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The Real Deal On Advertising II

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com. I decided to post another one in my series of Real Deal On Advertising. Club Penguin posts are to come back in the New Year.


I believe I am a pretty creative person, there is no arguing with that. Ever since I was little, I have always loved to draw, paint, build, cook, act, and sing. I was in the Art Club for every year of middle school, I participated in a ceramics class when I was about eight years old, and who could forget my lead role for the play I was in at overnight camp. My mom would tell me to keep going at my dream of being more creative. My drama teacher in high school would see me in the hallway and always encourage me to join the next play that the school was performing. And my art teacher could not stop praising me enough to continue art in the future. You might be confused what I am getting at and why this has to do with advertising.


Well, I decided last night I would plot the three rules to follow while looking at an advertisement so that you would not fall right into their grasp and buy their product. Those rules turned into only two guidelines, and eventually those two guidelines merged into one massive rule: don’t let your mind run wild. That is a very tricky rule to follow when you are one of the most creative people in the world. Everyone telling you that you should try and be more creative in order to do well in life. Well, that rule does the opposite effect when it is applied to advertising. By letting your mind run wild, you think of the endless possibilities of things to do with some product you see on a billboard, or in a commercial. This is more common among younger children. Young children are not able to distinguish between commercials and TV programs. They do not recognize that commercials are trying to sell something. (1)


On a regular Sunday morning, my Dad, my sister and I had this daily routine that we would go around to the stores in our hometown and look around. My father would stop at the local Dunkin Donuts for a coffee, we would then go to the Walgreen’s, the Target, or the Michael’s Craft store. When we usually go to Michael’s, it is because my sister needs some project to work on at home. I usually wander around the store and look at the different craft ideas. There is one thing that bothers me though when I walk down the aisle of the different types of clay. There is this modeling clay bag on a hook on the wall. On the package, there are always these great ideas on what to make with the clay, but they are always impractical when you actually sit down to try and make them. When looking at the picture on the bag of clay, the creativity in my mind runs wild. I really think I am able to build something like that turtle, or that fancy car, or that teddy bear. I would then beg and plead to my father to get the clay so that I could make that masterpiece. By the time I got home, I would rush straight for the bag and try and create that impossible figure that only a professional could make; only to end up in tears: not all of the colors were included in the kit, there was too much of one color and too little of another. There’s a flaw with people: they always want something to come out their own way. They want everything to be perfect. Even if I had tried to make something my own way, I would have still ended up in tears because, compared to the photograph on the bag, it is supposed to come out perfect like that. The same thing applies to you builders out there. There was this one commercial I kept seeing on television with these kids playing with these magnetized rods and silver balls. It was called Magnetix. The product showed a group of children building a giant skyscraper, and a scale model of a bridge with these magnetic rods and balls. Watching television, I actually thought I could make something like that. The thing is, the box of magnets didn’t include enough pieces to build that skyscraper. In fact, you probably needed to buy at least 30 others sets of the same thing in order to make it: a waste of time.


The best example that I can think of for a product that is a total waste of time is a pet rock. Pet Rocks were a popular fad in the 1970’s, and finally people had the common sense to not play with a rock. Who would want to pay for a rock, and what kind of person would pay money for one when they can be found outside?  It’s like a  doll  mixed with form a complete disaster. Being creative when looking at an advertisement makes something seem like it is the greatest product in the world; it is making it sound like you absolutely need it. You develop an idea in your head and you try to make it happen through this product. Yet, it completely fails.


There are some pretty convincing advertisers out there. One of the ones that me and my family fall for a lot is Billy Mays. He is the man who has a large beard, and usually advertises products for home-use. His tactic for advertising is very unique: he yells at the consumers so that they buy a product. I swear, Billy Mays will go to any limit to try and sell a product. It may be one of the craziest products, yet he still advertises it. There are a lot of products out there that can be completely useless, and it is your job as a consumer to find out which of the products aren’t what they seem to be. I remember this one product, which I actually bought; which turned out to be one of the biggest pieces of junk that advertising has to offer. I was watching television when I was little, and I saw this advertisement for some slime that looked like a lot of fun. Without any thought, my mom decided to get it for me. There were so many things wrong with it. The biggest problem was that it stuck to our rug in our old house and we had to replace it. Also, after a few days the slime wasn’t sticky anymore. In fact, there was lint and dust stuck to it, which was impossible to get out. I ended up throwing that slime out in the garbage. Even later in life I still get problems with products that ruin other things in my house. My parents had to throw out their computer and replace it because the computer game I had bought at the store had a huge virus in it and it totally destroyed everything. The sad part of it is, that game turned out to be my favorite computer game of all time. Of course, I wouldn’t want to mention that game on here. My parents banned the game from the house; we aren’t allowed to talk about it. Anyway, there was this book that I have heard of about crazy inventions that ended up being completely useless. It was created by some Japanese group of people.  One of my friends had recommended it for me a long time ago, and I never got to it. These are inventions that, at first, you think are going to be very useful in every day life, yet they turn out to be completely useless when you really think about it. There is one that I see every time I look at the book. It is a t-shirt that you wear, and it has a grid on the back of it. The point of it is that you have to try and tell someone a pair of coordinates on your back and that is the area that they should scratch if you have a hard-to-reach itch. Seriously, what person would want to scratch your back? This is a perfect example of some useless invention.


I had a couple of ideas for a step two to talk about, yet this mainly goes along with not letting your mind go wild. When you look at that slide at the end of a commercial, there are tiny bits of information that are found, along with some gigantic printed text. When you look at that screen, your mind only focuses on the larger text. The larger text usually consists of a phone number, a price for the product (not the actual price), and of course the name of the product. The reason the advertiser makes certain text bigger is because he or she wants you to think that that is important and the rest is just a jumbled up mess. Yet they have to put the small text in for legal reasons. They really don’t want you to read that. And neither do you: you want to think that that item you see in front of you is a good deal. By doing that, you are letting your mind run wild. So you show your parents just the larger text. “Mommy, mommy, look at that it is only 30 dollars for that fishing pole!” you say. Then mommy gives you a look and decides to buy it, just because she loves you, but she knows in her head that that item actually costs over 100 dollars.  I am just going to focus on that price that they give. There are so many smaller words that will throw the price off: two/three/four payments of, shipping, handling, processing and of course tax. It can be quite tricky to calculate that actual price in your head. They don’t show you have to add tax to that on that information slide. Why would they? So mommy notices that she needs to pay three payments of 30 dollars, and then another 8 dollars for shipping and handling. Then possibly another 2 dollars for tax. Wow, isn’t that fun? By not telling you about it when you are little, it is just one more lesson that needs to be taught in consumer education.


I like being creative. It really is a skill that you don’t want to lose. I hope you thought I wasn’t saying it was bad. What I really wanted you to get out of this is that you can apply creativity to almost anything, but please don’t apply it to a consumer watching an advertisement.


(1) “Children And Advertising.” Mediawise. 7/08/02. National Institute on Media and the Family. 30 Dec 2008 <;.

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The Real Deal On Advertising I

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com. I decided that I wanted to give everyone a sample of my real-life writing. I thought this one up in a dream I had, and I was dieing to put it down on paper. I know it isn’t about what I usually talk about, but I hope you enjoy it:

Advertising has always fascinated me when I was little. It is one of those things that are simply unavoidable. They are found on billboards, in magazines, in the form of a commercial, and now they are posted all over the internet.  I used to wake up at six in the morning to watch television before going to school. I would come down in my pajamas and sit in front of the television while I was eating breakfast. It wasn’t just the show that I was watching that I cared about, it was also that five minute commercial in between them. Did you know that the average American child today is exposed to about 40, 000 television commercials a year? That is about 100 commercials a day.(1) This makes me think how crazy it is that one of them does not stick in our heads for the whole day like an engrossing song we hear on the radio.

Anyway, I would then go out to the bus stop; it was about Fifth Grade, and a few kids on the bus would always ask me to recite an entire commercial that I saw. I was literally known on my bus as “Ad Boy” because I had memorized most of the commercials on the television channel that I watched, and the kids were crazy. They wanted to hear ever single one of them, for humor, of course. There was this one song for a commercial that I had memorized for macaroni and cheese, and they would repeatedly ask me to thing that one as a “special request”. Now that I look back on it, no doubt about it, I was wasting my time and looking immature in front of everyone. I might still remember a few little songs to commercials nowadays, but I have mainly moved away from that.

A couple of years later after I had moved away from my recital of commercials, the most fascinating thing had happened to me. It started on a cold, winter morning in Seventh Grade. I came to school early because I was taking Choir, which was almost every day, and there was a sign on the door that said that it was canceled because the teacher was out. Like everyone else who was in Choir, we all went to the library. I decided to wander around, and I supposed that I could check out the nonfiction section for a couple of reading ideas. To my surprise, I had found one of the most moving books I have ever read on advertising. It was called Made You Look and I learned so many new concepts that are used in advertising. I felt like all of the pieces of the puzzle were coming together on why us kids are victims of advertising. In 1983, the amount of money spent on advertising for kids was only $100 million. (2) Now, advertising of kids has jumped up so high that those big, chubby businessmen at the head of the big corporations now spend $15 billion on us. (3)

You probably know someone who is a victim of advertising. What I have always wanted to know is, why do we fall for it? What makes it so that we “have to have it” ? There has to be something that goes on in our brains whenever we look at a billboard, a magazine, or watch a television commercial. That is the one thing that the Made You Look did not get at. I know a couple of my friends who are victims of advertising, especially the ones in commercials. Whenever I go to hang out at my best friend’s house, I notice in his pantry a lot of junk food items that have been advertised on television a massive number of times. They are all brand-name products like Goldfish Crackers, Oreos, Cheese-Its, and Chips Ahoy. One day while he was eating, I asked him, “Why do you only buy snacks that have a brand name?” For some reason, and I am still confused by this, he said, “Because they taste better”. First of all, how can he taste the difference between the no-name brand and the named brand when he hasn’t even tried both foods? Ladies and Gentleman, this is a victim of advertising. It is a person who does not give up their addiction to named product. There are other reasons why people might fall for advertisements. According to a national survey commissioned by the Center for a New American Dream, in 12-13 year-olds, 62% of the people say that eating named-brand products will make he or she feel better about themselves. Remember those days when you were five-years-old and you sat in the front of Mommy’s shopping cart? When you go down that cereal aisle, you say, “Mommy! Mommy! I want the cereal with the tiger on it!” You probably don’t even like Frosted Flakes, you just want it because it makes you feel better about yourself: that cartoon tiger. You scream and pout until you get what you want. When you are a tween, you don’t even bother looking at the generic brand cereal on the bottom self. Why would you want a product that doesn’t have Toucan Sam on it? I learned in Made You Look that there is a reason why they place things in a grocery store on the shelf that they are on. They put all of the brand name products on the shelf at eye-sight level and all of the generic brand products at the top and bottom shelf so that nobody will see them. Try it the next time you are at the grocery store.

There was this one time in Seventh Grade, in Sunday School, our class took a field trip to a grocery store. We were supposed to do this project in which we bought items at the grocery store for a homeless shelter. Each group of five people had to solve the enigma on how to feed a family of 5 people for a week, and under 50 dollars. By instinct, the first shopping items that our group picked out were name brands: bad choice. We went over our quota by a ton of money. The reason we had the instinct to buy named-brand food was because that was the food that we ate in our own household. We had to put everything back and start over from the beginning and choose cost-efficient food items. You probably do not realize it, but name-brand food is drastically over-priced. We do not realize this because normal people do not even bother looking at the price tag on things. Just because something is more expensive does not mean it is better for you. Most of the time, even, there is less food in a package that is advertised. One food that I enjoyed when I was little so much was called Kid Cuisine. It was an individual-sized dinner. On the television, the product looked like it was worth the money to purchase. What I realized when I read Made You Look, was that there are special ways that food advertisers use to make their product look more appealing to the public. For example, in a hamburger advertisement, they might stick a few slabs of Styrofoam in between the bun and the patty to make it look bigger. They also might put a glaze of glue on the bun to make it shinier. Yet the consumer does not realize that the product is fake because we think it is “to good to be true”.

There is one last example that I would like to give from my life. I decided to take a class on Religion this year in high school. In the class, we just started studying about Taoism. The teacher had everyone for homework go home and draw a picture that goes along with a reading that was handed out. It was of an old man fishing in a river between some mountains. (If you want to see my version of it, it is on my other website). Anyway, the next day the teacher taped our drawings up on the board, and right next to it she posted a Chinese landscape painting. There were many differences between them. I felt like in our drawings that it was influenced more by the media world. For example, the old man was in the foreground, signifying that man is more important than nature. The other thing that was different was the mountains in the background. Every mountain in our drawings were almost perfect. They look like an upside-down “U”, which is what we were born into thinking. I mean, I have been to a very rocky area before and I have seen a mountain. I know that mountains don’t look like that, but for some unknown reason, why did I draw that very media-based mountain? It might have been because I had an instinct to do that. The point I am trying to get is that advertising masks everything. What we see on billboards and in magazines is just blocking our vision of nature. The only place where advertising does not exist is in nature. I know when you think of some place like the Himalayas, or the Rocky Mountains, you do not picture all these billboards hanging off the side of the cliff or something. Nor do you see a giant television in the middle of a dense, dark forest.  I remember seeing the commercials for Wal-mart. It always showed these overly-happy people, and as the audience, you are supposed to believe that that is what life really is. The thing is, when you walk into a Wal-Mart, you aren’t going to see smiling cashier-people. You aren’t going to see that cartoon smiley face as their mascot, bouncing around the aisles. We have become over-dependent on advertising to show us what this “real life” is.


(1) American Psychological Association, “Television Advertising Leads to Unhealthy Habits in Children; Says APA Task Force,” February 23, 2004, (accessed March 8, 2006).

(2) Juliet Schor, Born to Buy: The Commercialized Child and the New Consumer Culture (New York: Scribner, 2004), 21.

(3)Susan Linn, Consuming Kids: The Hostile Takeover of Childhood (New York: The New Press, 2004), 1.

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Half An Effort Only Counts For Half A Party

What is Club Penguin thinking at this moment? Right now I have no choice but to look forward to the “Festival of Snow” party in February, because the fiesta is just plain dreadful. If Club Penguin tried at all, they would have decorated some more of the rooms that are normally decorated. If Club Penguin is going to continue to make things with half an effort, they won’t be around much longer. What should be positive reviews are going to go down and turnout to be like this one. I can’t put half an effort in to my blog, and try to put more of an effort into a different post. I have to give every post 100%, or else my views will go down, something I learned when I didn’t post.

Club Penguin has to put 100% into every party they make. I’m not saying they should go and make every party like the Mid-evil party, but with a bit of honor. You can’t win a critic over with a sloppy party like the made this one, nor can you win more fans of Club Penguin. If Club Penguin is owned by Disney, the should have people hired to make some more of the rooms that way we all aren’t left with a boring party to be going on for 3 days. If Club Penguin wants to lose money, they can continue to give 60% and have dreadful free items.

One of the reasons I’m so concerned of this is because Club Penguin is wanting more and more members, with the economy bad. Club Penguin is seeming more desperate for money then ever. And right now it’s hard to tell, are they aiming at back up money, or are they trying to get money. Is it possible that Club Penguin is making a party with half an effort because of shortage on money? And If Club Penguin needs money, why don’t they borrow some from Disney?

With Club Penguin not giving an effort in a bad economy, and being desperate for members, aren’t good signs. At the least, Club Penguin should come though strong in the “Festival of Snow”. If they mess up the “Festival of Snow”, that’s when we should be worried, because the “Winter Fiesta” wasn’t a good party to start with. It was to long, and it was the same exact thing as last year. Club Penguin had a whole year to add some more decorations to some more rooms, yet they did nothing. I hope to see more of an effort out of Club Penguin in the future.

Rate It: 4/10

That’s All For Now! So Until Then, Keep Waddlin’ Back!


Voice Of Penguins III

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com. If you have not noticed, this website just got a new theme. There have been many comments on it; good ones and bad, and so I would like to put up a survey on which theme you like better. This one might just be temporary, so I want to know who likes it and who does not. Every opinion counts, please vote once and once only.

I felt like this holiday season I should include everyone elses opinion on the holiday party and not just mine, so I decided to start the third VOP. The major question that I would like to ask is, “What is your opinion on the holiday party?” People included in this holidaymontage have added a tag to their post on the Christmas party so that I could find them. I try to post everyone’s opinion I can find, which is a very tricky thing to do because most club penguin websites (about 95%) are cheats. So if you are not included, please do not feel bad. Comments have been grammatically corrected for your liking.

These people enjoyed the party:

The party rocks. *laughs* With the holiday books in the Coffee Shop and Book Room, flashing shades of winter blues on the dance floor, a fellow snowman at the ice rink and the honorary red Christmas light at the beacon, it’s obviously great.

The Christmas party has arrived! Oh my word, there is so much to talk about! The Club Penguin Team did a stupendous job on the party!

Yay!  The Christmas Party is finally here!  Woohoo!  It’s my favorite party ever!  Guess what goes perfectly with it?  A Snow Day!  Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!  Or a good morning!  Or a good evening!  Merry Christmas to all, and to all [insert here]! *laughs*

‘Tis the season to be jolly, and around Christmas, man does Club Penguin know how to be jolly… Club Penguin has showed they know how to have a Christmas party, and for good reasons

I arrived at Club Penguin very early this A.M. First a nice snowman took off his hat and said, “howdy Mrs. cord (red) how are you this fine am?” “I’m fine Mr. Snowman,” I said, “How about yourself?” The snowman put on a happy face and told me he was a bit frozen, but other than that he was doing good. I told him that I would love to stand there and talk to him all day but I was rather busy checking out the Christmas Party so I should be on my way… and then the adventure began.

The rooms are marvelous looking, like the Dojo with all of the lights. They brought back so many memories of the 06 Christmas party, I really hope you all enjoy it!

The party looks amazing. The Club Penguin art department really out did themselves yet again. There are plenty of fun things and interactive decorations. […] There are many more beautiful decorations that you guys should check out for yourselves! Merry Christmas!

Okay, […] I think you are overreacting. I do not really care much about items anymore. Even though I had the Santa Hat/Beard from 2006, how in the world can you have Christmas without the Santa Hats and Beards? Come on, where is your Christmas spirit?

And these people did not:

This year, the Christmas Party is not that merry. First of all, they brought back the 2-year-old Santa Beard and again brought back the Santa Hat. I am surprised they did not bring back the Antlers, but they did bring back the photos with Santa, of course. The party is not that good. The music is bad, it’s just some weird “Deck the Halls”. The ninja hideout (only accessible to ninjas) has a giant octopus with a Santa hat and a candy cane!! Plus, like the one back in 2006, it’s all snow covered.

The Christmas Party came out! It’s the same thing as 2006’s though so it’s pretty boring if you’re rare like me.

The Christmas party is up and running and I’m kind of disappointed . The town and plaza are pretty bad. It looked like a blizzard came through but, I must admit that a lot of the buildings look great.

They gave away another free item ! (Santa Beard). And the stupid… Santa Hat. Okay… Club Penguin has really started to p*ss me off. I’m not going to go anymore on Club Penguin.

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Holiday Party

holiday_party_1Hello everyone! This is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com. This morning I got my first snow day of winter: in real life and in Club Penguin. The Christmas Holiday Party started today. This was actually the first party that I have ever waited up for. In my opinion, it is a very nice one. Whatever holiday you are celebrating, I wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Hanukkah, and a Joyous Kwanzaa. There is something about this party that gives it such a zing, I am just not sure exactly what it was. I think it might be that warming feeling you get inside when you sit with friends around that fireplace in the coffee shop. It is set up so nicely; grab a bunch of friends and roast marshmallows over that fire because the cold build-up of snow is just a few feet away. I feel more invited at this party than I did at last years. In the 2007 party, I felt like I was some outcast because the decorations were made strictly for Christmas. I didn’t log on as much during the party because it made me upset. The week before I had sent holiday_party_2an email to Club Penguin asking for a menorah at the party and they had given me a very rude answer that it would cause a “conflict” if they had added one. It was like I could not follow anything what was going on; in a way, powerless. I feel at this one it is a lot more tolerant of other religions, and that is a really sweet thing for Club Penguin to do. It is just so friendly, and the large mounds of snow are something that everyone can enjoy, not just a select number of people. Although the free items at this party were ones that were brought back, it doesn’t totally ruin the party. You just have to appreciate the setting around you. I know I felt a little upset when only the Santa hat and beard came. But then again, it is a holiday party, and Club Penguin is letting everyone celebrate the tradition of Christmas by bringing them back. You never know, they may add another free item to the party like they did last year with the Christmas Scarf.  One of the rooms I love is the outside of the Dojo. Did you see the number of lights that were added on to it? It is suchholiday_party_3 extreme festivity that I had to comment on it. They all sparkle and shine when you enter the room. There is something about lights that really “lights up” the holiday season. I remember last year during the holiday time, my family would drive around the neighborhood and look at all of the different color lights that the houses put on. Some of them could be seen from a mile away; it was so bright. Okay, there is one other room that has to be mentioned: the cove. It is set up to be a paradise scene with palm trees and a sunset. Lets face it: the media describes the holidays as being “snowy,” which is not necessarily true. The point that this room is trying to make is that Christmas (or other winter holidays) can be celebrated anywhere around the globe and they are just as important as the ones in cold temperatures. The second reason they chose this was because of the southern hemisphere: it is summer there while it is winter here. So people who log on to Club Penguin in holiday_party_41Australia or possibly South Africa can have part of their warm weather during the party. I have to say, it is one of the most festive rooms at the party; it is very nice. I think they added the stage from the Music Party. I’m not too sure because it is a little different. The last room I would like to mention is the dance lounge, which has been transformed into a “Santas Factory” with a large conveyor belt in which toys are made. This is totally new for this party, and it is a pretty good idea that Club Penguin has come up with. The toy parts come down the chute and travel to a machine where they are made and boxed into nicely wrapped presents.  On the wall there is a picture of “Elf of the Month.” I laughed at that when I first saw it. How can you tell who that is? All of them look the same. I like how Club Penguin came up with the idea for the two arcade games in the room. They turned it into a video game system: very clever. I have to admit that I would have never thought of  them doing that. coins-for-changeCoins For Change is a huge part of what makes this Holiday Party so great. Not only during Christmas, but for other winter holidays too, donations are a huge part of the celebration. It is nice to see that Club Penguin is showing kids how important it is to donate. Instead of money, they donate coins of course. Not to ruin the parade, it isn’t really you who is donating money. It is the Club Penguin staff who is donating, and they are giving it to the different causes that you choose. I’m guessing when you donate 50, it is one vote; 250 is two votes; 500 is three votes. I have to say it is a pretty confusing method that they have set up. I’ve only donated a couple of times and I don’t even know if that influences the decision or not. Coins for Change is located is so many more rooms than last year, possibly because they want more people to give coins.


I felt like I needed to give some advice on the Treasure hunt game, because I haven’t done that in such a long time. The number one rule that I have that will help you earn more coins is to never dig in the far top/ bottom rows (or left/ right columns if you are second player). The reason is because it is harder to find the candy canes which are more points than the peppermints. When you go in the spot next to it, you can cover more ground and find the candy cane easier. Only go on the edges when you find that part of the candy cane is in that area. My second advice is to control the spaces in between your diggings. Do not leave a gap of two spots, because a candy cane could be in that area and you could miss it easily.  Finally, there is a rare in the game, and it is 2 by 2; it is a green ornament which is worth 100 points/coins. Make sure you don’t miss it. You can find it in about 1 in 10 games.

Overall Party Rating: ***

To finish up, I would like to wish everyone a great time during this two week winter break. Make it last, make it safe, and most importantly,  make it fun!




Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147 .wordpress .com. I was previously looking on Google Earth to find the Club Penguin phone number when I noticed something rather shocking. If you have not noticed already, the website for Club Penguin is off– alot. Instead, the link is to a fan site for Club Penguin. This is probably the most ridiculous, disturbing advertising scheme for a Club Penguin fan site I have ever seen. The big question I want to ask, obviously, is “Are Club Penguin Fan Sites Going too far?” Google Earth is visible to millions of people, and it is a really easy place to find the phone number for Club Penguin and the address on it, just by searching in the search box the term “Club Penguin”. Something I really do not want to see is a link to some other website. How did they get their blog on Google Earth? It probably cost the owner of the website a ton of money to give “false information” about the Club Penguin Home Page. If you agree that this is pretty disturbing, please comment below. I really wanted to make people aware about this major topic.

To read more about my thoughts on Google Earth and Club Penguin, click here