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Summer Coming Fast!

There has been alot of signs the summer is coming in CP. Yet, I do not understand why they would make a summer party in spring? Summer starts on June 21st I think, so that is what really confused me. Anyway, here are a couple of new features on the way!

June 1st: Summer Clothing Catalog!


Yes, the catalog is coming out tomorrow, and the newspaper has already given away a glimpse of what kind of clothing is coming out. I hope there is alot of new items, and probably some old ones coming back! That would make you feel bad if some of your rare items came back! I know I did not like that feeling in the May catalog. Yet, there will be something great for everyone! Just like all the past new items.

June 4th: Surfing!


I am not sure what CP is planning to do with this. They just that this will be the finished building of the surf shop at the cove. I don’t think that it will actually enable you to surf, or even if this building will let you buy surfboards. I am thinking it is only a decoration to the awesome cove they have spent so much time on!

June 8th – 18th: Summer Party!

Wow, what a long party. They say that it is going to last 10 days! I don’t remember any party in the past being that long. Anyway, I have been waiting a year for this summer party. In the past I have heard so much great news about it and I hope it will be better this year. Anyone that saw it last year, I would love to hear how these two summer parties compare in how great they are.

The winners of the igloo contest, is nobody we know. I saw the pictures of each one and I kept thinking that mine was WAY better! I don’t understand why some people we all have never heard of wins. Yes, they are all great, but I don’t think that CP had a chance to see everyone’s igloo and that is why I think it is messed up in a way. My point is, winning the igloo contests are impossible!

PS: Its almost my b-day, so I might have a party on CP, Im not sure.


Over and Out!  

Am I Next?

Well, its obvious isn’t it? Dapryn is going to destroy my wordpress eventually. I really do not understand the point of revenge here. Isnt wordpress supposed to give you freedom of writing about whatever you want? I don’t understand why he hates ME so much. I never said anything bad about Dapryn, and most of this website is made from my experiances; not whats happening in CP as much. Of course I have not started any kind of army, yet I am thinking about making some club with friends. More information about that will probably be in a week or so. Anyway, I hope he does not destroy this, because I dedicated it to all my buddies and friends who enjoy hearing from me. Even if there are over 200 views a day, its all from the same people; nobody new ever comes. I really have to ask all of you, who’s CP website is the base? Whos do you start at, that branches from one to another? This is one of the biggest questions I have beared in mind. I made a sample of what I think it looks like:

Ok. So basically, I think that the chain started off at Joem’s old site. These ideas I think spread to me and Cool Lb, and Comrade Page a while ago. As you can see, Mine connected to Dublanous, Treat, Jom and Dr Oct sort of. Yet, from Jomarmic it passed to Flipperss and Purplepizza. I think there is where it made a dead end. I put in a few more names in and connected Joem’s new site in. In this, the branch is Joem, but I think that there was a branch before that. There has to be another branch to this before it had started. Its a never ending cycle to find whos wordpress came first that was dedicated to CP. This might be a little off, but let me see what you think of it.

I finally figured out how to use the scanner. I might make a new header for my site and I was thinking about scanning one to the computer so you can all see it. I don’t think it is finished yet, but I am glad that I finally can copy it. Look forward to a new header in the future. You never know when it might pop up!

People have been asking me about when the next photo night is. Because there is not many people who want to be in it yet, I will just make a sign up for people who are interested. Just post your name if you want a picture; nothing else. I will make up times and places later.


Over and Out!

Party Overview

The party yesterday was great! I am sorry I did not make a post that day, I thought I would have time, yet we all had so much fun! I want to thanks Jomarmic, Flipperss566, and Purplepizza6 for the excellent catering service. I am sorry that most of you had to leave early, and it was getting late for all the people on the east coast time zone. I think everyone enjoyed it. I made alot of friends at the party. One of them was Little Hip, who I remember was my buddy about 4 months ago and never saw since that day. Its seems as though alot of people came in at the last minute. I guess they were all on memorial day vacation. There is no need for any rumors to be starting about some people not being on much. You should all remember that this WAS memorial day break and people do have plans. So none of those rumors are true about people quitting or getting banned forever.

There has been the most rumors on the story about “Diddy.” We all do not know who Diddy is, but the problem is that he keeps swearing to me and tells me I am going to “die” somehow. I don’t know if he is referring to this site, or my penguin. Dublanous has already made a post on his site saying that Diddy is Dapryn, and that does make possible sence, since he has been following this group of buddies: Treat, Keyblade, Dublanous, Joem, Skydays, Jomarmic, Dr Oct, Purplepizza, Flippers, Tristan, and some other people. Treat told me that Diddy is his cousin, or something, yet some people disagree. What kind of cousin swears at people as a joke? If that is true, treat, please get your “cousin” under control.

The cove and forest opened to the non-members today. I was glad that they still had the whistle out. They have not released a free neck item in a long time. I think the last one was the christmas party. Yes, there are lots of free hats that come out. I think the hats take up half of all the free items. There was something else at the cove that replaced where the liferings were. Here is a picture:


It seems as though there is a new building coming in. I don’t think there will be a purpose to the building, probably just a random decoration. I don’t think the binoculars image is going to change. I thought it was going to be like the one on the beacon, yet there are a roll of images coming up in this one. I do think that there might be some kind of story involved after all this partying and construction is finished. Maybe Rockhopper will start coming back at the cove instead of the beach. I’m not sure…

I will add more pictures to the photo page from the party. There is not much, but you can see them. I have decided to take off some pictures from that page because they take up alot of room, and most of them you have seen before and don’t need them. I will leave out one or two of the newer ones for a certain penguin, yet the others have to go.

Hey everyone, I reached a record of 255 views yesterday. The last record was 198, almost a week ago. Thank you everyone for visiting at least once a week. It really helps me out with some encouragement! 🙂


Over and Out!

Costume Party

Okay everyone, the costume party will be today (May 28th 2007) at 5:30 PST. If you don’t know what your PST is, see the picture in the last comment. This party will be on mammoth in my igloo and will be decorated in a Halloween theme. Even if you missed the costumes during the halloween party, here are a few examples of costumes you can be:


Examples Shown (Viking, Jester, Mariachi Band Performer, Robber, Cowboy (or Cowgirl), Secret Agent (or “James Bond”), Pirate, Fairy, Bunny Rabbit, Princess, Farmer and Elf (or Leperachaun). You can use these examples if you want if you are unsure about a costume. Dont forget about the times for photos and meetings. They are today (on Mittens at the iceberg) and tomorrow at 5:30 PST (on Mammoth in my igloo) You can also dress up as another penguin. It would be nice to see people dressed up as me! You could also do a color code, like someone wear all white, another wear all black and you can say your salt and pepper! lol, theres so many possibilities 

I got a really mean spam comment today. So much swearing involved it made me really frightened. They said they were going to “kill” me somehow. It might be hacking into this wordpress, im not sure. 

Hey everyone I saw Pirates of the Caribbean today. Did anyone else see that movie? I thought it was really long and confusing; I did not see the other two. I think it was like 3 hours long and the theater was really crowded.

I got a computer in my room today. My family is moving soon, so we have to declutter the rest of the house. That means getting rid of alot of stuff we don’t need. Anyway, so now I can have more time to see everyone!

I have added more pictures to the photos page if you have not noticed yet; from yesterday and today.


Over and Out! 

Meet Me Somewhere

Hey everyone. I know that some of you are looking for favors from me. Some want to be my buddy, others want their picture taken; or both. I can make another meeting scedule, because the other one is overdue. I also want to know who is available over the weekend first. If any of my buddies know if some person is “out of town” for memorial day, please tell me in advance. It would really help. Also, ALOT of you are really confused about your time zone. Well, for the pictures and meetings, here are the times. Find the one that is yours so you are not confused:


Also, if you live out of the US (or in Hawaii or Alaska) please tell me and I will find what your time is. Anyway, as you see in the picture, there are the times for the meetings and pictures. The server is Mittens, the place is the iceberg, and the days are Sunday, May 27, 2007 and Monday, May 28, 2007. You do not need to schedule a time slot; just come with whoever else you need (if you are taking group photo)

I think the member party is realy great so far. All of my buddies are enjoying it and so am I. I had updated the header earlier today, which will only be temporary until the party is over; or whenever I feel like it. I am thinking about throwing a party over this long weekend. The dress code is costume, so you can dress up in whatever you like or halloween clothes. Even if you missed halloween in CP, there are still other costumes you can be, like a pirate, elf, princess, bunny, etc. It will probably be in my igloo and I will decorate it for the party. More information will be about it tomorrow. Any suggestions about what you want at the halloween related party, please tell me now before I start tomorrow’s post.

Unfourtunatly, I found out today that Flyball got banned forever. 😦 I dont know why it happened, probably some mean hacker with a bad temper, I mean, duh! It was on safety chat mode! What a waste… it was not even my penguin. Flyball was my five years old neighbor’s penguin. Hes going to start crying when I tell him it was banned. I feel so sad for him. How could you do this to a little kid? I should not have even told the password. I don’t know. . . .  I don’t know what to do . . . .


Over and Out!

Great Party!

Well, another awesome party came out today. It was the first only member party in four months, followed by the green color party. The cove looks great, yet I did not get to see it all because of the amount of people. I was able to take some pictures of the party where penguins were not standing, yet not much. I did not see many of my buddies there, but I hope they had a chance to see it.


Here is a picture that I took of the party, some of the main things. There is also a binoculars, which are on the lifeguards chair. I am not sure what will happen in those but it will probably be like the one on the beacon.The free items at the party were the life ring and the whistle, which had come back from the previous summer party the year before. This picture is for all the nonmembers out there that missed the party. I am guessing that they wont see this picture, but I put it up anyway. I am sorry I did not post yesterday. I would have, but my internet was not working in the afternoon, plus I had a choir concert for the entire evening. I just wanted to tell you so you would not get confused. The map changed too, other then the new party. These two places were added. The forest, which we all know about already, and the cove:


I think the member igloos icon on the map changed too. It went farther towards the south on the map. I think now, it looks a bit awkwards, because I am so used to it looking the other way. Apart from the map, you have probably noticed that the tour guide booth is not in its regular spot in the town. The tour booth is not in the ski village. Here is a picture of it:


I am not sure why it moved, or even if it is going to stay that way, but I do know that now you can get into the forest alot easier then trying to find your way around it. Too bad for all the nonmembers out there. The only feature you get is the pin. Oh yea, the new pin is in the cave, where the Cart Surfer game is; a starfish.

Tristan145 was banned forever a few days ago. Please mourn his loss… 😦


Over and Out!

My Talk With Club Penguin

Well, as I said before, I had sent an email telling club penguin support that my buddies were hacking furniture and coins. This is how they responded:

Hello,Thank you for your email.  After reviewing your email, I understand you are concerned with particular penguins breaking the rules.  If you ever find yourself in a situation that reveals a penguin breaking the rules you always have the option of reporting the incident.  There are 4 simple rules to Club Penguin.  They are:

1) Respect other penguins – Club Penguin does not tolerate any swearing, bullying or mean behavior toward other penguins.  Disciplinary action will be taken should any one of these occur while playing.
2) Never reveal your personal information – The best way to stay safe online is to NEVER share your real name, phone number, address, email or passwords.
3) No inappropriate talk – References to drugs and alcohol related activities, and sexual, racial or otherwise inappropriate talk are not permitted.
4) No Cheating – Any use of third party programs to cheat is not allowed.  Players who use any third party programs while playing risk being permanently banned.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to respond to this email.  I’d be happy to help.
Have fun and waddle on!Amy
Club Penguin Support
Well, that didn’t explain much about how I should tolerate it. It seems like I should just go ahead and report anyone that hacks. Yet, that is where I am tied up in a situation here! I like my buddies, yet I do not wan’t to report them for breaking the rules. Hey, if CP reports all the hackings, then why arent my buddies banned forever? So, many questions. What do you think on this topic? SHOULD I report my buddys that hacked? That means that they go on my ignore list… I wonder what to do…

I took a count on how many furniture items I have in storage, and I have exactly 4360 ITEMS IN STORAGE!!! That would make a total of 43.6 IGLOO DESIGNS


Over and Out!