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Hey! I’m Guymed

Hello, I’m a new writer/editor for My penguin name is Guymed. I first started Club Penguin when I saw my sister playing it on the miniclip website, but at that time I thought it was a bit dumb. I then joined Club Penguin about 4 days later. I named my penguin Guymed because… I don’t know. My first item was an eyepatch. I did join Club Penguin before I got Guymed, but the e-mail for confirmation never came. That penguin’s name was Dillonhz. I first started blogging about Club Penguin somewhere in March 08. My first blog was But, then I deleted it and started I have the domains,, and You can contact me at, That’s me! I forgot to say that the year I joined CP was 2007.