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Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147 .wordpress .com. I was previously looking on Google Earth to find the Club Penguin phone number when I noticed something rather shocking. If you have not noticed already, the website for Club Penguin is off– alot. Instead, the link is to a fan site for Club Penguin. This is probably the most ridiculous, disturbing advertising scheme for a Club Penguin fan site I have ever seen. The big question I want to ask, obviously, is “Are Club Penguin Fan Sites Going too far?” Google Earth is visible to millions of people, and it is a really easy place to find the phone number for Club Penguin and the address on it, just by searching in the search box the term “Club Penguin”. Something I really do not want to see is a link to some other website. How did they get their blog on Google Earth? It probably cost the owner of the website a ton of money to give “false information” about the Club Penguin Home Page. If you agree that this is pretty disturbing, please comment below. I really wanted to make people aware about this major topic.

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