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Sports Mania

Shabbat Shalom pplz! I am sorry to everyone for not making posts in the past. I bet you are all mad at me for that and its because theres actually IS alot of homework in high school. I do need to spend time doing work. Many of you guys are probably staring at a tv moniter for 8 hours while im working in school and you dont realize people are busy sometimes. Well, I guess I can say you guys are lucky since you probably start school 3 weeks after I do. I don’t understand why people get mad at me so easily because I’m working on homework. I get home by 5 o’clock for everyone living in New York, plus an extra hour to do homework, so you will see me around 6 east coast time. Anyway, enough about me. There is alot of events thats happened this Friday

Sports has come to Club Penguin finally. If you havent noticed already, there is a new kind of catalog called “Snow and Sports” in the Sports Shop with nothing but sports items: this includes clothing AND furniture. Many of people hvae been very excited/upset with the fact that rare items came out. I remember hearing one day at the dock all theres betas complaining that their items arent rare anymore. I guess I could side with them, well, maybe not. The rare to nonrare is one of the biggest problems penguins are facing. I can consider people that wear “rare” items out of style. I mean, have you guys ever seen a clearence section in a clothing store? Its all the clothing that people DONT want to wear. I think it is kind of silly for people to show off like that because in real life in the fashon world, it would make them look totally eccentric. Heres the cover of the catalog if you are too lazy to go on Club Penguin to see it:
I was kind of impressed that some of my predictions about this happening came true. Anyway, I remember talking to my buddies and telling them that the green and pink baseball caps were going to come out next catalog. I even guarenteed it would happen. Guess what? They didnt believe me, and they said “no way that is ever going to happen”. Well, right now (I’m not saying names) I was able to “rub it in” about that fact that I was right. Another prediction: the wakeboards: released this Friday: I predicted they would come out and guess what? Nobody believed me. Well, I guess it’s okay, as long as I predicted them, thats all that matters.

Lastly, the pin: a baseball
you can find it in the boiler room.

Over and Out!

what a party!

hey guys its tristan jomarmics party was soooo awsome but i got all brousew up.i got kicked in the ribbs by flippers my friend jumped off the later and hit me in the rib!i cant walk……ouch i cant feel my back though sooo i wont be on cp that much or the computer and i dont feel good but the party was awsome i wish i brong my camra i owuldve took pics and put on this wordpress!jomarmics mom took a picture of us maybe jomarmic could send me the pic and ill show u guys!

new site!

hey guys its tristan i made a new site if u wanna help wit the site please commet your email aaaddress and please come to it at please go to it thank you for reading!


i got grounded from the computer for a while.  i think i will not be on for a really long time. that means no wordpress, clubpenguin, or anything else. i will try and sneak on to see anything i am missing. so it could be til jaunary 1st, 2008 til i get back on. my brother blamed me for something i did not do. so i will try and sneak on to see if i missed anything on clubpenguin. or i will just have to miss all the parties til i am ungrounded. and i dont know what to do about my penguin. 4 to 5 months i could be off or i will never be able to go on this computer again. i will try to get on sometimes. but if not sassie will problity be off for a long time. well i just hope this groundation is not til i am 18 that is so unfar for something i did not do. right now i know its a really really long time. i will sneak on when i found out how long i am grounded. and i have no idea what to do with my penguin sassie. well bye and i will try and get on tomorrow.


so sorry

omg by accdent i i went to a page and i i pressed delte my blog my accdent i cant stop it im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plz forgive meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

stupid kevin!

kevin flash banned icyoceanblue ps this is tristan i banned flashrooster once and for all i hacked bc he was hacking everybody he might have hacked sky!sooo flashroster banned sky so i banned him back an dforever pss hes a liar o yea and jomamir c ill see you at the party yay!

The New age of the usa

hi everyone its dub, idk if joems takin the usa back, but i think we should put it into action, just think, USA VRS. KENT, also, theres a new addition, the usa seals, they r like those “sphan soldiers” joem created earlyier, they r highly advanced, and only 4 navy seals (in real life) are as powerful as a whole air raid, thats why they only need 4 of them per mission, so feel free to change your position, also the outfit is really kewl. If joems taking the usa back then i want to be the navy seals commander, i have a killer idea, all of the troops on cp could go on aim too, and we could have one big room, then, thats like our radio!!!! isnt that kewl!!!!!!!! and the seals could have thier own radio connection, but all troops will have a radio connection that is with everyone, Understood?


hey i am sassie the new person to the site and wanted to say i am moving. and i need someone to play on my penguin for about 2weeks. i may get on my laptop at times to check on things. 1 week from friday i need to find someone by then. if anyone wants to comment below and i will get back to you as soon as possible. i need to trust you well to know you wont ban my penguin when i am gone.                                                  drsassie

I’ll See You Guys Next Friday

Hey guys, I’m going on vacation up the mountains for a week. Starting this Friday. I might be able to see the camping party. But I think i leave when my dad comes back from work.

First Day

Wow, the weather is horrible where I live. You gotta ask Yomomma768 or Joem25 because they are probably experiencing the same thing I am. Well anyway, its been really rainy for the past week or so and today it got to the worst possible. Well, yes, today was my first full day of high school. I was so exausted when I got home and yet I barely did anything. I am not used to traveling so far from class to class and the problem is that nobody cares. Nobody cares if you are lost or not. Everyone is just trying to get to their classes, no help. The problem is that I had to go to the bathroom so badly all day because I couldent find any in the school and if I went, I would be late to class. Also, the drinking fountains were turned off because of contruction. Well, the classes were unbareable. I was in so much stress the whole time because the teachers were yelling at us about the rules. My math teacher yelled at us when she told us that homework could not be turned in late. Spanish was even worse. She spoke spanish the whole time and my head started to hurt because I could not understand half of the stuff she was telling us. Well, I am very good in spanish, but I am not used to so many words. Plus it was just summer, so we forgot alot. Lunch was the worst. It was so crowded in the cafeteria with so many people older then me. I had to sit alone because I did not see any of my friends in that big mess of people. I was stressed out the whole time and the day wasnt even halfway over. Well, finally it was time for school to end. I remember waiting for the bus while it started to rain (again). Finally it came and everyone got on. I noticed the wind got stronger and I heard the howling from it outside. Out of nowhere, fog came right up to the windows. It felt very eery. I wiped out the fog with my hand and I saw some people outside walk back into the building, then everyone did. Hail started pouring down for a moment. Then I noticed the power go off in the school, and the emergency lights went on. Then the bus driver yelled so loud for everyone to get out. We all rushed out the bus through the wind. It was so hard to walk with the pressure of it. Well, there I was with everyone else; shaking like crazy. Everyone backed up against the lockers and went into the tornado “pose” I was shivering so much because I kept thinking I was gunna die or something. Well, there we were; waiting for an entire hour until the tornado went away. The bus ride seemed even longer. There were so many trees that fell on the road that we were blocked by so much traffic. I almost fell asleep on the way there because it took forever. Well, like I said, the weather heres stinks all of a sudden. We all blame global warming.

kewl pic by tristan sdf

New army the…

I have made a new army, based on the halo army. The UPC! Its not realy like it, but there will be spartans, LOTS AND LOTS OF SPARTAN TROOPS! ranks:

Leader: Joan25

Bss (blue spartan squad)

Squad leader:

Spartan 1:

Spartan 2:

Spartan 3:

Rss (red spartan squad)

Squad leader:

Spartan 4:

Spartan 5:

Spartan 6:

Marine status:


A note to spartans: Dear quallafied spartans, as a result of joining the UPC, you will be cunning warriors: made for combat, never give up, if you retreat in a battle, you will be expelled from the UPC. You must also get in uniform RIGHT WHEN I SAY IT!