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A Collaborative Post
By Clonez and Connor

I know you want me. I am a cool, refreshing, revitalizing, glass of water. I know you see me just sitting there, waiting to be consumed. I know you want to just go out and reach towards my cool, shiny glass cup. You want to feel the curves of the glass. You want to feel the coolness soak into your palms as you pick me up. You want to slowly lift me up towards your dry, deserted mouth and just sip me in. You take small sips to enjoy the all-powerful quench of me. Or you might charge straight at me, and grab a quick gulp of me after a long game in the hot sun. You want to feel me as I hit the surface of your mouth, touching the sides of your tongue. Coating the walls of your mouth. You want to feel me wet the surroundings of your dry throat and leave you refreshed, feel me run down your esophagus like a roller-coaster. You need me. All of life needs me to function. So “water” (what are) you waiting for? Dive in!


The race is on. You decided to participate in the 3 mile long marathon race. It is a dry, hot summer day in July. You get in your running clothes and you are already starting to sweat because of the temperature. At the starting line, you feel the rush of adrenaline through your body. The gunshot goes off; you run to the end, not daring to stop, but continuing to pace yourself. You try not to use up all of that energy inside you, but you find out that you are running low on it. After all, the weight a person loses directly after intense physical activity is weight from water, not fat. (1) About a quarter way into the race, you feel the sun cooking you like an egg left on a hot sidewalk. You perspire like crazy. Your mouth starts to get dry and the thought of just “getting it over with” goes through your mind. There is something else besides that shiny golden medal that drives you to strive your hardest: it is that large, cool, refreshing glass of water that you get to drink right when you finish the race. Water, unlike all drinks on this Earth, gives us the energy nature intended us to use. Soft drinks, coffee, and tea, while made up almost entirely of water, also contain caffeine. Caffeine can result in preventing water from traveling to necessary locations in the body. (1)

H20 is my best friend forevarrr. But why? Because without it, I’d literally die! Water is one of the most essential nutrients for human survival. An average adult human can go about a month without eating food, but they can only go about a week without drinking any water. One time, I was in the desert and I was extraordinarily thirsty. And in summer school, I learned that if you’re stuck in the desert, to find cactus and suck on it. (yeah, they taught that in Arizona.) so I found a tasty little Prickly Pear, but before I could suck the agua out, I had to fend off a javelina with my huge biceps. After that javelina ran away like a little girl scout, I bit into that spiky gross piece of cardboard and sucked it like a lollypop! (NO, THAT NEVER HAPPENED SILLY GOOSE.) But they really do teach that. It’s absolutely imperative that you drink water regularly throughout the day; one is supposed to drink about three gallons of water per day. You have to always drink, even if you’re not thirsty, because by the time you feel thirsty, your body has already lost 1% of it’s water content. (1)

But two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen ain’t just for survival y’all! It could also be used for recreational purposes. For example, I know like everyone reading this has been in a pool or to a water park at least once. Water is so versatile, you can use it for so many different things. One of my teachers also says that water-inclusive exercises are the best kind because no stress is put on your joints. That is because your body’s natural buoyancy offsets the effects of gravity in water.

WATER’S A PRETTY COOL ELEMENT STILL, THOUGH. oh my gosh, derp derp course it is. But aside from being wet and fun to play in, it has many distinct qualities that other elements lack. [I actually studied water in science at the beginning of the year.] The special characteristics are: universal solvent, capillary action, expands when frozen, and surface tension/buoyancy. (2) Universal Solvent means water can dissolve the most things than any other element can. What is capillary action you may ask? Well think about it; how do hundred foot trees get water to their leaves? They don’t suck the water through a straw. They use capillary action. Capillary action is when water defies gravity (oh yeah, I went there.) Try a little experiment sometime: fill your kitchen sink with water. Then, grab a paper towel. Dip the very tip of the paper towel in the sink, and what you’ll see is water going up the paper towel! Water expanding when frozen may not sound like much of a big deal, but it really is because it wouldn’t be a “unique” trait if all other liquid elements expanded when frozen. Evidence of this is when you freeze an entire bottle of water. If the bottle is 100% filled with water when you put it in the freezer, when you come back to check on it, the water bottle will have split. That’s because all the water molecules expanded. And finally, surface tension. Water has a very dense surface tension. You can’t really notice it normally, but think about when you do a belly flop off the high dive. Ouch. It hurts so badly because not only is your stomach so tender, but because the surface tension is so dense.

Water also has four main benefits. Thermal stress protector, UV protection, Food/Nutrient supplier, and finally Protection from gravity. Let’s talk about thermal stress protector first. Temperature differences between night and day and seasons differ little in winter as compared to land environments. Water in day absorbs sunlight, thus preventing Earth from getting too warm, but in night, water releases heat, preventing Earth from getting too cold. This creates wind and weather patterns on land. UV protection; water absorbs deadly UV radiation emanating from the Sun. Water refracts UV light into a harmless blue color that we commonly associate with the ocean. The reason water is blue when there’s a lot, but clear when you pick up a handful has to deal with UV absorption. There is not enough water in your palms to turn UV rays blue, so that’s why it’s clear when there’s not much water. Water is also a food/nutrient supplier. All food and nutrient items necessary for life can be dissolved in water thus making it easy for simple animals like jellyfish to get needed nourishment from just floating in water. More advanced organisms still use water based circulation systems to carry nutrients to their cells. Food also can be provided in three dimensions allowing for easy capture. (for example the food is in front of you, beside you, above you, etc.) As I said before, water protects from gravity. Animals in water are neutrally buoyant. No gravity affects water organisms. There is no need for strong muscles or bones. Gravity effects are extremely limited which also allows animals to achieve massive sizes that would never exist on land. (2)

Most comic books feature a main character who is a super-hero. This person is someone that people can depend on to save the day from injustice. They are kind, they help people with problems, and most importantly, they wear an awesome costume and cape and fly around the city. Well, water is a hero. It has all of those characteristics. Although it does not have a cool super-hero suit, it has a nice, flashy water bottle coating or a nice, smooth glass cup that it comes in – and you just need to praise the company for making those things in dedication to the all-mighty water! Water really is a hero. Water is used in almost every activity we can think of and even ones we don’t think of. We brush our teeth with it, we flush the toilet with it, we wash dishes with it, shower with it, clean clothing with it, and most importantly, we drink it. We don’t even bother to question where this household hero comes from. We are just glad that he or she is there to get the job done and make our lives easier. It is a shame that not everyone can enjoy the all-mighty hero, water. In many places in Africa or Asia, people have limited access to our hero. In a way, the villain is getting away with crimes. People try their hardest to bring the hero to those places to wipe out the villain, dehydration, yet it is very hard because our hero is not everywhere at once. Of the 326 million cubic miles of water on Earth, humans can use only about three tenths of a percent of this water. (1) We hope that eventually, the hero will be able to help the entire planet fight dehydration.

Just like all of the comic books have superheroes, they also have villains who cause chaos and destruction. Not only is water a hero, in a way, water is also the villain. I know that is not the first thing that comes to mind, but think about it: water is what caused hurricane Katrina to destroy the city of New Orleans. Water is what caused flooding all around the globe. Although we can not get enough of water to fill our quench, there is a point where we just have to stand back and say, “what are we getting ourselves into?” Flooding is a way of nature saying, “You wanted water, and now you’ve got it!” Water may be very helpful, but too much of it can be a pain to a large population of people. Not only does too much water hurt a country, it can also hurt your body if you drink too much of it. Drinking too much water too quickly can lead to water intoxication. Water intoxication occurs when water dilutes the sodium level in the bloodstream and causes an imbalance of water in the brain. (1) In most cases, the result of this is death. Yet, many people do not have to worry about it, because it is most likely to occur during intense athletic activity. (1) In conclusion, don’t let water be your enemy. Let it be your friend and have it help you through your daily life.

(1)  – Read, Learn and Know about Water . All About Water. 2 Mar 2009 <;.

(2) – Connor’s science notes from school.

New Party for the Summer!

Hey guys! It’s me, Bigmokey2. The water party is coming back! Remember how last year the water party was caused by the pool flooding? Well, maybe the party will start from a tidal wave! I mean Club Penguin can’t do the same thing every year, right? Something else that might cause it could be an earthquake! Just think of this: Club Penguin almost covered with water! Because in the day time everyone’s online, maybe the earthquake will happen at night! Or maybe even a tidal wave! I just have one more prediction: maybe it won’t be a water party; maybe there are going to have global warming on Club Penguin!

That’s all until the next post!

~edited by Skydays147~