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Hey guys its Sassie,

This weekend 1 of my friends from school quit cp and had 3, 6 month membership cards so she gave them to me. Problem is I really dont need them so I decided to throw a contest for them. I was going to have a 3 way contest. 3 contest in 1 big one. But then I decided to have just 2. A writing contest,you know people write a story or something. Then someone makes a new header for my wordpress, and I will put it up here on my wordpress.

1. writing Contest.

I enjoy people who write stories and maybe people wanted to write a story. I would post the winner of the story on here. And I know maybe its a crazy idea to have a writing contest i mean writing a story contest. Now here is the deal, you write a story about cp, make sure to have some nice pictures. ) I love pictures in stories cause it makes it look cooler. Now you can email me to the story at 2 winners will be picked from this and will get a 6 month membership card code for whoever wins.

2. Header contest.

I been looking for a new header but i never have had time to make a new one. and well decided to have a contest for it. Lots of people have creative ideas for ideas but never get to use them. Now whoever has the best header for me, will get a 6 month membership like the writing contest people. You can email me to the header from my email above.

OK those are the 2 contest i am having. Comment if you are going to enter or is just going to watch and see who wins. Well tune in. The contest ends, July 1st. Also include you name of your penguin and I will have your email when you send it. I will email the people when i get there entires and will say thank you for entering the contests. Also people may enter in both contests but if they win in 1, they cant win in the other. I may let the contest go longer if there is lots of people who want to enter. Well byez

Rock on,
Sassie ) )

St.Patty’s party

hey guys its me sassie. tomorrow is st. patty’s day and i decided to do something fun. I am going to throw a st. patty party. yesturday when my pengun turned 2 years old the party was a blast. lots of my friends came and the party went for almost 2 hours. Now i am going to throw a st.pats party,just because i always wanted to.

place: my igloo

server: frozen

time:5 cp time(pft)

why: sassie wants to have a st.pats party.

now if you come you will have to wear all green because its st pats. i really enjoy st.patricks day alot. its one of my friends birthday and its a time for year where i get i get to see one of my friends that moved to flordia sometime again. now i hope some of you can come. if you can come comment below, if not then i wont be mad at you. i just want to see who will come. now hope to see some of you at my st.pat’s party tomorrow. well bye

rock on


p.s. also guys its coming very close to where i am going to be leaving cp. but i dont know the complete date. i have tired days where i would try and quit but i am not ready to yet. i just know my day will come where i am going to. well hope you all come to my party guys.

My 100th Post

Hey everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of I am proud to announce that this is my 100th post on this site. Every post I made leads up from my first in April 2007. I want to thank all my viewers for helping me get to where I am now.
I wanted to share this achievement with my old administrators, which are now almost all gone doing other things. They all encouraged me to make more posts because they loved my writing. So, give a round of applause to Dublanous1, Purplepizza6, Jomarmic, Tristan125, Joem25, Mr Hamm Jam, Blapp, Jt Mcpenguin, Flipperss566, Offence Star and Sassie. Dublanous1 quit Club Penguin in January 2008, but he still goes on the internet and its nice to talk to him. Purplepizza6 still plays Club Penguin, I see her on alot during the weekend, but she doesent work on sites anymore. Jomarmic, who now wants to be called Marissa, plays Club Penguin a bit on the weekend and she still works on her piczo and chats with me. Tristan125 quit Club Penguin in December 2007 and does runescape. He now works at and you can see it on the blogroll. Joem25 quit Club Penguin in September 2007. He never goes on, and there hasnt been any sign of him ever since his penguin was banned. Mr Hamm Jam quit Club Penguin in February 2008, a long time after his was banned. He goes on AIM rarely, but its nice to talk to him. Blapp quit Club Penguin in November 2007, he never goes on, but there have been comments from him on this site. Jt Mcpenguin still plays a little, but other than that, he is never usually on. Flipperss566 quit Club Penguin in October 2007 and has not been on ever since. Offence Star quit in November 2006 and he is never on. As for Sassie, she decided to quit Club Penguin forever yesterday. I am still not sure whether she will chat on AIM or not, but she still updates her piczo. As for me, I am still here, fully active. I am not going anywhere. In conclusion, it is not just me you need to thank, but also our other administrators. Thank you for your time,

Over and Out