ!!1!!1! And then when the rumor came untrue, Clonez posted about it. [linky poo] And if you read the comments on there… well I was pretty PO’d at him. But for some reason, I wanted to be friends with him still. Well that is exactly what happened. He’s by far the best interwebzz friend I’ve made. He’s also the most personal. We communicate through lots of real-world methods. He’s pretty awesome, but of course you all know that! ;P We stay up latee on weekends (and heck, week nights too. Although I am forced to sneak on. Hehe.)

Okay, so you’ve never heard of me? Pish posh, you have now. I’ve been administrator on this site since like early January or late December or something rather. I don’t exactly do much on here, but oh well! I mainly just comment on Clonez’s posts. (Oh my gosh I am getting so tired of calling you Clonez, mister.) I have about a bajillion chat clients (MSN, AIM, Skype, ooVoo, blah blah blah) but since I am evil, and two of which are for real-world only friends, I’m going to give you my MSN and AIM addresses. MSN: and AIM: connorr134. That is if you even want to contact me. Hah.

I guess maybe a little info about moi? Hm. Well for a start, I’m fourteen and in the 8th grade. I live in North Carolina. I was born, however, in Arizona and I lived overseas for a year. wahoo! In school, science and English are my best classes. Math is poop. No likey math because math teacher gives too darn much homework. Even though I live in the south, I do not have a southern accent, and I hope to lordeh that I don’t ever develop one. I love making things in Photoshop and I also love swapping YouTube videos with mah bud, Clonez. I also like to write like I actually have a personality rather than like a robot with perfect, grammatically correct and fantastically structured sentences and all that crap. That is what school is for. Um. I think that’s just about it? Well if you want to learn more or even care to meet meh, you can chat. I like meeting new peeps. ❤

I guess I’ll see ya round! (or most likely not since I don’t write posts here, but I do on my non-CP site. [; )


The Real Deal On Advertising III

Hello everyone, this is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com. I know people say that the sequels are always worse than the original.  But at least give me an A for effort. ;D


Using the computer is one thing that I can not go a day without. There are many websites that I just have the need to visit, including this website, my other website, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Google. There are emails that I just need to check. If you did not know, I have four email accounts that I need to check regularly. And there is homework that has to get typed. If I were to be stranded on a desert island, one of the things I would bring is my laptop with internet connection. At home, I would zoom right up to my laptop as soon as I woke up and check to see if anything changed. Because of my love for computers and laptops, I decided that today’s post be focused on internet advertising.


No matter where you look, you are always going to see one form of internet advertising every day. It may be the smallest thing, but it is on the page. In 2007, the total amount of money spent on internet advertising was nearly 17 billion dollars. (1) Although it takes up only 6% of all of the advertising (1) , most of it is seen by people who have access to the web.


I have heard that advertising on websites changes as it gets to know you more. There is a thing called a “cookies” on your computer. defines it as a message, or segment of data, containing information about a user, sent by a Web server to a browser and sent back to the server each time the browser requests a Web page. And what it does is store information about you, which can be a good thing if you have a little bit, because you wont have to retype in login information or something. But if you have too much, it can be very dangerous because too much personal information is given away. Anyway, what it does is see what kind of websites you visit, and on those websites it will show advertisements that match who you are in order to make you want to click there. This is only accurate when you allow your computer to accept all cookies, which many people don’t choose. I actually think that this is a pretty good method of advertising. I am not into sports websites at all, so I feel comfortable that I do not have to see any sports related ads. The smallest piece of information can change a lot. There was this one Youtube video I watched that contained the classic Duck Hunt game by Nintendo, and when I went to look at Facebook, there was a Duck Hunt advertisement on almost every page. For all of you Club Penguin users, you probably see a lot of advertisements for multiplayer games online, like the frequent IMVU pop-up that I see almost every time I go on my piczo website.


Speaking of pop-ups, there is one type of advertisement on the web that annoys people the most. You may know of this kind of advertisement as the “You’ve been selected to receive a free iPod Nano!” or “Answer this question correctly and you’ve just won a free gift card to any restaurant of your choice!” Don’t you just hate those? It actually looks pretty convincing. So you look for any details, and of course, there are none. Oh wait, what is this? Do I see a little asterisk right at the end of the sentence? That little asterisk means a lot in advertising. It can be the difference between an excellent deal and the biggest mistake of your life. So you decide not to trust the ad. Has there ever been a time where you actually tried it out?  So you decide to click one, I mean, you have to do it at least once in your lifetime to see what it is like, and you fill out all of the information with a fake name, fake address, basically fake everything. And that email you put, that fake one which someone on the other side of the world has, will be totally spammed forever. And there is this point in the process, there is this long list of different restaurants and stores, and an endless number of pages. This is the point where you reach your impasse. You become so frustrated and there is no way to continue. The point of this advertisement is to make the advertiser money. There is a concept in internet advertising called cost-per-action, and first the page wants to obtain as many views as possible by drawing in an endless number of people to click it. Then, if the consumer does one of the following specifically defined actions listed on the page, then the advertiser is paid, and you just end up closing the window because of the deadlock.


Pop-ups are the most annoying of them all, they are like little pesky bugs that keep coming back for more. Yet, we have found ways to get around them by creating pop-up blockers to make sure that we never see them again. There are some cases where we need to turn the pop-up blocker off for a certain website, and that is only used if we need to see an important window that can only come up as a pop-up window. That is when the real ones start tumbling on to your screen. We all know the classic pop-up ads. There are the ones for, which bothers me so much. It says, “try and find your old class from when you graduated!” Who even needs to do that nowadays? There are social networking websites like Myspace or Facebook where you can stay in contact with people. It might have been different when our parents were around, but technology has changed, and that is why this pop-up bothers me. There are also ones that I see a lot for “mortgage rates are low!” and there is a dancing cartoon person next to it or something. More recently, pop-ups have been found in other forms of annoyance to people who even have pop-up blockers. They are found to pop up at the bottom of videos on YouTube. It is quite annoying to keep closing them every time you try to watch a video. Other video websites contain pop-up advertisements, such as MSN Video and MSN Video has them at the beginning of almost all of the videos you try to watch. has a 30 second commercial break pop-up several times in a full length show. So no matter where you go to get videos, there will always be a way for advertisers to get to you. Most of the time you can’t avoid them like commercials on television. My grandparents always mute the television and do something productive during the 5 minute commercial period. But during that 30 seconds online, it is almost like you are forced to watch it, waiting patiently for your feature presentation to come back on because you can’t do anything else in those 30 seconds.


There was this website that one of my friends showed me: Uncyclopedia. It was supposed to be a joke website of Wikipedia, and I just thought the content was hilarious. There was this one search page for the internet, and it showed it just like the layers of the ocean. There was the shore, which were websites like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and  Youtube. And the further you progressed into the ocean, the darker and more frightening the websites would get. At the bottom of that deep trench were websites that people would not dare to visit because of how absurd they are. Well, I thought to myself, and I believe that advertising is the same way. On the shore would be websites that have no advertising at all: Google, Wikipedia, Ask, and even Club Penguin could fit in. These websites are very well off; they have many visitors, and people enjoy the fact that they are advertising free. As you go deeper, the advertising starts to get pretty out of hand. Small clickable banners for advertisements start appearing. Then, pop-Ups start emerging, and finally you get to the point where it starts to feel pretty uncomfortable. There are websites that, no matter what you are trying to accomplish on the website, advertisements get literally in the way of everything. These websites are chock full o’ viruses. And you know what virus websites do, right? They work to find out your personal information and then mess with your computer. One thing they would do is use your email to send spam. Of course, that isn’t the only way spam occurs. It also happens when you fill out one of those email address blanks in advertisements. It is a way of them saying, “Thanks for visiting, but I have to make your life miserable by sending spam to your email forever.” Those spam messages can be pretty random at times. I know me and my friends get a lot of spam from some Irish Lottery that keeps contacting us to say that we have won. There is one spam email chain that I love to hate: the Bank of Africa one. There was a video on Youtube that made fun of this piece of spam by re-enacting it, and I could not agree more. I had such empathy for it because I was also a victim. Of course, these advertisements may be a pain, but it is pretty fun to make it a joke. You don’t have to take internet advertising so seriously sometimes. Instead, make it welcome, because those spam messages are going to keep coming for the rest of your life.


If you are a player of Club Penguin, you may wonder why the prices are so much higher than other multiplayer game websites. Well, the reason is because it really costs a lot of make a website advertisement free. A large amount of the money is used to pay for the website to keep it standing up straight, and so Club Penguin uses memberships to pay for that. Other important websites that are standing up, like Runescape, have advertisements on the homepage of the websites, which means their member prices are a lot lower than Club Penguins. Don’t think that Club Penguin’s member prices upset you, because if there were advertisements, it would probably be the same price as all of the other multiplayer games.


(1)”Industry Facts.” Thinking Forward. 2008. Performics. 4 Jan 2009 <;

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pilgrim-hatHello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of I know that it is a little early to be talking about Thanksgiving, but I really think that I should be bringing this up earlier. Club Penguin has never had a Thanksgiving party before, but don’t blame them, Club Penguin is located in Canada, which is a place that does not celebrate it. I was surprised this year that Club Penguin did not bring back the pilgrim hat. I had plenty of memories with that hat being in the catalog. I remember my first year playing Club Penguin, there was this thanksgiving on Club Penguin Youtube video. Well, in the video, a large group of penguin wearing the pilgrim hat went around Club Penguin yelling, “Happy Thanksgiving!” I thought it was a sweet thing to be doing, considering that there wasn’t a party for it. I know it may not sound like much to hold a Thanksgiving parade, but there should be one, especially this year without the pilgrim hat. In general, I am not as satisfied with Club Penguin around the holidays. It really should be “The most wonderful time of the year” for everyone. Especially because all of the kids are out of school and at home during Thanksgiving and Winter Break. This is the time where Club Penguin should really spark with their creativity. For example, I am Jewish, and I do not really enjoy the fact that there aren’t any Hanukkah decorations during the Holiday Party. There was only the one year I started playing Club Penguin, there was a menorah in the coffee shop. I have emailed Club Penguin plenty of times about this matter, and they still will not add even a single menorah to the furniture catalog. For the past two years, I have crossed my fingers every time I open the December Holiday catalogs for the first time in hope that they would finally end the reign of the Christian dominated society. It might not just be religion, it could also be by country. I really don’t care if Club Penguin decorates for the party for Canadian Independence day, in fact, I would love to see that happen. It educates the public about the rest of the world’s holidays instead of locking them up with the same general parties each year, such as the summer party and the saint patrick’s day party. Speaking of Saint Patricks Day, a party for it is actually a big step for Club Penguin, because that holiday is not celebrated by the majority of people, but it is still fun.


Over and Out!

Club Penguin and Youtube

Hey everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147 . wordpress .com. Club Penguin and Youtube has been a topic that I have wanted to talk about for quite a long time now, and I have never gotten the chance to do that until now. The big question I want to throw out there is “Are Club Penguin Youtube videos over-rated?” I wan’t to say that Club Penguin is of course one of my favorite games on the internet, but I feel that the line between the two big giants has intertwined and the garbage that comes out is such a mess. I really do not feel that Club Penguin should be on Youtube at all. Everyone is always saying, “Start making Youtube videos and you will be famous!” I totally disagree with that statement. There are over a thousand people with youtube accounts and none of their videos are acknowledged. If you go on and type in “Club Penguin”, there are pages of results that show up. Then go to “Sort by dates added”, it shows that there is a new club penguin youtube video almost every two minutes. Most of the videos up there are cheats for the same thing. if you look at someone “famous” such as mike92, he has the same video of what everyone else did. Okay, so the point is that what everyone is saying is false: youtube does not make you famous at all. My second point is the Club Penguin music videos; totally disturbing. When you mix together Club Penguin with music and graphics, what do you get? A total jumbled up mess! First, you look at Club Penguin: you see cuteness and innocence and fun. Then you look at the screaming death metal video of Club Penguin and you think, “has the world come to an end?” I totally hate those videos where there is a music video and death metal or something is playing. Its like, they are opposites on a magnet. They do not belong together. The game is totally different from that music choice. I remember reading the comments for one of the crazy music videos, apparently, I was the only one who had written a negative comment about it. Everyone else was saying things like “Great Job!” or “Awesome work!” I knew they were lieing, it was just so obvious. There is one other thing that bugs me the most: too many graphics. There was once this music video I watched; I couldent read any of the words of the song because of all the swirling and the crazy effects. If you had your volume off, you coulden’t tell one music video from another. I was thinking inside, what is wrong with the people who enjoy this garbage? Oh, then there are the people who use a video camera instead of a hypercam. You can’t even see their moniter screen, nor what is happening in the picture. Oh course, these are the videos that nobody watches. Apparently, a five year old was taping it. The only Club Penguin youtube video I would watch is one with a cheat or glitch or something crazy and original. Its just not right to see other peoples dreadful creations. I sometimes feel like I need to give them a reality check or something.

Over and Out!

New Music Video!

I also have a new Music Video! Check it out! I hope you like it.

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New Music Video!

Hey Everyone! I made a new Music Video! Check it out. Hope you enjoy 😉

Bad Day sped up.

Hey guys, I’m jt and this is my youtube account

anyway, i did a video Bad Day and felt like speeding it up.

hope youlike it.

P.s. This video features Mikeoltio, Allstar, Topwater and ofcourse, one andonly Clonez. and me since I made the vid.

TNT Productions

Hey Everyone! Today, I broke up with MC Productions for our Youtube Production. I joined a new Production with one of the best video makers in all of Club Penguin! I am teaming up now with Vital Flame! We have started our own Production called TNT Productions! We have already made a new Video about us. Check out our new Video:

Vital and I both have a high amount of popularity on Youtube. We hope that joining together will be a new Era of Music Videos! We both make unique videos and put our whole effort into every video we make. We hope that you enjoy our Production Series and check back for more videos in the Future. There will be many new Videos that will be released very soon! Make sure to subscribe to My Youtube and also make sure to check out Vital Flame’s Youtube. We have some really good videos but the best are still to come. Stay tuned for more videos!

Waddle On
~Toronto & Vital Flame~