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Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of I don’t know about you guys, but ever since the bunny ears came out on Easter, I have been getting confused about who’s old and who isn’t. Pictured at the left are the two bunny ears: the blue and green on a blue and green penguin. Close together, they might not look exactly the same, but from a distance, it is enough to get you confused which is blue and which is green. I do think this is a problem. The items look almost identical, and they would be identical if you were color blind, but let us stay on topic. I think that Club Penguin has been releasing alot of items that fall into this situation. Take a recent example: the magician’s cape and the superheroes cape. These are almost identical. The capes are shown at the right. (Unfourtunately, I had to edit the black cape because I did not have it, but that is pretty close ot what it looks like). They are in a full shade of black in the front view, and the only way to tell whether the penguin is old or not is to look at their side view. Their SIDE view. It is so easy for a newer penguin to just avoid sitting profile, and they get mistaken for what they aren’t. I think that Club Penguin should stop doing this. It is very annoying to everyone that is old and if they wanted to bring something back, they should just do it, instead of creating a cheap, knock-off of the original. If you agree with this, comment below.