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Drastic Changes Ahead

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of I know I do not usually post on weekdays, but this topic I am about to discuss has been something burning from inside that needs to come out. Many of you probably already know that Club Penguin will be releasing new toys that are plush penguins in certain outfits. Apparently, now there is a special code that comes with each purchase of these toys that unlocks special items (and this includes items for nonmembers also). You’re probably thinking, “Oh, that’s no big deal,” but think about it in the big picture. There are a couple reasons why I oppose this. First of all, You won’t be able to tell members and nonmembers apart because they will all be wearing the same item from the past. Second of all, tons of jealousy! They are going to bring back rare clothing items. Jealousy = quitting = not good. Third of all, members feel wasted. Come on people! Its like, whats the point of buying membership when you can just buy whatever item you want from this toy? Club Penguin stated on their blog:

“When you enter your code, you will unlock a very special book that will give you access to a lot of all-time favorite items from Club Penguin that haven’t been around for a long time AND even some new, never before seen exclusive items that you can only get in this book! It will work the same for all penguins (those with memberships and without memberships).”

Seriously, Club Penguin is making membership something obsolete. Of course, you still have to pay, but buying these toys means that this virtual item you purchase will be something that you can wear FOREVER. Club Penguin can detect that a code is being used multiple times unfortunately, which means that you have to buy or be a very lucky winner in a contest in order to get the items.

“Now… do you ever wonder why exactly everyone wants to buy these toys? I know… and it’s NOT to play with a cute, adorable, little kids toy. Most of everyone who buys these toys simply want the code on the back of the coin, then they just forget about the little toy. That “Treasure Book” is why anyone would want to buy those toys, otherwise Club Penguin would not make any money from selling those toys and books. I think that Club Penguin is wisely taking advantage of the fact that everyone wants to be “rare” or “famous”. Buy their toys and you get items, simple as that. You see, they are taking advantage of the fact that penguins really want to have “rare” items, so they use these toys attached with codes to promote the selling of the products. Didn’t you notice Club Penguin did NOT give access to a “Treasure Book” with the old toys? That is because they have failed to sell them, and make money off them. Now, however, these toys are being bought like crazy… I admit even I bought a toy just for the code on the coin. I mean come on! I have no use for the toy! Club Penguin is certainly using a wise tactic to sell their products, aren’t they? Just like the nicotine in a cigarette, right? Thank you for hearing me out with my opinions.” –

I kind of disagree with what Starviper said about people buying it in a way. I mean, little kids and all. Did you see how many little kids were at the party in New York? I remember this part where there was this one little kid who had brought his toy to the party or something and i guess little kids like that kind of stuff, and Club Penguin is aiming toward the younger population.

“Let me talk about those toys now… They’re a waste of money. If I were to buy one of CPs toys, it would end up as a chew toy for my dogs, while the code on the back would be all I would want. I’d be the first to admit, I do want one of the codes, I don’t care about the toy, but the code… Club Penguin tends to do not much to the fact that 5% of rare penguins are going to quit of jealously. And hackers are going to hack every last penguin with one of those items… Club Penguin tried to take advantage of us, and TA-DA they did. Also, I want you to here this quote by yours truly: “It’s not the codes that make your famous or rare, it’s your urge to not give in to them.”-


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Fall Preview: “The Ticking Time Bomb”

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of Fall is upon us now, and boy is it coming fast! I remember years in the past there have been many people who have wanted to quit Club Penguin. I kept telling them, don’t quit until you have lived out the experiance of Club Penguin in the fall! Some of the best parties in Club Penguin history took place in the fall. It really is a sight to see, and so far fall has set forward on the right foot with the fair that had recently ended during the past week. Don’t think it stops there, though. October is definitely a month you do not want to miss if you are thinking about quitting. It will surely turn that frown upside down. I would call this period the Blowout, because everything just comes up in a boom. One explosion after another. It all starts with the release of the Halloween furniture catalog. It is a ton of fun to see how creative people can get when they decorate their igloo for halloween. The decorations only last one month, so people buy, buy and keep buying until they’ve run out of cash, so they go play games some more. Part two of the Blowout is the anniversary of Club Penguin. I remember last year. Everyone was trying to cram into the coffee shop (where the party is located) in order to see the riot that was going on. Everyone was shouting “Happy Birthday” in a large chorus of penguins, all wearing the year’s party hat. It is definitely something you do not want to miss because this only lasts one day. That’s right! One day during the week. Part three of the Blowout is the Halloween party. This is when the tension in the bomb releases; exploding all over. Every year is different. Ever year is another great surprise for us to find out. The blowout is seriously the “Moment You’ve Been Waiting For.”

Samnan Man:

hey guys i am back!Anyways my penguin is turning 400! Non of you guys care so how about we have a party!

when: two days 4:00 pst

where: my igloo on the map on fjord


see ya samnan man