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Need To Go In A Way…

Look, I need to go because I don’t want to be living the lie. I’ll stop posting, but I’ll be in pictures and other things. I won’t post because I don’t know any of the people here but Sam. In a way, I’ll be working on it. We can stay in touch; the comments and Club Penguin. I shouldn’t even be posting because I don’t know anyone here.

Mr Pie42
Last Post Yet Still Working.

P.S. I’ll work still, but just not post. Sorry, I don’t want to do it either, but I shouldn’t post on a site with people I don’t even know. 😦 Goodbye from my last post 😦

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It’s a waste!

Hi, Bigmokey2 here. I have some bad news. I’m quiting my site. Here’s why: I don’t know how to create pictures, my site is the last on the cheat site list on google, and no one will help work on the site. I’m not deleting it because I might find out some tips and how to do things later in my path. But the good part is that I can come to more parties and and keep the site up to date!

That’s all until next post!

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Problems With Pictures

Hello Everyone. This is Clonez. I am sorry to everyone about the pictures failing to come up on this site. This includes photos on the sidebar widget, on the honor page, on the notes page and the 2007 page. Apparantly, everything got jumbled up after Mr Hamm Jam deleted his site. I was working there before this and so all of the pages were copyed from his, which means it sends the link to his website. I will have all of the pictures restored soon along with updates. I am sorry it took so long for that. I will be up and ready to fix everything by the end of the weekend.

Thank You For Your Time!

Over and Out!

My 100th Post

Hey everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of I am proud to announce that this is my 100th post on this site. Every post I made leads up from my first in April 2007. I want to thank all my viewers for helping me get to where I am now.
I wanted to share this achievement with my old administrators, which are now almost all gone doing other things. They all encouraged me to make more posts because they loved my writing. So, give a round of applause to Dublanous1, Purplepizza6, Jomarmic, Tristan125, Joem25, Mr Hamm Jam, Blapp, Jt Mcpenguin, Flipperss566, Offence Star and Sassie. Dublanous1 quit Club Penguin in January 2008, but he still goes on the internet and its nice to talk to him. Purplepizza6 still plays Club Penguin, I see her on alot during the weekend, but she doesent work on sites anymore. Jomarmic, who now wants to be called Marissa, plays Club Penguin a bit on the weekend and she still works on her piczo and chats with me. Tristan125 quit Club Penguin in December 2007 and does runescape. He now works at and you can see it on the blogroll. Joem25 quit Club Penguin in September 2007. He never goes on, and there hasnt been any sign of him ever since his penguin was banned. Mr Hamm Jam quit Club Penguin in February 2008, a long time after his was banned. He goes on AIM rarely, but its nice to talk to him. Blapp quit Club Penguin in November 2007, he never goes on, but there have been comments from him on this site. Jt Mcpenguin still plays a little, but other than that, he is never usually on. Flipperss566 quit Club Penguin in October 2007 and has not been on ever since. Offence Star quit in November 2006 and he is never on. As for Sassie, she decided to quit Club Penguin forever yesterday. I am still not sure whether she will chat on AIM or not, but she still updates her piczo. As for me, I am still here, fully active. I am not going anywhere. In conclusion, it is not just me you need to thank, but also our other administrators. Thank you for your time,

Over and Out