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The Real Deal On Advertising III

Hello everyone, this is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com. I know people say that the sequels are always worse than the original.  But at least give me an A for effort. ;D


Using the computer is one thing that I can not go a day without. There are many websites that I just have the need to visit, including this website, my other website, Youtube, Facebook, Yahoo, AOL, Google. There are emails that I just need to check. If you did not know, I have four email accounts that I need to check regularly. And there is homework that has to get typed. If I were to be stranded on a desert island, one of the things I would bring is my laptop with internet connection. At home, I would zoom right up to my laptop as soon as I woke up and check to see if anything changed. Because of my love for computers and laptops, I decided that today’s post be focused on internet advertising.


No matter where you look, you are always going to see one form of internet advertising every day. It may be the smallest thing, but it is on the page. In 2007, the total amount of money spent on internet advertising was nearly 17 billion dollars. (1) Although it takes up only 6% of all of the advertising (1) , most of it is seen by people who have access to the web.


I have heard that advertising on websites changes as it gets to know you more. There is a thing called a “cookies” on your computer. defines it as a message, or segment of data, containing information about a user, sent by a Web server to a browser and sent back to the server each time the browser requests a Web page. And what it does is store information about you, which can be a good thing if you have a little bit, because you wont have to retype in login information or something. But if you have too much, it can be very dangerous because too much personal information is given away. Anyway, what it does is see what kind of websites you visit, and on those websites it will show advertisements that match who you are in order to make you want to click there. This is only accurate when you allow your computer to accept all cookies, which many people don’t choose. I actually think that this is a pretty good method of advertising. I am not into sports websites at all, so I feel comfortable that I do not have to see any sports related ads. The smallest piece of information can change a lot. There was this one Youtube video I watched that contained the classic Duck Hunt game by Nintendo, and when I went to look at Facebook, there was a Duck Hunt advertisement on almost every page. For all of you Club Penguin users, you probably see a lot of advertisements for multiplayer games online, like the frequent IMVU pop-up that I see almost every time I go on my piczo website.


Speaking of pop-ups, there is one type of advertisement on the web that annoys people the most. You may know of this kind of advertisement as the “You’ve been selected to receive a free iPod Nano!” or “Answer this question correctly and you’ve just won a free gift card to any restaurant of your choice!” Don’t you just hate those? It actually looks pretty convincing. So you look for any details, and of course, there are none. Oh wait, what is this? Do I see a little asterisk right at the end of the sentence? That little asterisk means a lot in advertising. It can be the difference between an excellent deal and the biggest mistake of your life. So you decide not to trust the ad. Has there ever been a time where you actually tried it out?  So you decide to click one, I mean, you have to do it at least once in your lifetime to see what it is like, and you fill out all of the information with a fake name, fake address, basically fake everything. And that email you put, that fake one which someone on the other side of the world has, will be totally spammed forever. And there is this point in the process, there is this long list of different restaurants and stores, and an endless number of pages. This is the point where you reach your impasse. You become so frustrated and there is no way to continue. The point of this advertisement is to make the advertiser money. There is a concept in internet advertising called cost-per-action, and first the page wants to obtain as many views as possible by drawing in an endless number of people to click it. Then, if the consumer does one of the following specifically defined actions listed on the page, then the advertiser is paid, and you just end up closing the window because of the deadlock.


Pop-ups are the most annoying of them all, they are like little pesky bugs that keep coming back for more. Yet, we have found ways to get around them by creating pop-up blockers to make sure that we never see them again. There are some cases where we need to turn the pop-up blocker off for a certain website, and that is only used if we need to see an important window that can only come up as a pop-up window. That is when the real ones start tumbling on to your screen. We all know the classic pop-up ads. There are the ones for, which bothers me so much. It says, “try and find your old class from when you graduated!” Who even needs to do that nowadays? There are social networking websites like Myspace or Facebook where you can stay in contact with people. It might have been different when our parents were around, but technology has changed, and that is why this pop-up bothers me. There are also ones that I see a lot for “mortgage rates are low!” and there is a dancing cartoon person next to it or something. More recently, pop-ups have been found in other forms of annoyance to people who even have pop-up blockers. They are found to pop up at the bottom of videos on YouTube. It is quite annoying to keep closing them every time you try to watch a video. Other video websites contain pop-up advertisements, such as MSN Video and MSN Video has them at the beginning of almost all of the videos you try to watch. has a 30 second commercial break pop-up several times in a full length show. So no matter where you go to get videos, there will always be a way for advertisers to get to you. Most of the time you can’t avoid them like commercials on television. My grandparents always mute the television and do something productive during the 5 minute commercial period. But during that 30 seconds online, it is almost like you are forced to watch it, waiting patiently for your feature presentation to come back on because you can’t do anything else in those 30 seconds.


There was this website that one of my friends showed me: Uncyclopedia. It was supposed to be a joke website of Wikipedia, and I just thought the content was hilarious. There was this one search page for the internet, and it showed it just like the layers of the ocean. There was the shore, which were websites like Google, Yahoo, AOL, and  Youtube. And the further you progressed into the ocean, the darker and more frightening the websites would get. At the bottom of that deep trench were websites that people would not dare to visit because of how absurd they are. Well, I thought to myself, and I believe that advertising is the same way. On the shore would be websites that have no advertising at all: Google, Wikipedia, Ask, and even Club Penguin could fit in. These websites are very well off; they have many visitors, and people enjoy the fact that they are advertising free. As you go deeper, the advertising starts to get pretty out of hand. Small clickable banners for advertisements start appearing. Then, pop-Ups start emerging, and finally you get to the point where it starts to feel pretty uncomfortable. There are websites that, no matter what you are trying to accomplish on the website, advertisements get literally in the way of everything. These websites are chock full o’ viruses. And you know what virus websites do, right? They work to find out your personal information and then mess with your computer. One thing they would do is use your email to send spam. Of course, that isn’t the only way spam occurs. It also happens when you fill out one of those email address blanks in advertisements. It is a way of them saying, “Thanks for visiting, but I have to make your life miserable by sending spam to your email forever.” Those spam messages can be pretty random at times. I know me and my friends get a lot of spam from some Irish Lottery that keeps contacting us to say that we have won. There is one spam email chain that I love to hate: the Bank of Africa one. There was a video on Youtube that made fun of this piece of spam by re-enacting it, and I could not agree more. I had such empathy for it because I was also a victim. Of course, these advertisements may be a pain, but it is pretty fun to make it a joke. You don’t have to take internet advertising so seriously sometimes. Instead, make it welcome, because those spam messages are going to keep coming for the rest of your life.


If you are a player of Club Penguin, you may wonder why the prices are so much higher than other multiplayer game websites. Well, the reason is because it really costs a lot of make a website advertisement free. A large amount of the money is used to pay for the website to keep it standing up straight, and so Club Penguin uses memberships to pay for that. Other important websites that are standing up, like Runescape, have advertisements on the homepage of the websites, which means their member prices are a lot lower than Club Penguins. Don’t think that Club Penguin’s member prices upset you, because if there were advertisements, it would probably be the same price as all of the other multiplayer games.


(1)”Industry Facts.” Thinking Forward. 2008. Performics. 4 Jan 2009 <;

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Copy Hit?

Well, today I was searching through Google. As I typed in “Multiplayer Games” many showed up. A couple of pages later, I found this website called Planet Cazmo. Planet Cazmo is by far a copy of Club Penguin. They have the old question mark page from Club Penguin where can become a member, change your password, and some other stuff. They have player cards, homes, a chat box, emotes, safe chat box, and even members! As I started to play with my brand new account, buddyboy, it seemed quite fun! That’s probably because it’s like Club Penguin.

That’s all until next post!
Update: heres there site

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