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This Party Tops the Charts!

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Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of The title tells it all! The April Fool’s Day Party is a huge success, with only THREE rooms undecorated (four if you include agent headquarters). I believe this party was the most unique from the rest, and I am seriously not lieing when I say that. I loved the artwork at this party. Whenever I go on Club Penguin during the parties, I always see the same art; finally, Club Penguin went over the limit with styles I could not even imagine them doing! Below are the twelve styles that stood out:

When Club Penguin gave the sneak peak, they showed the paper style in the pet shop. I think that this one reminds me of those baby shows like Blues Clues and a bunch of other small cartoons I watched when I was little. On the blog, it really looked like they spent a LONG time cutting out paper! Style number two is an “inverted” color scheme and it is located inside the sports shop. I am familiar with this style because it can be found on the paint program on many PC computers. It makes the room look like a negative of a photograph. Speaking of photographs, in the gift shop the room looks all “antique” or something. It looks like a portrait and this can probably be found on any old photoshop program. Style number four is a blurrified (if that even is a word) photo and the pixels are messed up frighteningly. This is located inside the night club and dance lounge.

In style number five, I am still debating with myself wheter it is watercolor or colored pencils; or maybe both. But anyway, I think it looks fabulous in the pizza parlor. The style really jazzed up the place and I wish it stayed that way forever. In style number six, Club Penguin revealed the sketch of the beacon and lighthouse; they were probably saving their drafts until the day. The person is a very talented artist, and it is nice to see the framework of some popular rooms. Style number seven is actual photography, I think Club Penguin just filled a bucket of water with ice and took a photo. I am not sure what the stick is on the side. Some penguins suggested that it was a finger, or a piece of wood and I thought it was one of those fancy biscuits. In style number eight, it is definitely crayon. It was definitely drawn by a five or six year old, maybe one of the kids of workers at CP. This is actually my favorite style from the rest. You might think that is a little weird for me to say that, but it is so personal why I like it.

Style number nine is a standard drawing made on Paint program with no shading or extra details. This was probably done by a slightly older kid than the crayon boy/girl. I still like it because it is very unique. Number ten is standard Club Penguin style with a twist: it is totally abstract. There isn’t that much of the style to notice though. Style number eleven is the whole room flipped upside down. This could be accomplished on any image program basically and the only room flipped is the forest. I think it looks really cool because it is like you could just fall “up” and it is very confusing. The last style is all in pen, it looks like. This is found on part of the lighthouse; inside and out. It looks like it was doodled on paper or scribbled in a notebook; something a teen would do. I like it alot, but there is not that much to enjoy of it.

And now for the overall party rating. I feel that Club Penguin worked extremely hard on this one and it took a long time to design all of the rooms. The free items were suffice; the creepy glasses saved the rare penguins from rising up because it gave them something new to wear. I do not see anything wrong with what they did. I can not think of any other styles possible to add to this. I like it alot.

Overall Party Rating: ****


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Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a puffle? It seems like the moderators were being a little too nice when they transformed ALL THE PENGUINS INTO PUFFLES ON THE TEST SERVERS. They actually decided to extend this until the end of the weekend! When you log in to any test server, you can still wear your penguin clothes, but it floats over you as you scamper around the rooms. You can actually buy a puffle as a puffle! Very creepy, but you can have your own puffle junior at your side. Enjoy Club Puffle while it lasts.