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Where Is The Love?

(February 11th, 2010)

Dearest Planet Earth, with your many love-struck, little birds,

It’s the week before Valentines Day, and yes, I am feeling a lack of love in my life. All around me people are recieving special flowers from their lovers at school. All around me people are going about their daily love-making sessions in the hallway. I guess I could use the excuse that this event is a great distraction from my schoolwork, but that would make me sound like a hateful soul whose purpose is to break up any bit of happiness in others. It isn’t that I am jealous; I just don’t know how to express my feelings about such a subject. Luckily Valentines Day falls during the weekend this year, so I won’t have to put up with as much of the “holiday spirit”. Just to put it out there, what is the point of this holiday? It seems that its only purpose is to raise the ones connected by a bond of love, while smashing the rest in the dirt below. Year after year, I reflect back upon who cares about me and who I consider to be close at heart and I realize that there really hasn’t been anyone out there for me at school. I sit alone at lunch, I sit alone in the morning on the cold, filthy carpet floor hoping for someone to show up to sit by me. It’s tough. It really is tough to go through a day of classes without having anyone to express feelings with. We talked about conformity and Transcendentalism in English class today: about how hard it is for one to go against the grain of society, which I feel like I am pursuing every day. Emerson says, “For nonconformity the world whips you with its displeasure. The man must know how to estimate a sour face. The by-standers look askance on him in the public street.” Sitting at lunch, I felt looked down upon by the peers around me. I felt like a disgrace to be at the long lunch tables since a group of friends who were planning to sit where I was gave me such a sour look.  I really don’t want to have Connor as a person I rely on. He isn’t there for me when I actually need it, which is why I need to find someone who will care for me that I see every day in real life. Of course, going through every day alone gives me something special that many others do not: the ability to think for myself. I develop my own beliefs and causes at school which make me stand out as a unique character. Emerson continues by saying, “The great man is he who in the midst of the crowd keeps with perfect sweetness the independence of solitude.” As I continue to battle the common day’s conflicts, I remain strong and continue uninfluenced by the harsh tone of my surroundings.

When asked about what I will be planning to do on this upcoming holiday, all I have to say to respond is that I will do as I normally do any other day. I might even hang up some banners for Presidents Day to celebrate the 15th. After browsing the many exotic weblogs on WordPress, I have located one that demonstrates my feelings about such a “Valentines Day” that our society has grown to adopt. Click Here.


The Real Deal On Advertising VI

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of It is finally the weekend, and I feel that I might as well pack this weekend with consecutive posting.  Happy reading! 🙂


“The glory of friendship is not the outstretched hand, nor the kindly smile, nor the joy of companionship; it’s the spiritual inspiration that comes to one when he discovers that someone else believes in him and is willing to trust him with his friend.” This quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson explains how important trust is in a relationship. There are probably people in your life that you feel like you can trust on for everything. You feel safe letting the person guard something special of yours, like a secret. You feel like you can give special opportunities to that person that you can give no other. This might be the person who you can trust to print out those pages of your science report if your printer is broken or the person who you turn to when you are having a problems at home with your parents. This is the person who will help you study for that massive test in history class.  It takes a long time for this trust to build up and for the person to become one of your best friends. You would not feel comfortable asking one of these favors to someone you do not trust, which is what makes the spark of friendship so strong and influential. Just like the magic of friendship is so powerful, the magic of trusting a brand name in advertising is also powerful. Although it may not sound so strong at the start, it is very important to have a brand that you trust on.


Remember those days back when you sat in mommy’s shopping cart at the grocery store? You would watch mommy pick out the same Bounty brand paper towels, Kleenex tissues, Kellogg brand cereals, and Minute Maid juice boxes. Do you ever wonder why mommy always bought the same brand and she didn’t even bother buying Puffs tissues? The reason is because she has built a trust in certain brands. She feels comfortable buying certain brands because the other ones she finds are not worth it. This may be because of price, quality, quantity and other factors. Another reason why a person may buy a trusted brand is because their parents used to always buy that certain brand. It may not sound like much, but people are influenced by what their parents might have bought. Eventually, the whole family joins in and buys that certain brand. It just becomes an instinct to buy it. So don’t worry if mommy tells you that you can’t have those Lunchables snack packs. She just doesn’t have a strong trust for that brand because it is unfamiliar to her. There are some brands there have a world-wide trust because they just appear on almost every product. I am talking about those generic brands that do not have any part in this fight. For example, I know that the brand, Kirkland Signature has a wide variety of different products ranging from stainless-steel grills to medicines. The Kirkland Signature brand is trusted by almost everyone.


In some ways, the trust in advertising might be because of the mixed messages that “everyone’s doing it.” What exactly am I talking about? Well, if you see a crowd of people around some store at the mall, what would you instinct be? I know most people would just go over there to find out what all of the commotion is about. You get the idea that, because everyone else is doing it, why can’t I join in? Probably the most famous example of this is the Verizon Wireless commercials. I remember seeing them on the television: the same dorky man in the square glasses with a large festival of people behind him. That man is a huge icon of the company because he speaks well when we wants to tell people “everyone’s doing it”. Usually these types of commercials try and touch the heart more than the person’s sense of humor. They don’t try to make a joke of other products, like the advertisement with the old turtle couple named the Slowsky’s in the Comcast commercials. Instead, they try and obtain your emotional appeal and personal appeal. It is like those insurance advertisements. They want to leave a good impression that they are a nice group of people who are there to help you. They are also trying to show that they are honest, loving, caring people who will understand you. Although it may be quite boring to watch one on the television, these insurance advertisers are trying to touch your heart and make you start the first steps towards a new trust bond between you and the company.


There are some brands have have become quite a controversy among different families. These are the types of brands that completely clash with each other and there really isn’t a brand that dominates. Do you know what I’m talking about? I’m talking about the Mac versus PC. I’m talking about the Coke versus Pepsi. Let us start out by taking apart the controversy among Macs and PC’s. You may be thinking, “Oh, of course Macs are better!” or “Obviously PC’s are number one!” Well, it is quite impossible to tell which one dominates over the other. In fact, they are both very good computer systems and they both have their own set of flaws that make them both different. In Western Religions class in High School, our class was assigned to read through some pages in the book To Life! by Harold Kushner. We had just started studying Judaism, and I just found out from the reading that there is a part that has to do with this topic of trust. In the book it says, “We love Israel not because it is perfect, but because it is ours. We love our parents not because they are better parents than anyone else has, but because they are our parents. They gave us life and nurtured us. And we love Judaism not because we have examined its theological postulates and found them compelling and valid, but because it is ours.” What this reading is trying to say is that the reason we choose to buy a product that we trust is because we have grown up trusting it; it has gone through many generations in the family. It really is as simple as that. There is nothing better or worse than the one that we trust in. We just use the product because it is “ours” in a way. It is okay if people like one over the other because that is the one that they trust. That is one of their trusted brands when it comes to buying a computer because the person has grown up in a family that praises and uses a particular brand. Please, don’t even think about convincing another person to switch to the other. It just isn’t right because a person can not switch after many generations of getting used to the particular system. For example, if you are a Mac family, then you certainly are not going to get very far buying a PC computer for your house. I know my family uses solely PCs; I am not used to not having a right click feature on the Macs because I have adapted to using it so much on my PC.


Lastly, I feel like I need to end the Coke versus Pepsi controversy. Like stated before, they are both very good brands and it does not matter which one you drink. In fact, people really can not tell a difference between the two of them because the taste is basically the same. There was a science fair at my old school once. Those old fashioned ones with the Styrofoam display boards all over the place. One of the groups did a taste test between Coca-Cola and Pepsi; it turned out that not many people could tell the difference between the two tastes. I just thought that was kind of interesting. I know my family has grown up drinking Coca-Cola products. My dad is obsessed with Coca-Cola so much that he collects old advertising memorabilia from the company. If he hadn’t stopped collecting them, I swear it would have gotten to the point where I would get a scolding if I came home carrying a Pepsi bottle. The soda you drink really depends on the family that you have grown up in. For my dad, Coca-Cola, for the most part, is carried on by generations. My family has built the strongest trust in Coca-Cola products – more than any other soda. No matter where we are out in public: at Target, Walgreens, the grocery, my family always chooses to purchase a Coca-Cola products. I will talk more about Coca-Cola in my next post. But for now, I just want to say that.


Trusted brands are really a good thing to have in a society like this. By having a trusted brand of everything, you do not need to spend all of that time testing out which product you think is the best. For example if you want to order pizza, you go straight for the telephone and get that delivery from Domino’s Pizza, or Papa Johns or whatever place you like. You don’t go to the yellow pages and randomly choose a pizza place to order from. By knowing your trusted brand, you get the right product for you and you trust that it is going to work completely and be satisfactory.



Buddy Resquests

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of It has been awhile since my last post, so I figured that I should post on a subject that is not in the news: Buddy Requests. Have they gone too far? A few months ago when the updated version of Club Penguin came out, penguins could have unlimited buddies; that was fixed later on in the game. I thought it was a great chance to meet new people and get some new faces on my buddy list. Ever since the bug has been removed, my buddy list has been such a war zone in which everybody wants to be on it. Most of the time, when I want to add someone else to my list, I remove someone who has not been on in awhile. It is very upsetting, but it has to be done. Have you ever gotten that weird vibe when you see the penguin that you had just removed the day ago? It is very hard to deal with when you are a penguin in my position. Do you avoid them? Do you add them again? The decision just hurts so much. Anyway, I want to talk about the field guide of all the penguin “askers” out there.

The Annoying Asker

Chance Of Encounter: High

Description: Oh wow, this is a hard penguin to deal with. The Annoying Asker usually lurks in “cool” Igloos in their opinion or around penguins they think are “famous”. They usually repeat the phase, “Wanna Be Friends?” over and over again until you finally give in. For this type of penguin, they usually do not take no as an answer. When they do, the penguin makes you feel bad about yourself by putting on the depressed emote. This really lowers your status and if others are around, they will then think of you as a nasty person who is selfish.

How To Deal With This Penguin: There is only one way I know of to deal with this penguin, and that one reason is lieing about technology problems. Tell the penguin that he or she is already on your list. This will confuse him or her into thinking that there is just some problem with his or her buddy list. Another way using the technology problem technique is to say “I asked you already.” I do not know why it works, but it is guarenteed that the person will try and do something about the problem or just leave.

The Insane Invitationer

Chance Of Encounter: Medium

Description: This penguin asker is a little more moderate than the Annoying Asker. Usually, there is some combination of “Wanna Be Friends”-ing and sending postcards. This penguin usually approaches once for the ask and then moves to another part of the room if you do not answer to send post card bombs at you. The good thing about this type is that they give up easily after they have sent a couple of postcards.

How To Deal With This Penguin: Hide in the corner of the room (the area where your penguin name is hidden but you aren’t) for example by the chat bar. The penguin will think you have left and will stop sending postcards. They usually will not bother using the players in the room card.

The Talkative Type

Chance Of Encounter: High

Description: The Talkative Type’s tactics are very smart. In fact, this might be the only type that is actually considered a true friend that belongs on your list. This penguin usually asks a lot of questions to you or talks about them self to try and get to know you a little more. You can find this penguin in any room in Club Penguin depending where you are. What is different about this penguin is that it is exactly the opposite of the other ones. This one actually waits for you to say “Wanna Be Friends?” to them.

How To Deal With This Penguin: This is an easy penguin to deal with if you have a full slate on hand because you feel sorry for yourself that you did not add him or her. If you have an alternate penguin that is a member or that you go on alot, tell them that so that you can be his or her friend. If you do not really want to add them, you can just tell them that you will try and look for him or her in Club Penguin when you log on so that you can hang out some more.

The Do-Whatever-It-Takes

Chance Of Encounter: Low

Description: This penguin is usually the light of the room in Club Penguin. They are found in igloos or any popular room in Club Penguin. He or she (usually he) will do basically whatever it takes to make themselves unique from the rest. They will try and make themselves noticed by the entire room usually by lieing about what is inside of them.The penguin will then go up to you when they are done and ask to be your friend.

How To Deal With This Penguin: if this penguin is in the middle of making themselves look like the light of the room and they are after your attention: leave while you can; I know its hard because you probably have other friends in the room. If you are to slow to leave and the penguin asks. Just go with the steps I had talked about before with the technology issues.

The Rare Requester

Chance Of Encounter: Low

Description: This penguin is usually not found in a crowd, and when they are it is usually a shy penguin who does not know exactly how to stand up for his or her self. Anyway, this penguin only asks a “Wanna Be Friends?” once. Or, this penguin only sends one postcard.

How To Deal With This Penguin: This is the only type of penguin that you do not really have to deal with, because by the time you go up to talk to the penguin, he or she will probably be out of the room.

The Been-There-Done-That

Chance Of Encounter: Medium

Description: This type of penguin requester only applies to penguins who have a Youtube account, a website, or any type of media that can be found on the internet. This penguin may be a combination of the any of the ones above that I have mentioned. Usually this person adds on a line about “Hey, Ive seen your Youtube video!” or something like “I love your site!” Even though you want to add them to your buddy list, don’t get cocky, this penguin is not a friend; it is a fan. Fans are far different from friends. Friends help you with problems and like to hang out with you. Fans are people who stalk you and only like you for your penguin and not what you are like inside.

How To Deal With This Penguin: well, you can at least be polite to the Been-There-Done-That because if you let the penguin down in a mean way, there is one less viewer for your Youtube page or your website and that can make a big difference in the long run. Say a lot of “thank you” ‘s and when the penguin asks you, go with the technology issues I had talked about before.

I know it sounds a little weird to categorize penguins by the way that they ask to be your buddy, but this list is only trying to help you when you encounter these problems. Last but not least is the one type of penguin who I talked about before in the introduction:

The Former Removal

Chance Of Encounter: High

Description: If you ever remove a penguin and then see the penguin again in the game, you know that this is a hard type to deal with.  Half of the time, this penguin will gladly add you again because you are a great friend to him or her. The other half of the time, this penguin will never speak to you again because of what you did.

How To Deal With This Penguin: if this penguin is the talkative type, you will have no problem talking to him or her because this penguin will understand. When this penguin asks “Why did you remove me?” repeat the same sentence back to them. This will confuse the penguin into thinking that he or she removed you by mistake. This tactic really works and helps to take the blame off of you. If you have an alternative penguin, log on to that penguin and add him or her with that one. This type of penguin will understand and gladly accept your buddy request. Like I said, the former removal might be the type that will never speak to you again. This usually occurs when the penguin is older than yours by a certain amount of time. Try and avoid this penguin at all times, unless this penguin formally comes up to you to talk.