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Sam is here

Yo it’s Samnan Man and if you don’t know me, what is wrong with you? My best friends on Club Penguin are:

~Mr pie42
~Jt Mcpenguin (and his bros)
My penguin is not rare, I change my clothes everyday and Mr Pie42 is my igloo designer.

See Ya!

~samnan man~

~edited by Skydays147~

Fame Gone?

Today i went to CPIP to see whats new. Soon i saw Gift for testers on 30th! I was so happy to find i out! But the rares on the other hand have no chance of being BETA RARE. I mean theres a 50 50 chance is ganna be the beta hat since we tested! If you have a different sugustin post

Also, our party was great! We took pics, lughed, and much more! The only bad thing is that not much ppl were there! i really hope you can come next time!