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The “Real” Party and My News

Most of you remember that party with the surprise right? Well the show’s back on the road!


When: 4:00 PM (PST) the day Rockhopper arrives
Where: On Club Penguin, Frozen, UK at the beacon
Who: Anyone can come, feel free to join in!

In other news I will not be Bigmokey2 anymore. I will be my rare penguin Mr Pie42. The only reason I’m changing penguins is because (as you know) Bigmokey2’s name changed. And because more of my friends that are nice are one his buddy list.

Mr Pie42
That’s all until next post!

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My News With Samnan Man

Ok everybody this is important! Club Penguin showed be sued. They changed my penguin name. It is now Penguin52972509! It’s sad because no one will know who I am anymore! Club Penguin did this for no reason. I even downloaded Desktop Games and smashed their home page! The only person who really believes me is Samnan Man, even Clonez wouldn’t believe me! Many penguins already have that name. Samnan Man has met an exact penguin with the same name and it wasn’t me!

That’s all until next post. (Special help by Samnan Ma

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Hello everyone! On June 20th there’s going to be a big surprise! Just go to the iceberg at 4:00 PM (PST) for a secret/surprise. It will be big! The surprise is that i have a penguin from Penguin Chat 3 his name is 5Ninja5 and he’s a real ninja! In other news, there’s going to be a party after the surprise so mark your calendar. Last but not least, I have report about a penguin; last night a penguin was my clone! He had my name! I reported him. Soon, I emailed Club Penguin. They said “thanks” because that was a trainer. Trainers are called third party programs that are used for hacking. I even got a Club Penguin medal for telling them because they thought they took care of it. Update: They soon deleted my medal
That’s all until next post!


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Copy Hit?

Well, today I was searching through Google. As I typed in “Multiplayer Games” many showed up. A couple of pages later, I found this website called Planet Cazmo. Planet Cazmo is by far a copy of Club Penguin. They have the old question mark page from Club Penguin where can become a member, change your password, and some other stuff. They have player cards, homes, a chat box, emotes, safe chat box, and even members! As I started to play with my brand new account, buddyboy, it seemed quite fun! That’s probably because it’s like Club Penguin.

That’s all until next post!
Update: heres there site

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It’s a waste!

Hi, Bigmokey2 here. I have some bad news. I’m quiting my site. Here’s why: I don’t know how to create pictures, my site is the last on the cheat site list on google, and no one will help work on the site. I’m not deleting it because I might find out some tips and how to do things later in my path. But the good part is that I can come to more parties and and keep the site up to date!

That’s all until next post!

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It all started on Monday. I was playing wih a friend and everything was normal. But as soon as we got on the computer I was suprised! He showed me how to go on Rocketsnail! Here’s how: Type in Then where you see “http://”, type in It should look like this Then, where you see all the dates, go to 2005, then March 16th. Click on it and you’re there! Also, when you see the home page, click games and you’re playing the past!  Update: If it’s not working on your computer, try doing a desk clean-up or refresh.

That’s all until next post! 

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Well today may be fun because I am working on two HUGE projects!!! But, I will need a little help from the Penguin Tribune. I will need everyone to go to the iceberg on June 7th on Frozen at 4:00 PST (penguin standard time). Well, one of the projects is sort of Non-Club Penguin related, so I don.t need help. It will be a secret on what it is going to be. Today is clonez birthday, so I’m going to made a present! So here it is:

Hope you like it, Clonez!
And, I also made a poem:

Oh my gosh!
It’s Clonez
I wonder if he likes the Rolling Stones?
He is pretty nice
Who really cares if he has lice!?!?!?!
I wonder if he likes toast?
He likes to post
He used to be fourteen
Now he is FIFTEEN!!!!!!!

Also, I’ve been thinking of what i should do for the Penguin Tribune. I have been thinking for a long time, then I came up with a photos idea! Well, here’s a picture that I made for Bigmokey2!

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New Party for the Summer!

Hey guys! It’s me, Bigmokey2. The water party is coming back! Remember how last year the water party was caused by the pool flooding? Well, maybe the party will start from a tidal wave! I mean Club Penguin can’t do the same thing every year, right? Something else that might cause it could be an earthquake! Just think of this: Club Penguin almost covered with water! Because in the day time everyone’s online, maybe the earthquake will happen at night! Or maybe even a tidal wave! I just have one more prediction: maybe it won’t be a water party; maybe there are going to have global warming on Club Penguin!

That’s all until the next post!

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Ninja Secret Non-Stop?

As you know from the beginning of Club Penguin, rumors on ninjas have spread to every server. But now there are more than ever! And I even believe it! From the lounge to the lighthouse! Listen to this: I was saving a picture from a site and was editing it. When i was doing the ceiling 2 eyes showed up! When I decorated the floor, 2 arms showed up! Suspicious? See from yourself! I have one thing to say! Maybe those eyes are watching us! Maybe, just maybe, they’re tester eyes!

That’s all until the next post!

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Not That Great…

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147. wordpress. com. I’ve seen penguins all over wearing the red hard hat that turned out to be the second beta tester item for the game. Well, it isn’t that great, I mean, It is a lot less than what I was hoping for; many blogs had posted their “high expectations” about the item and how there is a 100% of a ninja suit. Well, you are wrong. We are all wrong. I was hoping on this one rumor to come true about how a purple and pink beta hat would come out.

I [Connora] am so embarrassed, and […] very sorry. We’re sorry for telling you the wrong Item. And I will take the blame for the fake evidence, even though I didn’t do it, but it is my site. I think Kranendonk just wanted either people to believe us, or to get more hits. –

What a shame! And about a million penguins fell for it! Oh well, at least there is a dance involved in this item. When you wear this item, with or without the vest, you drill with a red jackhammer. Not that great. Penguins can still wear the yellow or orange helmet. I would not feel left out if I did not have this item, because there are other alternatives.

On Thursday, the rare flower plant grew about a foot taller. There are now roses visible. I actually think the plant is starting to look like it belongs in the igloos now. I wish penguins could change its growth by clicking the mouse and pressing up, but alas, that feature is not out. Next Thursday is when the plant goes into full bloom. That means June 5th. If you did not already know, June 5th is my birthday, so that is kind of nice and it is like it is going to pop out just for me. Well, I don’t think I am going to have a party, because whenever they are planned, penguins never show up. I know that I don’t show up to other penguins because I forget. I hate that feeling… when you miss something important just because you forgot it. Then, you try and come up with some excuse that turns out to be lame. It is hard to talk to the host right after a mistake like that. So like I said, I am not throwing a party. I do not wan’t a party at all. It’s ok. I get enough in real life.

I just noticed that Topwaters site is deleted. Gosh, I can not believe he gave up again.




Samnan Man

Jake Zawkins Comment: Well a lot of people are busy on that day, so let’s have it on June 7th and the time is going to be 5:30 penguin standard time. It will be held at Tristan125’s igloo and it will be on the map. I will be doing photos and maybe a video. See everyone there and reserve your seat!

Fame Gone?

Today i went to CPIP to see whats new. Soon i saw Gift for testers on 30th! I was so happy to find i out! But the rares on the other hand have no chance of being BETA RARE. I mean theres a 50 50 chance is ganna be the beta hat since we tested! If you have a different sugustin post

Also, our party was great! We took pics, lughed, and much more! The only bad thing is that not much ppl were there! i really hope you can come next time!


Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of There are a couple of things I would like to proudly announce and they could not have been achieved without the help of all of the frequent visitors to this website

  • First: this site reached 50 thousand hits a day ago!
  • Second: we reached an all time record for the number of hits in a day!!! Today there were 449 views to this site. This shattered the old record which was a year ago on July 15th, 2007
  • Third: I have a new editor to my site: Bigmokey2!!! Give him a round of applause!!!
  • Fourth: the second reason would have never been accomplished if I had never met Bigmokey2 and Samnan Man and for this, I am making their party official! Please plan to attend!

Thanks a million everyone!

Over and Out!

More information on the party:
Who: anyone can come!
Where: the dock on Frozen
When: 5:55 PM PST on the 29th of May