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Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of Many of you have been wondering what I have been doing recently on Club Penguin. You might have seen me play Puffle Round-Up for a bit and then log off. Well, wonder no more! There was a purpose to all of this. I played Puffle Round-Up 300 times. Please don’t think worse of me, because I did this over a course of two weeks in order to give you some statistics that might help in your coin earning. Well, after I played 300 games, I made a graph of all of my scores:

The higher the number is, the more often I obtained that many coins. 98 turned out to be the coins that I received the most, but it was a very close tie with 96 and 95 also. My highest possible coin earnings turned out to be 106; the lowest could be anything if you don’t try at all. Out of all of the games I played, my average score was 95 coins. I wanted to find out more information, so I timed how long the game would be if my score were 95 and it was 13 seconds. That means you can obtain about 7.5 coins per second when you play Puffle Round-Up. Or at least, when you are me. But I am assuming I am an average player, so these statistics could represent anyone.

I might come out with some more statistics and find out more on what the best coin earning game in Club Penguin is. I know it wasn’t the greatest idea to start with Puffle Round-Up, but this was an easier one to do.

Over and Out!

PS: The New Mission Is Out!

This Week’s Wackiness

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of It has been a while since my last post, and I hope many of my frequent readers did not think I quit or anything. Anyway, about the Club Penguin Clock: there has been a lot of trouble going on with it, as you can see. When I checked my igloo the day that it broke, the grandfather clock, nor the hanging wall clock, were broken. When I checked the wristwatches (the gold one brought by Rockhopper [yes, I have that] and the silver one in the clothing catalog), they were not going crazy either. Well actually, it is hard to tell because they are so detailed, but I got a close up and they were not spinning uncontrollably. In the penguin times that was released on Thursday, there was a picture of a red penguin looking at his watch which apparently, from the detailed movements, was spinning in circles. I took this quote from the penguin times:

Meanwhile, some other clocks in Club Penguin have started going haywire as a result of being connected to the Clock Tower – Penguin Times.

It is obvious that Club Penguin did not circuit everything, because they said “some”. But why are the wristwatches mentioned. Actually, the wristwatches were always broken. They never change time on your penguin when you are wearing them. I heard on some website that the day before the clock broke, it was switched to eastern standard time, which is three hours later. Is this for real? I never actually saw it, but that is believe-able for me.

In other news, there is the new homepage. Personally, I don’t like it as much as the old one. The older one was a lot more organized and I really liked the style and the way it looked. This one is basically just a giant photo with some captions under it. It is also a lot harder to find pages in the new homepage. Everything is all jumbled up and in random spots, which makes difficult. I also miss having the Club Penguin Poll and the Blog right in front of me when I go on. Another thing about the home page is that the ninja is gone. Do you think that is a sign that Club Penguin rejected that idea? Does Club Penguin have other plans instead of using a ninja? What do you think?

Also what came out this week was the new furniture catalog. I really enjoy the farm theme that they chose because it really freshens up the igloo. My favorite piece of furniture this month would be the vegetable garden. There is a wide variety of plants to chose from and it looks great. The only problem with it is that you can not tilt it to face one direction. when you press left or right, the sides expand for some reason…? I don’t know what that is all about but it seems pretty pointless. A lot of penguins are enjoying the new security camera. I think that it should have been released only to agents in the PSA because it seems to fit the theme very well. It goes along with the CPIP theme, and it is almost the exact one on the home page. I think there is a problem with the tracking. It is supposed to follow your mouse, but when you put your mouse pointer right in front of the camera, it is not facing straight, instead, it is on a slant towards the right. Pretty unusual…

There have been lots of problems with the furniture when it came out. There was this really nasty, wicked bug that Club Penguin caught at the end of the weekend. The bug made it so that when you buy a new item in the catalog, it would not show up in your inventory and when you had a new item in your igloo and you bright it back to your inventory, it would disappear. This is pretty annoying, because I kept losing coins whenever I tried to buy something. I probably lost ten thousand coins because of this over the weekend. Of course, nobody is worried about this now-a-days because everyone hacks/glitches their coins on them. Personally, I am one to follow by the rules, but let them do whatever they want. Okay, back on the subject. The bug is now completely erased. It took me a while before I got the guts to buy another piece of furniture, but it is in fact gone. I sent an email of complaint to Club Penguin over the weekend about the coins disappearing. It seems that they take these kinds of emails very seriously and so here is their response:

After upgrading our servers, we experienced a glitch where certain accounts appeared to be missing some clothing, pins, backgrounds and colors that had been collected. We’ve fixed the problem now, and your inventory should be back to normal. If you are still having problems with your inventory, please reply back to us and we will be happy to look into it further. I have now added 4000 coins to your penguin account ‘Clonez’ so that you can purchase some of the items you have lost. I hope that this helps. If there is anything further we can help you with please do not hesitate to contact us. -Club Penguin Support

Okay, the point is that if you are one of the victims of this bug, it is a good idea to contact Club Penguin because they will give you your money back, like they did for me.


Over and Out!

PS: Many of you have not see Grim Reepa on this site in a while. I just wanted to let all the frequent viewers know that he just got a really cool program called flash, and he is making an animated series with it that he told he about a week ago. He said that he will be on this site every time to time to check in and read comments, posts, and what-not. He will be on Club Penguinand he will usually be on the server, Frozen.