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Poll #2

Well, as I had posted yesterday about a new page being made that will be updated everyday. It will be in the form of a diary and it will talk about what I experiance in Club Penguin each day. This does not seem as un ordinary, but this news will talk about what is happening between my buddies and me and not between everyone in Club Penguin. Such as, party news or catalogs, or things like that. I was hoping this survery would ask you guys about a name for this new page. I was not sure what imaginary penguin or person I am going to write to. Here are my thoughts about this:

Here are my ideas about what the penguin should be called:

Presston (I thought about this idea from WordPress and just altered it a bit to make a name)

Dutrjosk (This idea came from the idea of adding Du from dublanous, Tr from treat, Jo from joem, and Sk from skydays. This can be altered a bit)

Stowaway (Referring to Bambadee, who is now on rockhopper’s ship and we will never see again. So it would be like a pen pal kind of thing)

Tribune (As in Penguin Tribune)

I am not sure what else to add to this list, maybe some suggestions because for me, personally, I think they are okay, but I really want to know what you all think should the name be. Thank you if you give a suggestion.

In other news, rockhopper came to mammoth today and I just realized somthing really ironic.


Okay maybe its not that much ironic, but look at the sign. It says “Welcome Abord!” The problem with this is the big mistake the people at Club Penguin made. If everyone is welcomed abord, then why arent they on the ship? Your probably thinking “Well, Duh! The ship is full because Rockhopper is there!” I really think they should change the sign to something with less freedom such as, “Try and cram on to the ship! Too bad if your one of the unlucky ones to get a FREE eyepatch!” That is like offering everyone a million dollars each if they crammed into one room to get it! I dont really understand why everyone goes on the ship if they already met him and they already have a free eyepatch! It is SO UNFAIR to everyone else if you hog all of the space just to “dance” next to rockhopper! I am one of the lucky ones because after visiting more than 5 times, I finally get into a room with rockhopper on the fourth time!

There is another weird thing I want to talk about. Look at this picture:


“Oh yeah! Its a beta tester!” your probably thinking. Well actually, thats a penguin that joined in March 2007. How is that possible? CP trainer. Its not really hacking, right when you put on the clothing for the penguin, it disappears when you log off. Same with the coins and the name. This was a penguin I had made from a non member with no items. The problem is that nobody else can see you with this clothing and name! Also, it is SO easy to get banned forever. I tryed this on about 5 test accounts and they all got banned! Dont worry if I know your password and you dont have to change it because I would never ban any of my buddys. This is actually a really fun program to go on because it is sort of learning about club penguins past in a way. I thought this was pretty neat. I’ll see what you think.


Over and Out! 

What Do I Do?

Well, I really do not think I want the funny picture category because I really think I am not going to make progress with it, but anyway, I am thinking about changing it to a different page.

I was thinking about everyday doing a journal entry about what is happening for me in CP. this page is going to be differnt then other huge news, it is just telling my life. I am planning on doing this is a kind of “dear diary” format. I was wondering what you thought of this. Anyway, the weekly poll that will be here on moday will be about naming this page and I was thinking about getting you suggestion on who I would be writing to such as, instead of “Dear Diary,” it could be changed to Dear ___,.

In other news, today was really horrible for me. I got hacked again by some mean person called “We Be Burning” or something like that. This person is trying to track me down and get me banned forever! How do I know this? My buddy shadow told me about him and today I lost all of my 100 thousand coins from him and it is impossible to get them back! I really feel like crying over it, but then again, I kind of think “whatever….” Coins have not been a huge concern for me and i dont usually buy anything. It is going to take me FOREVER to earn them back.

Well you might be thinking, “how did you earn 100 thousand in the first place?” Well, I make goals every month that my coin average should go up 10 thousand each month, and after 7 months, I had 100 thousand. It really is not easy to earn coins in CP. Everyone asks me to get them coins but they do not realize how much time I go through because my penguin is older then them. Even though when people ask me to get them coins, their coin amount goes up ALOT faster then me because of this begging. Ok, maybe that did not come out right, but try to make some sense of it.

Some big thing in the news is rockhopper’s locked up room on his ship. So many people have been talking about a key and they have been looking all over for it. Well, that is true that there is a key, since there is a lock, but that does not mean it is hidden so you can find it. In the Club Penguin blog, they say in one comment that the room will not open until rockhopper’s next visit, but for now, rockhopper is still cleaning up that area.


Over and Out!

Pirate Party I

Well, the pirate party FINALLY came out after all of that mischeif. Hopefully, people will stop bugging my about where I got the steering wheel and the porthole. The party will last 5 days, as if says in the newspaper. As you can tell so far, I have changed the header for a short period of time in honor of the party. This will only be temporary. Anyway, the pirate party rocks, yet they lied to everyone. In the Club Penguin Blog entry, they said that the party will only have 1 free item at this party, but instead there were two: the sailor’s hat and the puffle bandana! Unfourtunatly, they are both hats, and I really dont like that CP keeps putting out mostly hats and not other things. I have about 3 times more hats then my other items combined! It took me forever to make all of these pictures because I had to edit them so much because of the amount of people barging in the way of the item. It has been so busy on Club Penguin because the staff choose not to add more servers and it is so unfair to anyone. I edited these ones so much, it is kind of easy to see the editing marks. Anyway, here is the party:

The first free item is the sailor’s hat. You can find this hat in the plaza in the bottom right corner.


The second is the jewel. YAY I was right! I knew it would be a jewel! Anyway, the pin is in the ski village by the slopes. Click on the treasure chest to release the pin so you can take it.


The ship came in today (friday) and the new thing about it is the ship’s hold. The new room has the captain’s room plus now the clothing and furniture can be bought here.


The free item on the ship is the  puffle bandana


The member items are the Captain’s Coat, The Porthole, and the Steering Wheel

Captain’s Coat cost 650 coins (clothing)

Porthole cost 160 coins [furniture (wall)]

Steering Wheel cost 210 coins [furniture (wall)] 

Plus, the captain’s log has been updated


To access it, click on the book on the ship or the book in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.


Over and Out!

ALOT has been happening!

So far there has been so much happening today. The biggest thing that happened so far was the pirate party. I was so amazed! I thought that party was sceduled for tomorrow! The problem was that some mean hacker changed my igloo into something really stupid, so I spent forever trying to change it. I REALLY dont like changing my igloo. The main problem is that my buddys come in the “check” on me. Of course, I love to see my buddys all the time, yet it is so hard to tell them when I am busy, and if I tell them, they ALWAYS think I am being mean to them. I really don’t like being in that horrible situation. Except for today, the weirdest thing happened. Rober675 comes to my igloo while im trying to fix what some mean hacker did for his excuse of “fun”. Rober yells “ROCKHOPPERS HERE!” At first I dont believe him. I knew the party was sceduled for tomorrow. But, I just decided to leave and right away theres the new pin I already see, plus the whole place is decorated! The weirdest thing I have ever seen when I picked up the pin was this:


Does not exist? DOES NOT EXIST?!?!?!? WHAT ARE THEY SAYING TO ME? A new item is right in front of my eyes and the tell me it does not exist??? Wow. And that happens with all the items out there. The only thing I could get was the furniture: the porthole and the steering wheel. Well, that was pretty nice! I knew I should have bought more then one of them, because after I left and came back, the entire party was gone. Well, If you missed that wild party that just happened I can tell you the new pin is a jewel and there are two free items. So far, since the party “ended” all of my buddys have been going up to me and yelling at me since I have the porthole and the wheel. I tryed to tell them that it disappeared but they still dont believe me and think that I hack!

ANOTHER creepy thing that has been going on this that it wont let me change my password!!! ITS THE SCARIEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! JUST LOOK AT IT:


When I click that button at the bottom right of the screen, this thingy popped up! CANCEL MY ACCOUNT??? WHY WOULD I WANT TO CANCEL MY ACCOUNT??? I WANT TO CHANGE MY PASSWORD!!! WHAT DO I DO! SO MANY CREEPY THINGS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME! HOW DO I CHANGE MY PASSOWORD?? Please please please respond to this!!! I need an answer! The problem with this is that I can not click out of this and resume playing! There is no X button!

PS: Another sad thing happened today. I am so sad, but one of my best buddies, Keyblade, has been banned forever. Please mourn his loss


Over and Out!

My Notes Update

As you can tell already, the Do You Know page has been changed to notes. This is because I thought the title would be alot easier to remember and I do not want it to get mixed up with the Do You Remember page. I am deciding to add two of them because I want to get the page moving and people to start to come to the site. I know for the past few days that nobody has been visiting. I am hoping that some nice people out there will advertise for my site on theirs. In other news, I have tracked the person that has been copying my look! The name of the penguin is Anas8 and I found out that Anas was Kent’s brother. Finally I have found something that ties this together because I know that it is very un-common to see people dressed like me. Anas is a very nice penguin and I can tell that he really likes my igloo and penguin. It was such luck that I found Anas because I was on one of the servers where usually nobody goes on. Anyway, here is a picture of Anas:



Over and Out!

Item List

I have too many things to give away and the only way to not spoil them all is to tell them all at different times. This list can help you find what clothing items you own are rare and how rare they are. Unfourtunately, I could not get some info before september 2006 because that is when I joined, so I dont know much about what went away during that time. Anyway, here is the list I made. I think it will be very useful even if you are a new penguin, so you can learn a little more about club penguin’s past.

Rare Items +Party Non-Member Item #Party Member Item


Striped T-Shirt + (came back!!!)

Sailor’s Cap + (came back!!!)


Red Sunglasses (came back!!!)

Blue Sunglasses (came back!!!)

Yellow Sandals (came back!!!)

Sombrero (came back!!!)

Top Hat (came back!!!)

Grass Skirt (came back!!!)


Safari Hat # (came back!!!)

Admiral Hat #

Eye Patch + (came back!!!)

Blue-Green Party Hat +

Wizard Hat + (came back!!!)

Superhero Mask (came back!!!)

Clown Costume (came back!!!)

Clown Shoes (came back!!!)

Western Boots (came back!!!)

Lasso (came back!!!)

Clown Wig (came back!!!)

Striped Tie (came back!!!)

Black Tie (came back!!!)

Black Cape

Superhero Cape (came back!!!)

Ghost Sheet (came back!!!)

Fairy Wings (came back!!!)

Skeleton Costume (came back!!!)

Wand (came back!!!)
Western Vest
Pink Two-Piece Bathing Suit (came back!!!)
Blue Two-Piece Bathing Suit(came back!!!)


Green Cape #
Suit Jacket and Shirt (still available for secret agents)
Red Swimsuit (came back!!!)
Blue Swimsuit (came back!!!)
Pink One-Piece Bathing Suit (came back!!!)

Flippers (came back!!!)

Cowgirl Hat (came back!!!)

Cowboy Hat

Diver’s Helmet (came back!!!)


Pearl Necklace (came back!!!)

Life Jacket


Blue Mask and Snorkel #

Admiral Uniform # (came back!!!)

Pirate Bandana + (came back!!!)

Santa Hat + (came back!!!)

Santa Beard + (came back!!!)

Blue Polo Shirt

Pilgrim Hat (came back!!!)

Red T-Shirt (came back!!!)

Red Cheerleader Uniform (came back!!!)

Blue Cheerleader Uniform (came back!!!)

Overalls (came back!!!)


Elf Hat (came back!!!)

Elf Costume (came back!!!)

Elf Shoes (came back!!!)


Maracas + (came back!!!)

Wristwatch (came back!!!)

Messenger Bag (came back!!!)

Red Polo Shirt

Brown Slip-On Shoes (came back!!!)

Green Mask and Snorkel (came back!!!)

Red Football Helmet (came back!!!)

Blue Football Helmet (came back!!!)

Yellow Scarf


Pirate Dress #

Gold Wristwatch #

Pirate Belt +

Snowflake T-Shirt + (came back!!!)

Ice Crown +

Ballerina Outfit

Black Cowboy Hat

Ballet Slippers

Red Jersey (came back!!!)

Blue Jersey(came back!!!)

Feather Boa


Sailor Shirt #

Tri-Corn Hat #

Pirate Shoes +

Shamrock Hat + (came back!!!)

Friendship Bracelet + (available from this point on)

Snowboard Helmet (came back!!!)

Parka (came back!!!)

Ski Goggles

Pink Letterman Jacket

Green Letterman Jacket

Black Letterman Jacket

Bunny Slippers (came back!!!)

Hockey Stick (came back!!!)

Hockey Helmet (came back!!!)


Blue Propeller Hat +

Novelty Glasses +

Blue Bunny Hat (came back!!!)

Snowshoes (came back!!!)

Snowflake Mask

Winter Cape (came back!!!)

Magenta Scarf

Hard Hat (came back!!!)

Sunglasses (still availabe for secret agents)

Shamrock Dress

Leprechaun Tuxedo (came back!!!)


Over and Out!

Poll #1

I am sorry it took so long to post this today because I had so much homework, but here is the survey:

Do you have more buddys that have penguins that are older then yours, or younger then yours?

A. Older                    B. About the same

C. Younger               D. I dont know

The reason I am asking this question is because I think that people with penguins that are younger have buddys that are the same age or younger then and people who are older penguins have people the same age or older. Here is a chart I made about what I think people would answer for this question

Even though I dont believe in a popular/nonpopular, I still think that it affects who has older friends. No offence to anyone who has played from september and before then (including me) I predict that if you joined in that time, you would have friends older then you. Plus I think that the older penguins are ALOT more selfish and would not ever be friends with a younger crowd. Even though I am in that category, I still believe that all penguins can be friends such as someone who joined in April 2007 and someone who joined in September 2006. Do you agree that the older penguins get older friends? Also, another factor that I forgot was that non members have few older buddies. One: because most of the older non members become members. Two: because unfourtunatley, they do not stand up at all to the members. Let me hear what you think

PS: something I noticed now is that alot more people want to be my friend all of a sudden. I have been wearing the same clothing for a few months and ever since the stuff got out of the catalog, slowly and slowly do people start coming around me. It is so weird because a second ago it was in the catalog and now it isnt. I think it is very hard to keep track of what is new and old now that things are coming and going


Over and Out!

Weekly Updates

I have made a schedule about what I am going to update from now on. This may be altered if I have something bigger happening.

Sunday- Penguin Honors – I will choose a penguin from the week in which I thought stood out in a good way. This does not have to be somebody on my buddy list or a member, Stowaway page updated

Monday- Weekly Poll – I will put out a question that I really want to know your opinion on, Stowaway page updated

Tuesday- Other News/ Nothing – Random news or absolutely nothing!, Stowaway page updated

Wednesday- Did You Know – I will update the Did You Know page, which is just something on my mind that I want to know what you think about it and if it is a mistake that CP made, Stowaway page updated

Thursday- Newspaper/Other News – I will summarize what is said in the newspaper is there is something confusing about it, or put the upcoming events, Stowaway page updated

Friday- Catalog/Pin/Party Secrets – I will show you where all of the hidden items are or if there are any, Stowaway page updated

Saturday- Other News, Stowaway page updated

PS: My sister’s penguin is Clonez, just to let people know. Here’s me and my sis:



Over and Out!

Catalog Secrets and More

Okay everyone here are the secrets for the April through May furniture catalog:

The first one is the king’s throne. You probably know where it is already, because its been in the same spot, but I am still putting it in if you have not found it already:


(Above) click on the word “throne” in the picture to find the kings throne

The next one is the Big Screen TV:


(Above) click on the word “LCD” to find the Big Screen TV

The last thing I found is a mistake in the catalog on the last page:


The mistake in this picture is that this is already the April-May catalog. When it says that these items will not be in the april catalog, then why are they there? Shouldent it be “Available in the MAY furniture catalog” ?

PS: please sign up or advertise for the find four tournament. I will pick a date once all or most of the spots are full.


Over and Out!

Find Four Tournament!

Hey Everyone! I am deciding to be hosting a find four tournament! Joem did not post anything about this on his site, so I am putting it on mine! Im hoping that joem will spread the word or something to get people to come. The game will play like this:

Each person is assigned a starting court. Once the game starts, the winner will move up one and the loser will move down one. I am hoping that people see the direction to move next as shown:


The first one to sign up will start at the winner court and so on until spots are full. I am not sure how long this will go and I am aiming for this to be on an “emptier” server because of other people budging into the game. I hope alot of people sign up for this and they have permission to use my words and picture on their site to get advertisements.


Who: Anyone! Can be member or nonmember, but must post on my site or anyone else that advertises

Where: This party will probably be on a server where we can talk and not have limited text. Maybe on a british server, since its less crowded. I will fill this in more as I get more info

When: Probably on the weekend sometime in the early moring or later evening

Spots Available:

Champion Court: (Dr Oct Vs Joem25)

Court 2: (Dublanous1 Vs Skydays147)    Court 3: (___ Vs ___)                            

Court 4: (___ Vs ___)                               Court 5: (___ Vs ___)

Court 6: (___ Vs ___)                               Court 7: (___ Vs ___)

Loser Court: (___ Vs ___)


Over and Out!

Did You Know (Part 1)

I have added a new section to my wordpress. It is called “Did You Know.” This is something out of the ordinary on any club penguin wordpress. The main point of this is that I will show you each week something on my mind that is really confusing and I want to hear your thoughts on it and if you have noticed this before. I have already typed a few, but if you have any other ideas besides the ones that are out so far (or coming later in the future) please email me and  or comment in the space provided this one is a sample I have just thought of:


Do You see anything un ordinary about this picture? I will give you a hint: it is at the top right corner. The problem in this picture is that when I was playing sled racing, I noticed that not just a star showed up on the race track, but 3 other smileys. of course other people are playing the game, but why a smiley? Doesent a smiley mean that the penguin is your buddy? It even has the same face as the buddy list smiles and the same reddish mouth. While I was playing this game, none of the others were my buddy. I am thinking that this was a mistake that club penguin has not yet found. Tell me what you think of this picture.


Over and Out!

Site Improvements

I have thought about a couple of things I want to put on this site. I am aiming for a web page that will be totally different from anyone elses. I am deciding not to add pages such as password box, or cheats, or things like that. I am aiming for some kind of page that is original and here are some thoughts I had about adding:

1: I want to add a page about honoring penguins. This does not mean penguins can only be honored if they are on my buddy list or recently on my buddy this. This does not mean that they have to be a member.

2: I want to add a page in which I reveal things you have not thought about in Club Penguin. I have been thinking and thinking about this one and have come up with so many things to add to this category, yet I REALLY want to know how to put pictures in

3:I want to add a remember when page because I think it is great that penguins get to express their feelings and what ever they need to say. This was not my idea

4: I want to add a weekly poll or something to get attention from people and see what people have to say about certain Club Penguin topics

I dont know how far this web page is even going to go, or even if I will add any progress. I am STILL confused about how to add pictures and how to add other web pages. This thing needs alot of work. Thank you Joem25 and Dublanous1 for helping me with this site. That was very kind of you


Over and Out!