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Hi everyone is Mozart Dx! I am doing my frist contest to see who is real good at writing a story. Here is what the winners get:

1: You get Bigmokey2 with the name Penguin (still)

2:You get to take a pic with me clonez and samnan man

3:You get a noob named Samnan Pie42

Here is my story:

    Of a 10 year old
Yes it does say diary! And yes im a b-boy. My mom made me this Journal so I can keep up on the BORING time. If you ask me, I wanted some lego’s so don’t make fun of me about the mess im in.

It’s my birthday! I haven’t gone to school yet but I will put it in my bag.

After School: Listen! Somebody found my journal! And somebody herd that when I was five I went in the girls bathroom by accident! (In kinder-garden) I’ve been holding back those secrets ever since!…… Well not the diary thingy. This is probably my worst birthday yet! HOW can I live with my self? I can’t go back to school! HELLO BY TAYLOR Sorry that was my little sister Taylor. She’s like 4….. I think? Something close to that…… I think I left my diary open. But she can’t read so in fine. Well other then the fact that it’s my worst birthday ever!

Last night at dinner Taylor ate a green bean, hated it, and put it in the mash potatoes. Mom always say’s Taylor should enjoy her life right now.

Mom and Dad announced that my family is going to china for vacation! My dad got me this panda picture so I can have something to look forward to. Because dad knows best how I hate plan’s!
The first time I ever went on one I was stupid! I went in dad’s luggage when he went for a business trip when I was 4. It was one of those stupid “NO KIDS ALOUD” trips. Because I was under the age of 6 and my dad is a construction worker/………

I am not finished but please finnish yours! And please comment it. And remember that it doest have to be about cp it could be about real life but not you. and please DO NOT copy other stories. if you do this you be disqualifide.

Mozart Dx That’s all until next post!

They Are Just Colors, Aren’t They?

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of The sports party has returned once again to Club Penguin. If you do not remember, in November 2007, there was a poll on which party penguins would like to see come back. The choices had been Western, Sports, or Pirate. The battle between Western and Sports went on for days, and it was very close to a tie, if you do not remember. Well, it was a great idea that everyone had chosen western, because this party would have never happened if Sports Theme had won. Also, it fits perfectly in August because of the Summer Olympics! What better way to get into the mood for sports. I haven’t heard that many complaints about this party from older penguins even though Club Penguin brought back two of the rarest items of all.

I don’t understand why Club Penguin had to choose red and blue. Especially since the party came back a second time. It should have been like the color party of November 2006 where green and purple were fighting. It would be pretty nice having another of color face paint. Then again, a lot of items in the past have come back in another color. Especially the nonmember items. Who couldn’t forget the latest “incident” of this: the return of the pirate shoes. Anyway, it wouldn’t hurt Club Penguin to be a little more creative. On the other hand, they did create a new item for nonmembers: the gold medal. This was in the group of items that had to be earned; that you had to work for, such as the scavenger hunts in the past. There were three events at this party. Gosh, I was surprised to see that the Night Club took a break from this party, for it had not been decorated at all. I do not remember a time where it hasn’t. Anyway, the three events are quite original, two of them are running events and one of them is a water event. I like how Club Penguin made each one with lighted knobs sticking out of the ground. The main reason is basically because they didn’t want penguins to cheat and go off track.

The marathon is a perfect example of that; there are a lot of twists and turns. I know they are hard to light up, but it is easy to get the hang of. The marathon is a nightmare if you have horrible internet connection, so it is basically the “most connected” who wins. It goes through almost every outdoor room, but other than the track, the decorations are awful. Sure, they just set up a few chairs and a couple of drink stations; I think it could have improved. By the time the penguin reaches the cove, the track is very sloppy. It narrows down, it curves a lot, and it is puzzling in a way. If I were them, I would have just disposed of the campfire for this party.

The second event is the 3 Lap Race. By far, this is the funniest one to watch. If there is a big group of penguins, many forty or fifty, it looks like one of those roller blade rinks from the 70’s. This event is pretty easy to finish; it does not require an advancement of internet connection like the last one, plus it is a lot more fun to race with buddies because you are perpendicular to each other at all times. One problem with this track is that it looks like a soggy old bath mat. I guess it is just Club Penguin’s “style” of creating a track, but I could be wrong.

The third and final event is kind of cheesy. I mean, its swimming, but it isn’t really swimming because penguins are just walking through water; it is like the pool isn’t even there. Plus it is just going is circles. I mean, swimming is fun in real life, but it doesn’t belong in a place like this. Don’t get me wrong though, I know Club Penguin was trying really hard to make it as realistic as possible for us, but this is just too upsetting. I really wouldn’t call it fun like the other races, but if you need to do it to get the medal, then go ahead and do it.

Once again, there was another new room added to the party; limited edition.This time the room is soccer and it is for members only. Club Penguin has gotten into a phase, and I am not saying that the phase is bad, but it is an improvement. Almost every party since the Medieval party in May has had a special room added on to it. Hopefully, this will continue to go on. I was surprised how many member rooms have been sprouting recently. One party back: there VIP room was a members only building. Nonmembers were left out on a limited edition item: the Penguin Band background, which became the first ever member background. The good thing about this party was that they eased off a bit, there wasn’t a free item this time. Hopefully, these party opportunities for members will disappear soon, or the nonmember population will fall back.

Overall Party Rating: *

I’m an Author!

Hello! My name is Dart211, most of you know me, but for those who don’t, here’s a very short introduction of me!

Here are pictures of my penguin!

You can see the penguin there! Here’s all the stuff you need to know about it:

Age: In 600s

Coins: In 1,000-5,000s

Buddy List: Tight

Style of Clothes: Very Wide

Popularity Level: Not Very Famous

Penguin: My First Penguin

Bans: None D

Favorite Places to Go: Dock, Town, Stage, Pizza Place

Non/Member: Member (One Month)

So I’ll post about Club Penguin every now and then! Don’t exepct me to post as much as Mozart Dx, though… So I hope to see you all around Club Penguin!

That’s All For Now! So Until Then, Keep Waddlin’ Back!


WOW! this is cool!

Hey ppl its Mozart Dx here and this is cool! And Clonez Please Dont get mad at me cuz i used the bank and radieo station. Well…… here it is! Its not much its just something i think you guys would think intesting.

Hi, i didnt know were to put this under so i just did General Support Questions.

Me and my friend Samnan man (friends in real life) were talking on the phone
about a new Club Penguin. Mabey called or The Penguin Hangout or even
Club Penguin2. In this Club Penguin2 inside the Gift Shop there will be a non
member section and a member section. In the non member section, non members
will be able to buy free items from partie’s but they will be able to buy
something other than backrounds and colors. There would be rare items in the
non member section so newer penguins woulden’t get in fights with the members.
And the non members section woulden’t be a catulog it would probubly be a wall
and the items would be hung up by push pins. And it would cange every now and
then. And when there was a party i would be a “never gave out” free item. And
when the party was over it would be added to the non member section. And mabey
cange CP around a bit in the new CP. Like a radieo station or bank were you can
save your coins and send bills and stuff. There can also be a job sign-up office

were you can sign up for jobs on CP like work at the pizza shop were there would

not only be Pizzatron3000 but a pizza delivering game. And also there can be
Ninja’s hopfuly not hackers real ninja’s. You can become one like you can
become a Secrat Agent but the ninja items were also free items but only
avalible when you become one. And lastly there could be stuff for non members
to buy for there igloo. That’s all!
I enjoy CP and all you can offer these are just ideas. Thanks for listining!

And here is There Reply!

Hi There, 

Wow!  It sounds like you and your friend spent a long time discussing Club
Penguin2, and exactly how you would like it to look.  You certainly have some
cool ideas that we will consider adding to the current Club Penguin.  We can\’t
promise that we will use every idea you suggested, but we can promise that we
will consider each one.  

We\’re always looking for ways to make Club Penguin even better, so if you have
any other great ideas in the future, please don\’t hesitate to email us again.

Kind Regards,

Allison W
Club Penguin Support

Isnt that cool! That mean Me, Samnan man, and Clonez might have the ideas chosin for our future in Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. i just sent them a idea for a movie theater like….. the one in Hollywood were all the *****stars**** right in the plaster.

News at 10:00 AM

Hello and welcome to the show about kids with leashes……… HEY WHATS GOING ON *screams*

Hi its Mozart Dx here and welcome to News At 10:00! Today is a very sepicle day because RH is here! and he brought some stuff with him! For his free item he brought the brown pirate boots! We also have a blue print hunt! I was happy cause when i grown up i would like to be a arcitect/builder.As you can see in the picture there is the blueprint. Thats because we you find all the lil’ boats you have to put all the pics togeter and you get the blueprint!Lastly i know i have been saying thius alot but i want to remind you guys about that planed parrrtay:

Day: August 15th

Time:4:00 (PST)

Where: Beacon

Who:Everyone, duh!

Mozart Dx

That’s all until next post!

News At 10:00 AM

Hello CP rise and shine!

There is not much to talk about today so ill make this quick cause your probobly waiting for your favorite show next and you can wait cause its the last episode. So fianlly the party ended here’s what some say about the party


Blah Blah:It was the worst party ever

Greenday:CP lost it

Penguin1053: BORING!

Mr America: This party socks!


Mary Moo: LOVED IT!

Sushi Woshi: It was fun with the penguin bad. I mean yeah its great!

Tootsalot: Gooooooooood times 🙂

Mr Man77: It was fun hanging out with my friends at the party!

And lastly to top it off the new levles to the fetured game “aqua grabber” is a big hit! and that’s about…… O o O o O o O wait i just rememberd! Remember about the party!

Day: August 15th

Time 4:00 (PST)

Where: Beacon

Who:Everyone, duh!


HEY SOMEONE HACKED ME! I TRY TO LOG IN AND IM BANNED! NOT JUST BANNED BANDED FOREVER! MR PIE42 WAS MY RARE PENGUIN! I CANT BEILEAVE HE’S HACKED! IF YOU LOOK THROUGH EVERYDAY ON CP YOU WOULD SEE I NEVER DID ANYTHING WRONG! I CANT BEILEAVE THIS IS HAPPENING! IM SO SAD! I MEAN WHY WOULD I BAN MYSELF!?! THAT’S STUPID! I CANT EVEN MAKE A NEW PENGUIN CUZ I MADE TO MUCH! I GEUSS I WONT BE PLAYING CP.     😥 This is even more sad for me cuz someone hacked my member penguin Vrizman. ill post still but bout other things i geuss or just rout for the site…….. i was finally rare finnaly pobular and i lost it all by some hacker. i want to have a cool panguin not banned. i feel really bad if any of you can lend me a penguin that rare like mr pie42 then i would forgive you and be buddys with you forever (if i had a penguin) i would be kind enofe to here’s the e-mail to send it to i recament use send it on your actall e–mail then just clicking on it.



News at 10:00 AM

Hey guys it’s Mr Pie! What’s Up Homie G?

Anyways Ninjas have been everywere! From the Night Club,Town, and Mountain! But do these ninja hot spots put a big part in Club Penguin? Actually, I’ve discovered that everywhere from the Mountain to the Ski Lodge; they all have the letter “n” in them, but the Dojo (because of the fact that it has something to do with ninjas)! Also is the Mine a cover up? As you can see on the “Notes” page there is a purple tree. Is that purple tree the ninja hide out? If you can see the whole area for the Mine Shack would there be something bigger? Like . . . a big medal “Ninja Club Penguin?” Like maybe a huge town, or Houses to live in? Will that be the future of Club Penguin?In my opinion, you never know! Club Penguin has kept secrets ever since the beta test party! Most of them haven’t been answered yet! Most people have said “O o O o O o Ninjas are just hackers” or “liar!”. Anyways, I still believe in Ninjas, but if Club Penguin wanted to give out Ninjas, wouldn’t they do it already? They had their chances. They just want to wait for the right time. . . well, the time is now! I think Club Penguin has had enough of waiting! Ninjas are what most people are waiting for! Something even more mysterious is the inside of the Mine. The Mine has all these weird creases in the walls. Maybe those creases are the doors to the Ninja Headquarters! If it weren’t for the party, I could show you all of it.

But if you really want to see all of it, go to the Notes page on the top of your screen. Anyways the so-called “Ninja Door’s” are also in the pool area! To the right is some proof.

Well that’s about it! Tune in next time for News At 10:00 AM!

Mr Pie42
That’s all until next post!

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Sam is here

Yo it’s Samnan Man and if you don’t know me, what is wrong with you? My best friends on Club Penguin are:

~Mr pie42
~Jt Mcpenguin (and his bros)
My penguin is not rare, I change my clothes everyday and Mr Pie42 is my igloo designer.

See Ya!

~samnan man~

~edited by Skydays147~