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Cool fair glitch

Here is a awesome glitch that some one showed me (MADE BY ME):

Well as you can see its the easy way to get all of the fair items but its still a good way to do it. Please comment if you have any comments on the video or any questions. Oh and press the full screen button on the youtube vid to see it clearer.

The Games:

Hey everyone! I hope you are enjoying the carnival in Club Penguin so far, I find it to be one of the best parties they have ever thrown for us so far. I have a lot of things I really enjoyed, like the giant Rockhopper at the ski village, and the huge tent that replaced the night club. This party is different from the others in the past. This party has tickets to claim prizes, which was something a little more tricky… anyway, there are six games where you earn tickets. This part below is desribing each game, and giving some hints about them

Feed-A-Puffle: this game is feeding puffle O’s to the puffles. It is found in the cove.  The blue are 2 tickets, the red are 4 tickets, the black are 6 tickets, the pink are 8 tickets, and the green is 10 tickets. Yes, it gets harder and harder to try and shoot the food in their mouthes and you only get 100 shots, which is not much if you think about it. I don’t think this is such a great game to earn maximum tickets at, but the game is pretty fun, it does get you on estimate around 100-400 tickets.

Grab & Spin: the Grab & Spin game is kind of short. It is found at the dock. This game limits you to earning only under 100 tickets at the end of the game. There is not really a strategy to this one; all you do is spin the wheel, and the rest is luck. The game in general is kind of fun though, yet short.

Memory Card Game: this game is not really a coin earner and at the end, you get 60 tickets every time. The game is found at the beach. It is usually played only for fun, not really for getting the prizes. For anyone that has great memory, come up and play for your best time. The problem is that the card faces never change, so the game is not updated much, except the switching of the cards.

Puffle Paddle: the real ticket earner is here. This game is at the snow forts. Try and bounce the puffles in the air for as long as you can. The blue puffle that starts your game earns you 2 tickets per bounce instead of 1, so try and keep that blue one in the air. You can earn anywhere from 1500 tickets to zero, so play this game to get tickets. The game in general is pretty fun. Its really something I would want to play again.

Puffle Shuffle: probably the worst game at the carnival. It is found in the forest, where it belongs, because its such a rip-off. This one is pretty hard to play, and you don’t get many tickets out of this one. My advice is that you never play this game once, because it is impossible to play. If you do play it, the only thing I can tell you is that it is just luck.

Ring The Bell: the shortest game of the 6 here. It is found at the dock. For this game, you try and hit the bell (to earn 25 tickets) by centering it in the middle of the target and giving it the most strength. If you don’t hit the bell, you only get 5 tickets for trying.  

The prizes are at the plaza, so after you earn your tickets, you exchange it for 4 gifts at the counter.

New Usa Stories

Goys, I added five new stories to my wordpress, it’s called Uma Kidnapping. I think its really good. Check it out.

Back At Sky’s Site

Hey guys, I’m an admin again, thanks to sky. If u didn’t know, diddy took me off as an admin but i’m back.


 I really need Admins for my site. About 2 more people will do.  If anyone of you on this site is an Admin on my wordpress already. Then post, after a week I am getting rid of people off my site. I may call it quits soon for clubpenguin soon. So put your email address below if you want to be an Admin. And put your penguins name too so I know who you are. I need 2 more admins. Or anyone who just wants to be one. If you become an Admin to my wordpress. You have to post everyday. And not post after 1 week unless u are on vacation. The last person never posted on my wordpress for about 2 months. So I need 2 or more people to join my wordpress. I dont know how many people are Admins on my site now. Well bye.



HI its me hamm! Don’t worry about ╒ântom thats just my nickname and my display name.


Everyone remembers 9-11 when the twin towers were tourn down. Todays that day. Its very sad. I wish it never happened. Well today in clubpenguin I was in the town and a penguin goes Hearts and Flowers for the twin towers. I think that was special.