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puffleHello everyone! This is Clonez, lead writer for White puffles have been spotted all around Club Penguin. They have been found in the bushes on the outside of the Dojo and in the bushes at the top of the Ski Hill. The big question that I have is, “Where did they come from?” I know a lot of puffles have come in the past from practically the middle of nowhere. Let us take the Yellow Puffle for example. So, it just showed up in bunches around the island. Why hasn’t it been spotted before that date? There has to be some area of Club Penguin that these colored puffles have been hiding all this time. I would think it is a secret cave or something. A secret cave that has been hiding the many vibrant colored puffles. Not only did it hold the yellow, but also the many puffles to come: the orange, gold, and lastly the rainbow puffle will be last. My prediction is that there is some penguin in that cave. And one by one, he would release a certain color out into the wild to be located and domesticated. the white puffle seems to be a very mysterious color. Most people would associate “black” with mysterious, but it is the other way around because Club Penguin is such a snowy place that these puffles may have been hiding for quite some time now and we may have not have noticed. That is probably why this puffle came so late, because it had blended in with the snow and penguins might not have recognized it. I have two different opinions on what this puffle’s special ability/ personality is.

My first thought was that this puffle was going to be one that represented the Sensei in Club Penguin. They both are of a pretty light color and I can see why they would relate to each other. One reason why I would choose the ninjas is because this puffle has been hiding in the mountain range and like ninjas, this puffle is pretty mysterious. Not because it hasn’t been recognized until now, but because it blends in with the snow. It can go wherever it wants to on the island and still remain in hiding. Thus, this puffle must have special ninja abilities, like the Sensei. This would make sense because Rockhopper has his own puffle, the red one, and so why wouldn’t the Sensei have one?

I then thought that this puffle would be one of the snow, because that is where it is found the most. It would spend more time in the snow than any other puffle and its special ability would be making snow castles or something like snow forts. If it is snow forts, this puffle would like to spend time having snowball fights with other puffles. It would roll up a ball of snow, plop it on its head, and jump to throw it at something or someone. This could really explain it’s white color because it would help when it is in a snowball fight in order to hide from an opponent. Whatever it is, lets just hope we find out soon!

The white puffle has also been spotted in the game, Puffle Round Up. It is very hard to tell that it is there, because the color is so similar to the Pink Puffle, that it is very hard to tell them apart when they are tiny on the screen. It took me a while to realize in the game that I actually wasn’t rounding up a storm of Pink Puffles, but a mix of Pink and White ones. Even if you zoom in on a Pink and White one, it is still very hard to tell them apart. Club Penguin used a very light tint of Pink when they first created the Pink Puffle. That kind of brings some uneasyness into whether or not the white puffle will be a big hit or not. I’m worried that this will grow into a big problem. What do you think about the mismatching colors?