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Making Life Easy

What would you do if life had an easy button? If only all the pain and misery of life could be whirled away with the touch of a button. Unfortunately, we can’t always take the least difficult method to get out of that jungle of chaos and stress. In fact, that is what most attracts us to life: the adventure, the dare-driven stunts that keep us out of a world of complete boredom and dullness. Now that Winter Break is in effect, that is what this world has turned into: a shriveled up mess of unaccomplished, bleak, labor-less people who stay home all day and play games or watch movies. Winter Break is when the easy button comes into effect at full-throttle: relaxing people to a level way below the standard, causing them to procrastinate, become lazy, and ignore work when we come back in the New Year. I’ve been a victim to this labor-free routine for quite some time, and I hope that blogging will help keep me on track and disciplined so that I don’t get smacked with an overload of stress when I return from break. At its zenith the easy button would destroy the work ethic of humanity. At a lower setting, it would keep workers from going insane, which makes it welcomed quite sparingly in the form of a weekend. Although it is powerful when used, the easy button would be beneficial to our world, especially for over-worked people who wake up before the crack-of-dawn and come back late at night, exhausted. Let’s all ease life down a little bit.

Don’t You Just Hate That? – Fashion

If there is anything in the world
that students care about the most, it
is the way that they look. Every morning the same difficult decision pops up.
“Hey Becky, Do you think I should wear my new sparkly pink shirt? I really want

to, but I don’t know if Justin will notice me in it.” “Oh don‘t worry, girl! He’ll notice
you in that striped shirt you got at Abercrombie last weekend.” Clothes, clothes and
more clothes. The one thing that crosses our mind is whether our new pants or hat will
attract people’s attention. I mean, really! Who cares about education? Let’s all get dressed
up just to impress the ladies, or make sure that the hot guy from history class will notice us.
Yeah, let’s all strut around the most up-to-date, in-style duffel bag and completely ignore
those nasty, mold-encrusted textbooks with images of the life cycle of amphibians or the
reenactment of the civil war, with tables and diagrams of Confederacy in comparison to the
Union. Gosh, I remember that textbook! Remember back in August when mommy had paid
hundreds of dollars for it? The money that could be spent on the latest style of footwear? The
media  throws out      images of “What’s Hot” and ” What’s The Next Big      Thing,” and people
continue gobbling    that up like pigs attacking their dinner. This  is one      festering sore that

must be destroyed. All we care about is whether  we are on the “Hot” list or the “Not” list.
Honestly, the one thing some people are lacking is
individuality. No, I am not saying that we all have to
start wearing completely bland clothing, but maybe
some clothing line that isn’t inspired by the latest rapper
Lil’ Homedawg, with pants that are falling down halfway
between the thigh, exposing the striped boxers that lie
underneath. And forget tight clothing; forget all those tight
jeans and all of the other itchy, uncomfortable trash  that
is meant to cut off your circulation from overuse. Just be
yourself! Something original, something that says, “yes, this
is who I am!” It doesn’t require a skill of sewing to create a style
that matches your personality. If you are comfortable with the way

that you look, other people will  feel comfortable being around you.



PS: Seriously, Club Penguin? I’m not even going to go into it…

Don’t You Just Hate That? – Sneezing

Bang! Pow! Kaboom!
You tap the buttons on your video game controller repeatedly. You just have to defeat this one last enemy to beat the entire game. The lights in the room are turned way down low, the blinds are completely down, blocking out any little bits of sunshine that just want to crawl in the room. Time goes by quickly. It is already your fifth time trying at this monster and you haven’t realized that you had just wasted three hours that your mother said you should use to get ready for the picnic with your relatives who are coming over in three minutes.
Mom walks in, taps your shoulder and tells you to come out from your little dark cave and freshen up for the guests. You weakly get up; your feet are already falling asleep. A car honks outside; it’s your relatives and you haven’t seen them in months. You walk over towards the door. The sun is blazing down on you, not a cloud in the sky. You don’t realize exactly how bright it is until you make it out the door.
You feel the slightest tickle in the back of your nose. It grows and grows and you start to feel it is getting harder and harder to breathe. Right when your Uncle Eugene sticks out his hand to greet you, that little irritation blows up right then and there.
You explode into a orchestra of sneezes. One after another, that little tickle drops bombs of mucus and saliva out of the opening in your mouth, as if it had the power to blow up an entire building. Well, not exactly that kind of power. You wouldn’t go on an airplane and say, “Nobody move! Don’t make me use my all-powerful sneeze and blow this plane to bits of pieces!” But don’t you just hate that? And right in front of a whole festival of people!  They repeat “Bless you!” after each bomb explodes from the back of your throat. You are at the point where you are suffocating and bending down on the grass outside trying to get the last sneeze out. It’s as if you are having a mental breakdown, kneeling down with hands in the grass, just sneezing into the Earth and yelling, “MAKE IT STOP!!! ACHOOOO!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!” Well, maybe sneezes aren’t that dramatic, but that is exactly what is going on in your head when the sneezes attack. You might have to make a mental note not to jump into the sunlight that quickly next time.

Did You Know?
1. Sneezing can also be caused by sexual arousal, thinking of sex, and having an orgasm.
If you have a rare genetic disorder called “Snatiation”, you’ll sneeze after eating a big meal.
It’s against the law to sneeze in a church in Nebraska, USA.


Edited By Mark Savin