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New Music Video!

I also have a new Music Video! Check it out! I hope you like it.

Please comment, Rate 5/5, and subscribe if you haven’t! Thanks and enjoy 😉

New Music Video!

Hey Everyone! I made a new Music Video! Check it out. Hope you enjoy 😉

New Club Penguin Music Video

Hey Everyone! I made a new Music Video. Please subscribe if you haven’t, rate, and comment. Thank you.

New Music Video

Hey Everyone! I made a new Music Video. It has good effects and is one of my best videos yet. Check it out. Please rate, and Subscribe if you haven’t:

Bad Day sped up.

Hey guys, I’m jt and this is my youtube account

anyway, i did a video Bad Day and felt like speeding it up.

hope youlike it.

P.s. This video features Mikeoltio, Allstar, Topwater and ofcourse, one andonly Clonez. and me since I made the vid.

New Music Video

Hey Everyone! Today, I made a new Music Video for TNT Productions. This video featured Vital Flame who is part of my Production, and Basketball45. Vital Flame and I work in TNT Productions. The Video I made today is a Music Video for the song “The Diary of Jane” by Breaking Benjamin. I recently bought a new Editor and I used a lot of Effects from it on this video. Check out the new Music Video:

TNT Productions

Hey Everyone! Today, I broke up with MC Productions for our Youtube Production. I joined a new Production with one of the best video makers in all of Club Penguin! I am teaming up now with Vital Flame! We have started our own Production called TNT Productions! We have already made a new Video about us. Check out our new Video:

Vital and I both have a high amount of popularity on Youtube. We hope that joining together will be a new Era of Music Videos! We both make unique videos and put our whole effort into every video we make. We hope that you enjoy our Production Series and check back for more videos in the Future. There will be many new Videos that will be released very soon! Make sure to subscribe to My Youtube and also make sure to check out Vital Flame’s Youtube. We have some really good videos but the best are still to come. Stay tuned for more videos!

Waddle On
~Toronto & Vital Flame~