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Childhood II – Youth vs Adult

A Collaborate Post
By Clonez and Connor

The end of school is approaching ever so slowly. Tests, quizzes, projects, speeches, orals, in-class essays, writing assignments, papers, and lots and lots of studying for the finals. My level of stress is really soaring right now. I was up last night really late working hard on getting work done early. I am starting to get those end-of-year jitters. Things were so much easier when I was little. I remember the end of first grade: our class had a huge party to celebrate the end of the year. Cakes, cookies, and brownies galore! We would leave school with no homework to work on at home: free to play and do as we please. Sophomore year rolls by ten years later. Everyone is walking around school like a zombie for not getting enough sleep last night because they were working on that last minute project or paper for the final. No party whatsoever. The level of stress soars to new heights that we thought were unimaginable. I just feel like going back. Going back to the time when everything was care-free: to reminisce once again the magic of childhood.

Sometimes I really feel like school is such a boundary for me
I feel like I am in a jail cell
Just waiting to burst free out of the doors
Freedom is waiting patiently on the other side
He encourages me to gnaw through those steel doors and walls
to reach the light I see on the other side
I must escape from this darkness

Freedom isn’t always a good thing Other times I feel like I need to stay in school
where it is safe
Where every day is a new adventure
A new experience to learn more about myself
I go through my everyday routine of walking down the pathways
I’ve carved them for myself to travel throughout the year
where I can meet up with friends
spend time getting to know others
be part of the many clubs that are offered
School really fills up the boring schedule of couch-potato-ness

School really brings out the stress in me.
I come home after a long day
loads of homework
Summer settles me back to a state of peace with myself
I feel the rush of freedom flow through me
I can go wherever I please
see whatever I am in the mood to see
enjoy what I want to enjoy

School helps me in the long run
I start to focus more on my future
the things that really matter
getting into a good college,
studying for the ACT and SAT
getting a part-time job
Oh, and did I almost forget?
I am going to be a tutor next year
the urge for retaining education has surged through me

Leisure and diversion help me in the long run
I start to learn more about myself
I continue to do summer activities that please me
I can return to the child side of me
Summer keeps me relaxed
I will start all fresh and new when school begins in the fall.

Imagine being stuck at a fork in the road. You have just been traveling for miles trying to find the way out of a desolate, dark, and dreary forest. You now have to make the choice that determines your fate. Its a hard and painstaking decision which road to follow. That is exactly how I feel. I really don’t want to give up the magic of childhood, but I also really want to grow up. I’m torn apart by the mysterious forces of both sides.

Connor’s eighth grade is a little different. Since my “class” is “graduating” to high school, the eighth grade teachers are like totally “oh em gee!” So we’re doing a bunch of end of the year festivities like we all did last year. Picnics, free days, blah blah blah. This year, one thing we’re doing is a “Graduation Ceremony” at some college campus called Wait Chapel. Or something like that. Whatever. We have to rehearse for it, so I know I’ll be missing a couple periods in the next few days. My “finals” were two weeks ago, so I’m pretty much stressless. However, I do have my FIRST actual fo reelz high school final on June 4th. For math, since I took a high school level class this year. I am definitely stressing over that. My 8th grade end of grade tests don’t count towards my grade at all, but the math EOC (end of course, final, whatever you wanna call it) is 25% of my final class grade. I’m scared about that since math isn’t my BEST subject. The days of naptime and end of year waterdays are long gone. However, I do have a little party in Spanish. It won’t be much though, since my spanish teacher treats our class as high schoolers, because in fact I took a high school level spanish class as well. Waaah! I want chips and movies and soda in Spanish. Those lucky 6th graders. ):



A Collaborate Post
By Clonez and Connor

Because adults do not want children to be raised to start swearing at a young age,
the content in cartoons is replaced with symbols rather than “bad words”,
It is not only safer for kids, it is also a lot more fun to watch!

No matter what type of environment you grow up in, a person will always be under the influence of a swear word. It is a seemingly impossible thing to avoid in this day and age with hundreds of swears muttered every second on the planet. Remember when you were in kindergarten and the teachers always told you to be polite? They would always to tell you that you should never call anyone in the classroom “weird” or “stupid”. This little lesson, they hoped, would help you grow up profanity free and become a polite adult. As you can see, this never worked out for you. In fact, it probably hasn’t worked out for any of the other five year old’s in your class. There is always some outside influence that will get you on the track to saying these “bad words”. You might hear an older sibling say it. Of course, children are curious to find and explore new things, and so you walk (or crawl) up to Bob your big brother and ask, “what does that mean?” I remember doing that when I was little. Seeing my parents reactions when I said my first swear was a pretty gruesome sight. Their eyes grew large, their mouth’s dropped down in fright, and of course, they did become very angry with me.

The first time I (Connor) said a swear in the presence of my family wasn’t all that glamorous either, if I do say so. Two summers ago, I moved into the house I am currently residing in. We moved to North Carolina before our house was actually ready to live in. Because of that, my family was staying in a hotel; my sister and I had to share a room, while my parents were in the other room. So that means that my sister and I had to share a bathroom… and toilet… and worst of all shower! So late one night (which is when I shower, helps get me ready for bed) I was showering, and my sister was pounding at the door because she wanted to brush her teeth. As if she couldn’t wait ten minutes. Anyway, I started to become fed up with her and so I exited the shower, wrapped a towel around me, opened the door, and said NO and slammed the door. Of course I was agitated, so I called her a b*tch as I was closing the door. I had a wonderful shower after that. But when I got out and dressed, my parents wanted to see me. They. Were. Mad. My sister ratted me out.

At a younger age, we sometimes try and hide our swears by replacing it with words that sound like the equivalent. One of the most popular swears that people say, “Jesus!”, is usually spoken when someone is angry about something. It may not be one of the worst in the set of vocabulary, but it is covered up many times by “Jeez!” There are plenty of others ones that people can make up. Me and Connor always say “fork” instead of “f*ck.” How do they start? They really just develop by the individual; most of the replacements aren’t from outside sources. We both just wanted a funny replacement that can satisfy our need to swear. It really has caught on, and we still continue to say it daily.

On the other hand, I’ve never enjoyed hearing any kind of swearing myself. I’ve always used the excuse that my religion was the reason I never said a bad word. People usually made fun of that. They would come up to be and say something like, “Why can’t you swear?” and religion would be my answer to them. In fact in Judaism,  it says that followers of the belief should try and understand that words can hurt and heal at the same time, and that  people should try and be morally good people by only using words to heal. To me swearing, in a way, is like cheating in the English language. Instead of getting the message you want people to hear, you replace it with a swear word, hoping that would solve you problem of finding the right words to say. There is a much greater message heard in a person who uses the correct descriptive language. People will not only understand what you are trying to convey, they will also have more respect for you, and see that you are a polite, educated human being. See the difference in this scenario:

Your best friend Harold drops your very elaborate diorama of the Mount Rushmore on the floor of the school. It shatters into little pieces as it hits the tiles. You are very upset with him, because you just spent five days working on it non-stop.

Profanity Peter says, “You motherf*cking son of a b*tch! f*ck you *sshole!”

Polite Peter says, “My anger in you is like the burning flames of an intense forest fire; out of control and sweeping over the surface of the Earth, building up strength with it’s deep hatred.”

Not only does Polite Pete convey his message towards clumsy Harold, he isn’t given any punishment from the teachers for swearing in front of a student. Of course, many people can not come up with very detailed sentences, but that is the magic of using descriptive language, it gets better the more you practice with it. Any person could just start out just like this:

Polite Peter says, “I’m very mad at you!”

It is very important to get into the habit of not using swear words in everyday sentences. There are two major different sets of vocabulary that people use in their everyday lives. They have the vocabulary they use to talk to friend. This language you are free to swear in without getting in trouble. Unfortunately, this language usually diminishes away as you get older, because people expect more from you. You really wouldn’t see an old lady in a retirement home say anything like this:

Joe Buddy says, “yo, sup man. Hows it goin? Jeez I feel like sh*t today.”

and then they have the vocabulary they use to talk to people of higher authority such as a teacher, a coworker, a boss, or a parent. The point is, that this language literally becomes your only language when you get older. If you were to use any kind of profanity in everyday speech to one of these people, there are consequences involved. Getting in the habit of swearing is like getting in the habit of abusing drugs. It later gets you into a lower position in life because elder figures do not take you seriously with such a foul language. For example, there is a medical condition known as Tourette’s. If you start to swear too much, soon enough your swearing is going to become uncontrollable. When this happens, it becomes a tic, which makes it so that you can not stop swearing. Controlling your speech is a good thing. It might not turn out to be completely perfect like:

John Doe says, “Hello Sir, it is good to see you again on such a lovely day.”

But fixing up your verbal language is key to being very successful. So like I said, swearing is like cheating in the English language. Just like cheating, swearing is never a way to learn any lessons about life. Of course, there should be a line drawn to indicate what kind of swearing is tolerable. Sometimes, swearing is a way to get out your anger. It is like one of those stress balls that you squeeze when you are upset about something. If you are going to swear, let it be in private, like in a bedroom. It will help release anger in a safe way that will not harm others. Of course, there are other safer ways to let it out, but if swearing works for you, let it be your cure for anger. This kind of swearing is known as Cathartic Swearing. It can also occur when something really painful happens to you, like stubbing your toe on a corner, I know that happens to me all the time and I just break out into swearing. It could be like spilling some really hot coffee onto yourself. You really can not control your speech in such a time of pain. It just happens, so let it be released. So scream it out to the heavens, “Aww, f*ck!, D*mn this coffee!”

Probably the worst kind of swearing out there is abusive swearing. Abusing swearing is the most hurtful and the most severe. It can cause depression, withdrawal, anxiety, fearfulness and low self esteem and it affects every age group. Abusive swearing should not be tolerated at all. If you are caught using abusive swearing to anyone, not matter the type of group, there are severe consequences involved. You could be grounded at home, suspended at school, and fired at work, and possibly jailed if it continues to harm others. This type of swearing is definitely one that a person should not fool around with.

Personally, my (Connor’s) least favorite and least hawt type of profanity is called Idiomatic Swearing. This type is voluntary, and so easy, both to say, and not to say. First off, Idiomatic Swearing is when you just say a bad word for no reason. Or, you may be just choosing words to interest you or others around you. You could also be showing off that dirty mouth of yours to your friends. I hate when people use this type of profanity because it is just so stupid and uncomfortable for me to listen to. For example, on my bus there are sixth, seventh, and eighth graders . All the little sixth graders think they’re so cool saying f*ck in every sentence. It makes me so uncomfortable to listen to them, because the wild thing is they say f*ck twice in every sentence, and I probably say it only once a week. I wish I could just wash their mouths out with soap like my parents always threatened to do. Oh well. They’re the ones looking like losers, not me. But still.

Another type of swearing is called Emphatic Swearing, and it’s the one I (Connor) actually use the most. (I know, I know, I’m a bad human being.) Emphatic Swearing is when you use profanity to stress an idea or word(s). For example, you would use Emphatic Swearing if you were trying to convey just how big someone’s waist line was. It would be something like “Wow, did you see how f***ing fat that guy was? I didn’t even see his d**n small thing pressed against his pants.” Sometimes, it just slips out of my mouth. Sometimes, it’s the only way I can express my feelings. I suppose I should start controlling my language like Clonez mentioned earlier.

Whether “your” type of swearing is idiomatic, abusive, cathartic, or emphatic, you should try keeping use to the minimum, because many people don’t like bad words, and would rather hear clear, descriptive language instead. Not only does descriptive language make you sound polite and educated, but it helps you in the long run more so than cheating by cursing. Sometimes, you can’t help but swear, and as you know, everything in moderation. That’s the key. And if there’s one thing you… close the browser with today, it’s that symbols instead of letters pwn.



Clonez: Over the past few months- and maybe even years, I have tried to find a game that is similar to Club Penguin. A game that has been recently created so that I could become a beta for it. I know Club Penguin has a highly selective group of penguins who have been chosen to wear “the hat”. Over the years, there have been many things that have caused the number of beta penguins to decline. It could be that their penguins was banned forever. It could just be growing up. It could be that they were angry because Club Penguin changed their name to Penguin*so-and-so* because it was only 3 characters long. Whatever the reason, betas in Club Penguin are not only rare to have a beta tester hat, but they are also rare to find. In this day and age, many people realized that they needed to join another game to become a beta- to see what it is like to wear that crown of authenticity. There are two types of games that come out: the serious games and the not serious at all games.
It all started for me with the “so called” release of the game Waddle World in 2007. I had heard about it on a website and how it was coming out soon. It was supposed to be exactly like Club Penguin in many ways. Unfortunately, the game never came. I realized that a group of kids under 18 were creating it. These people were definitely not serious about creating Waddle World, and so it was a complete disaster.
If you may have noticed from the past on this website. I have advertised for Sunny Tropical. In fact, it is still here on the widgets to this day. Well, it was “way back then* that I realized Sunny Tropical was going to be a game that would be coming out soon. It turns out that they have closed themselves off from the world, leaving no updates on their website.
Another game that I have been following recently is called Dragon Play. This game is still not out yet. I really doubt that they are serious with their creating of it. Way back in 2008, they put up a slogan to draw some attention to the year. “2008: the year we have all been waiting for.” This directly implied that Dragon Play was coming out in 2008. Yet, they lied, and now I doubt this game will come out for another few years.
There have been other games that have been pretty serious with they development. Some were serious, yet their game design was kind of pointless. I was shown the game Dinosaur Junction in 2008 by a friend. Nobody ever logs on, it is a complete ghost town, and the games are pretty boring.
Then came Panfu. Panfu was a very cute game in a way. Yet there were way too many features that were locked. There is not much to do if you choose not to pay. The games are too similar to Club Penguin.
I am really impressed with Planet Cazmo so far. It was actually the first game that I saw the creator actually put effort into and was serious about it. They just completed beta testing a couple of months ago and are far into creating their multi-player chat world.
And then came Pandanda…

Hello everyone this is Dublanous1, technical admin. of
There is a new game called Pandanda, you can see it at
It is much like Club Penguin in many ways, but is very interesting, I suggest you check it out. It is so much better than Panfu, which is totally focused on younger children. This one is focused on just a little older crowd. They are doing Beta testing now as well.


The concept is basically pandas walking around, you can do the same things like dance, sit, and wave as you can in Club Penguin and you can type what you want in the chat bar.

Instead of igloos, you have Treehouses that you can design and make; since is still in beta, you don’t need to pay to buy clothing and furniture. Me and Clonez and Connor went on and we enjoyed it. Something that you can’t do in Club Penguin is sleep; but I guess pandas are usually sleeping, so there is the ability to go to sleep.They look so cute when they are sleeping, too! They wear a little striped sleeping cap on their head and make the “Zzz” above them.

You can dress up your Panda too and buy clothing for it! Another interesting thing is how at nighttime, it looks like nighttime in the game, and in the daytime its sunny and bright; very interesting. There are stores you can buy at. You are given 2000 coins right when you enter to use on furniture or clothing. Yet you can always ear more coins from games. There are many more ways to make coins other than games games: collecting garbage, picking fruits and veggies and even fishing! One concept that is really copying Club Penguin is how there is a room called the den that has find four, but its called Line four instead, kind of like the lodge in Club Penguin. The bad thing about the game is that there are some places that are closed, like the movie theater and there is a club that is closed. Yet, this can be understood, because Pandanda is going through beta testing right now, and so they are still developing a lot of different parts of the game.


Overall it is great and I hope you get to try it!

Ohmigawsh haithar!!!!

I know you love that smecksy title. Don’t deny it, mister (or miss, or even misses, I don’t really know.) Anywho, this is my like second Connor-only post on this webblawg, but I’m posting because Clonez requested me to before he left for escuela this morning. But oh my gosh, Connor, how did you talk to Clonez in the morning? thats so weird!!!?!?!!1112 Well I always talk to  him in the morning when I can. And the only thing that allows me to do so are my two hour delays and school cancellations. Today was a cancellation. You may have read about that snow storm on Yahoo! I know my family and I did. Well a bunch of snow was dumped here and since North Carolinians can’t even drive when it’s 90 degrees and sunny outside, they definitely can’t drive when there’s snow and a *little* black ice on the roads.



I am so discouraged now. I might rewrite this post, but don’t plan on it.

You know what. No. I’m not going to let Clonez down. I promised him a post, and by golly I’m going to write it. D:< Wow, I’m mad.


So I’ll retype what I did today. I woke up originally at 7:50 and got on the computer to talk with mah bud, Clonez, before he went to school. We chatted ‘normally’ for like ten minutes, then we webcammed for the next twenty minutes or so. And then at 8:19 he had to go. WAAH. So I went on Facebook to get my 53 buck bonus on PTTTW. (Heh, I bet you don’t know what that is….heheh) and then I went back to sleep. At 12:52 I woke up. My sister came in just as I was getting up (oh no she saw me in my boxers!!11 AHHHH! Neh, it’s not a big deal. I wear them around the house all the time–yes, too much info. Hah.) and I talked to her about the book that I was up until 1AM finishing. Then she asked to go to Starbucks. I told her to let me get dressed and then when my dad got home on his lunch break, he dropped her and me off. I had a medium double chocolatey chip frap and my sister had FIVE, YES, FIVE chai teas. I was like, wow, drink up *name here*. Then, we walked home a few hours later through the awesomeee snow. She’s like “I don’t like the snow, Connor!” becuase she was getting all wet and I was like “you’re crazy.” Then when I got home, I let my doggy outside to take a peepee then I came in here to write this.  And I smell like coffee. Yuck. I keep getting whiffs of it off of my clothes. Ew. After my draft totally kerplunked away, I decided to (and still am, obviously) rewriting it. Also, I’m singing along to “Right Round” by Flo Rida. It’s such an infectious song! (oh, I sound like Clonez. AWESOME! :D) And Clonez just called me from school and we talked about snow days here.

In our conversation, we were talking about how we depend on our black asphalt streets to melt the snow for us, and if they don’t melt the snow, then we have to take off school, which happened today, even though it wasn’t actually snowing today. My city doesn’t spend money on salt trucks because it doesn’t regularly snow here, whereas in Clonez’s city, there’s salt trucks on every corner because it always will snow there every single winter no matter what. Hah, I need to move there, where I’m not off of school for a little bit of snow on the ground. 😛 oh wellll.

I’ve already had five snow days this year. My spring break is done. It’s five days off of school, and well, I have to make those five days up for the snow days. But my family and I have had plans for Ft. Lauderdale and we’re not going to just throw those plans away with my sister and my spring break. So I’m going byebye for those five days. I’m a lil’ rebel. Heheh.

The other day, I saw a movie called Taken and it was incredible. It was about a man who goes to search for his daughter after she and her friend are abducted in France. My dad and I were both definitely on the edges of our seats. Pretty kewl, eh?

Well I think that’s pretty much all I can remember typing from before. God I can’t believe my post disappeared.



A Collaborative Post
By Clonez and Connor

I know you want me. I am a cool, refreshing, revitalizing, glass of water. I know you see me just sitting there, waiting to be consumed. I know you want to just go out and reach towards my cool, shiny glass cup. You want to feel the curves of the glass. You want to feel the coolness soak into your palms as you pick me up. You want to slowly lift me up towards your dry, deserted mouth and just sip me in. You take small sips to enjoy the all-powerful quench of me. Or you might charge straight at me, and grab a quick gulp of me after a long game in the hot sun. You want to feel me as I hit the surface of your mouth, touching the sides of your tongue. Coating the walls of your mouth. You want to feel me wet the surroundings of your dry throat and leave you refreshed, feel me run down your esophagus like a roller-coaster. You need me. All of life needs me to function. So “water” (what are) you waiting for? Dive in!


The race is on. You decided to participate in the 3 mile long marathon race. It is a dry, hot summer day in July. You get in your running clothes and you are already starting to sweat because of the temperature. At the starting line, you feel the rush of adrenaline through your body. The gunshot goes off; you run to the end, not daring to stop, but continuing to pace yourself. You try not to use up all of that energy inside you, but you find out that you are running low on it. After all, the weight a person loses directly after intense physical activity is weight from water, not fat. (1) About a quarter way into the race, you feel the sun cooking you like an egg left on a hot sidewalk. You perspire like crazy. Your mouth starts to get dry and the thought of just “getting it over with” goes through your mind. There is something else besides that shiny golden medal that drives you to strive your hardest: it is that large, cool, refreshing glass of water that you get to drink right when you finish the race. Water, unlike all drinks on this Earth, gives us the energy nature intended us to use. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea, while made up almost entirely of water, also contain caffeine. Caffeine can result in preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body. (1)

H20 is my best friend forevarrr. But why? Because without it, I’d literally die! Water is one of the most essential nutrients for human survival. An average adult human can go about a month without eating food, but they can only go about a week without drinking any water. One time, I was in the desert and I was extraordinarily thirsty. And in summer school, I learned that if you’re stuck in the desert, to find cactus and suck on it. (yeah, they taught that in Arizona.) so I found a tasty little Prickly Pear, but before I could suck the agua out, I had to fend off a javelina with my huge biceps. After that javelina ran away like a little girl scout, I bit into that spiky gross piece of cardboard and sucked it like a lollypop! (NO, THAT NEVER HAPPENED SILLY GOOSE.) But they really do teach that. It’s absolutely imperative that you drink water regularly throughout the day; one is supposed to drink about three gallons of water per day. You have to always drink, even if you’re not thirsty, because by the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost 1% of it’s water content. (1)

But two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen ain’t just for survival y’all! It could also be used for recreational purposes. For example, I know like everyone reading this has been in a pool or to a water park at least once. Water is so versatile, you can use it for so many different things. One of my teachers also says that water-inclusive exercises are the best kind because no stress is put on your joints. That is because your body’s natural buoyancy offsets the effects of gravity in water.

WATER’S A PRETTY COOL ELEMENT STILL, THOUGH. oh my gosh, derp derp course it is. But aside from being wet and fun to play in, it has many distinct qualities that other elements lack. [I actually studied water in science at the beginning of the year.] The special characteristics are: universal solvent, capillary action, expands when frozen, and surface tension/buoyancy. (2) Universal Solvent means water can dissolve the most things than any other element can. What is capillary action you may ask? Well think about it; how do hundred foot trees get water to their leaves? They don’t suck the water through a straw. They use capillary action. Capillary action is when water defies gravity (oh yeah, I went there.) Try a little experiment sometime: fill your kitchen sink with water. Then, grab a paper towel. Dip the very tip of the paper towel in the sink, and what you’ll see is water going up the paper towel! Water expanding when frozen may not sound like much of a big deal, but it really is because it wouldn’t be a “unique” trait if all other liquid elements expanded when frozen. Evidence of this is when you freeze an entire bottle of water. If the bottle is 100% filled with water when you put it in the freezer, when you come back to check on it, the water bottle will have split. That’s because all the water molecules expanded. And finally, surface tension. Water has a very dense surface tension. You can’t really notice it normally, but think about when you do a belly flop off the high dive. Ouch. It hurts so badly because not only is your stomach so tender, but because the surface tension is so dense.

Water also has four main benefits. Thermal stress protector, UV protection, Food/Nutrient supplier, and finally Protection from gravity. Let’s talk about thermal stress protector first. Temperature differences between night and day and seasons differ little in winter as compared to land environments. Water in day absorbs sunlight, thus preventing Earth from getting too warm, but in night, water releases heat, preventing Earth from getting too cold. This creates wind and weather patterns on land. UV protection; water absorbs deadly UV radiation emanating from the Sun. Water refracts UV light into a harmless blue color that we commonly associate with the ocean. The reason water is blue when there’s a lot, but clear when you pick up a handful has to deal with UV absorption. There is not enough water in your palms to turn UV rays blue, so that’s why it’s clear when there’s not much water. Water is also a food/nutrient supplier. All food and nutrient items necessary for life can be dissolved in water thus making it easy for simple animals like jellyfish to get needed nourishment from just floating in water. More advanced organisms still use water based circulation systems to carry nutrients to their cells. Food also can be provided in three dimensions allowing for easy capture. (for example the food is in front of you, beside you, above you, etc.) As I said before, water protects from gravity. Animals in water are neutrally buoyant. No gravity affects water organisms. There is no need for strong muscles or bones. Gravity effects are extremely limited which also allows animals to achieve massive sizes that would never exist on land. (2)

Most comic books feature a main character who is a super-hero. This person is someone that people can depend on to save the day from injustice. They are kind, they help people with problems, and most importantly, they wear an awesome costume and cape and fly around the city. Well, water is a hero. It has all of those characteristics. Although it does not have a cool super-hero suit, it has a nice, flashy water bottle coating or a nice, smooth glass cup that it comes in – and you just need to praise the company for making those things in dedication to the all-mighty water! Water really is a hero. Water is used in almost every activity we can think of and even ones we don’t think of. We brush our teeth with it, we flush the toilet with it, we wash dishes with it, shower with it, clean clothing with it, and most importantly, we drink it. We don’t even bother to question where this household hero comes from. We are just glad that he or she is there to get the job done and make our lives easier. It is a shame that not everyone can enjoy the all-mighty hero, water. In many places in Africa or Asia, people have limited access to our hero. In a way, the villain is getting away with crimes. People try their hardest to bring the hero to those places to wipe out the villain, dehydration, yet it is very hard because our hero is not everywhere at once. Of the 326 million cubic miles of water on Earth, humans can use only about three tenths of a percent of this water. (1) We hope that eventually, the hero will be able to help the entire planet fight dehydration.

Just like all of the comic books have superheroes, they also have villains who cause chaos and destruction. Not only is water a hero, in a way, water is also the villain. I know that is not the first thing that comes to mind, but think about it: water is what caused hurricane Katrina to destroy the city of New Orleans. Water is what caused flooding all around the globe. Although we can not get enough of water to fill our quench, there is a point where we just have to stand back and say, “what are we getting ourselves into?” Flooding is a way of nature saying, “You wanted water, and now you’ve got it!” Water may be very helpful, but too much of it can be a pain to a large population of people. Not only does too much water hurt a country, it can also hurt your body if you drink too much of it. Drinking too much water too quickly can lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication occurs when water dilutes the sodium level in the bloodstream and causes an imbalance of water in the brain. (1) In most cases, the result of this is death. Yet, many people do not have to worry about it, because it is most likely to occur during intense athletic activity. (1) In conclusion, don’t let water be your enemy. Let it be your friend and have it help you through your daily life.

(1)  – Read, Learn and Know about Water . All About Water. 2 Mar 2009 <;.

(2) – Connor’s science notes from school.

Okay, oh my gosh, I am so being left in the dust

So I just *had* to write this post. Everyone else is, why not me?!

I guess I’ll start with my friendship with da boss, Clonez. SOOOO it started way back when when that uber cool CPIP item was to come out on Club Penguin. A worker on my (at the time) Club Penguin site lied that the item was going to be a pink and purple party hat. (you may have seen the picture on numerous WordPress blogs, yessir, I made that edit.) And so everyone was like OHMAHGAWD! PINK ADN PURPLE BETA HAT ZOMGZZZ!!1!!1! And then when the rumor came untrue, Clonez posted about it. [linky poo] And if you read the comments on there… well I was pretty PO’d at him. But for some reason, I wanted to be friends with him still. Well that is exactly what happened. He’s by far the best interwebzz friend I’ve made. He’s also the most personal. We communicate through lots of real-world methods. He’s pretty awesome, but of course you all know that! ;P We stay up latee on weekends (and heck, week nights too. Although I am forced to sneak on. Hehe.)

Okay, so you’ve never heard of me? Pish posh, you have now. I’ve been administrator on this site since like early January or late December or something rather. I don’t exactly do much on here, but oh well! I mainly just comment on Clonez’s posts. (Oh my gosh I am getting so tired of calling you Clonez, mister.) I have about a bajillion chat clients (MSN, AIM, Skype, ooVoo, blah blah blah) but since I am evil, and two of which are for real-world only friends, I’m going to give you my MSN and AIM addresses. MSN: and AIM: connorr134. That is if you even want to contact me. Hah.

I guess maybe a little info about moi? Hm. Well for a start, I’m fourteen and in the 8th grade. I live in North Carolina. I was born, however, in Arizona and I lived overseas for a year. wahoo! In school, science and English are my best classes. Math is poop. No likey math because math teacher gives too darn much homework. Even though I live in the south, I do not have a southern accent, and I hope to lordeh that I don’t ever develop one. I love making things in Photoshop and I also love swapping YouTube videos with mah bud, Clonez. I also like to write like I actually have a personality rather than like a robot with perfect, grammatically correct and fantastically structured sentences and all that crap. That is what school is for. Um. I think that’s just about it? Well if you want to learn more or even care to meet meh, you can chat. I like meeting new peeps. ❤

I guess I’ll see ya round! (or most likely not since I don’t write posts here, but I do on my non-CP site. [; )



Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of As many of you know, Independence day is coming up and as always, Club Penguin will not have a party for it because it is an American holiday. I totally disagree with Club Penguin’s decision. They should definitely have a party, but only on the American servers. There would be fireworks, like always, maybe the dock or cove could be turned into a picnic area with blankets set out and the iceberg could be where the fireworks are launched. It would be nice if the whole island were turned dark just like the Halloween party. It shouldn’t be something gigantic, but something to make us remember our identity. We don’t really need a free item, because everyone could just dress in red, white, and blue clothing. Here is last years party, not official; but look at that spirit: it is priceless!. To make it even, they should have an independence day party for the Canadian and British servers. For example, Canada Day is on July 1st, so there should be a party for that only on Canadian servers. I don’t see any problem with that, because all of the nations are getting what they want. If you have read the newspaper, you may have seen the picture of the fireworks. They look a lot more festive this year! It reminds me of the design used in the A Little Better commercial. Well, thats my opinion. There is a very good chance that Club Penguin will have a more attractive fireworks design than at the past parties.

It’s crud because it’s all bad.

I totally agree Connora. Rockhopper came on Friday leaving penguins upset with what he had brought this time: three item bring-backs and two item color-changes. It’s pretty awful. The new items are upsetting. They are getting to be a lot darker. For boys, the coat came back in a dull, gray color and for girls, the pirate dress turned out to be such a mess-up. As you can see in the image to the right, the pirate dress has gotten more detailed as Rockhopper visited. The first dress was plain and simple; just like an official Club Penguin item. The second one was baffling: it had a black rip in the side, which was quite pointless. The third dress; well, it looks like something the devil would wear. It has turned totally Gothic and I am guessing that Club Penguin was trying to make it look different from the ones that came in the past and they did a horrible job at it. Rockhopper’s items are definitely getting darker. Other than the items, the four rooms of the ship have been added temporarily again. The newspaper stated that G had installed a snow cannon 3000. Apparently, it looks exactly the same as it did when it was revealed in April.

There has been another problem on Frozen that occurred a few days before Friday. A couple of penguins have been seen in clumps at the dock and yelling at so called “bots” that say that they can hack clothing items onto penguins without even going on them. The problem is that penguins are falling for this nonsense. To accomplish something like that would be like getting into the hackers hall of fame. It’s impossible. Please do not get pulled into this garbage that the “bots” are promising. Hopefully they will go away soon. If you see one of them, report them immediately.

Over and Out!

P.S. I made an image on paint. I was thinking about what other multiplayer worlds would be like with different animals instead of penguins. Here is my idea for Club Panda:

It is totally fake, but I wish it were an actual game. Here are a couple of features that would be in Club Panda

Club Penguin Club Panda
Coffee Shop Tea Bar
Pizza Parlor Sushi Parlor
Forest Zen Garden
Dance Club Kung Fu Arena
Puffles Crickets
Dojo Dojo


Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147 .wordpress .com. You might have gotten off to a rocky start when first logging on today. Yes, there is an earthquake in the town and the buildings that are in it. The majority of wordpress sites are saying that this is a sign of the new mission. Who can’t agree with that? There was an avalanche one time, a flood another, and now there is an even bigger natural disaster. Many penguins are saying that this is the work of Klutzy the crab who, by rumor, was said to have cracked the glass of the window in the pool during the first water party. We all know again, by rumor, that he was the crab who reappeared during the second water party. Could the earthquake be caused by Klutzy? It probably was. Obviously, the new mission will have to do something with the underground. The first hint was the preview that Club Penguin staff gave away. It is looking up at the lighthouse. Hint number two is this; the earthquake. Obviously, earthquakes start underground, and that is most likely where this mission will take place. Here is one inference that I really liked:

So Klutzy Is Watching the Demonstrations On how the Flood Happened last year. He Goes Back And Reports to herbert. Herbert thinks that this is a Perfect Plan to destroy Club Penguin and he Wants to do it again so he Orders Klutzy to go and Crack the Glass. But The Agent is one Step ahead of them because he saw Klutzy watching the demonstration. And ummm well thats all i have figured out so far. Im Still trying to figure out where the sneak peek comes into all this lol.

The new mission is quite a mystery! Whatever it may be, we will figure out very soon!

The team is nearly finished the new secret agent mission–and believe me you don’t want to miss its release early next week!

Over and Out!