The Road

(April 5th, 2010) Dear Planet Earth,

miles of
the shoes
on your feet,
there is such
an intense
feeling of
the vast surface of
the crust of the Earth.
This feeling, this tingling
sensation that drives
through the body makes
one empowered with a
burst of energy. The driver
becomes the captain of the
seas,domineering over the
road. Objects whirl past the
window in a matter of seconds
as the rubber tires endure another
feisty mile along the sizzling pavement,
 fried from the direct sunlight. The
landscape is similar to the picturesque 
scenery in those all-terrain vehicle
commercials. Road trips profoundly bring
out the quite meaningless but extraordinary
elements of your surroundings: the endless
fields of crops growing in the countryside, the
ancient wooden farmhouses breathing with
mysteries of a forgotten past, silos shining like
stars under the strong  heat of the blazing sun, fence
posts holding hands and cheering from along the sides
of the road for the metal machines that zip across from one
end to the other. Who can forget the rusty trucks with flaps
waving in the strong current of the wind or lugging some top
heavy machinery for miles. The experts, professionals,
geniuses of the road pulling
 on for more action on the elongated
network of highways and expressways. Who could forget the
awkward squeeze of passengers in the backseat, dreamily staring
out the window, pleading for an intricate sideshow on the wild
prarie grass, attempting to start that short piece of literature
wedged between the leather of the seat and the leg of the adjacent
person, all while zooming through the vortex of space at ninety miles
per hour. Trudging past the buffet of mixed messages circling the front
window of the vehicle: the advertisements for fizzing drink products or a
spectacular attraction at
 an upcoming exit. There’s just so much more
of a world out there on the open plains that any city-dweller, rushing
from malls to offices, apartment buildings to daycare centers, grocery stores
to cinemas, tends to avoid. Not once in life is there an opportunity of seeing a
clear, immaculate perception of that ominous horizon line hidden behind the
summits of buildings and tree branches. Not once in life have the clouds been painted
so delicately across the sky, leaving minute bursts of heavenly blue hue in certain  
areas. The road is out there. it may be a crooked, jagged, path, but it will never be forgotten.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by pcrox on April 12, 2010 at 1:03 pm

    Woah dude you seriously quit CP? You were a big hit! Well I don’t know if you remember me, Kuhkashie? Yeah I quit CP. After about two years of playing I finally got noticed, lol. But then I quit because I got bored. Well, I saw your post about those games with PC and Dragon Play and Pandanda and whatever. I have gotten into Planet Cazmo, now I have a site about it. Im kind of disappointed that you quit Club Penguin. I’ve grown out of it too, and now moved on. But whatever, its your decision to play what you want. I may actually try DragonPlay to see if that will work. I doubt it. I checked in 2009. Nothing.
    Well, I wasn’t expecting this site at ALL. I was still expecting to see The Penguin Tribune! Oh well, thats life.

  2. Hey kuhkashie. Sorry I didn’t respond too quickly to your message. I’ve been busy, but now that I’ve gotten the chance to write I ought to tell you that I’m glad you caught back with me. It isn’t very often that I see any CP buddies come on this webasite anymore. Yes, I did sort of slip away from the penguin scene pretty slowly. I gradually lost interest and then I thought, what the heck am I doing? I’m 16 (17 in a month in a half) and I still play a game designed for kids a lot younger than me. I never had a formal goodbye since there wasn’t anyone around that would miss me. They all left before I had gotten the idea to myself. The game really has evolved into this crazy mess and I gradually felt that I didn’t belong anymore. I felt like it was telling me to just back off and do something else. These negative vibes eventually drew me completely out of it all. In general, I’ve really abandoned all form of computer games. Don’t get me wrong, though. I go on at least once in a while, but I have never felt the slightest attatchment. I’ve been busy with other hobbies and interests such as reading or listening to music: things I never even dreamed of doing before I cut myself free from CP. The only thing that remains of it is my memories (slowly fading away), my penguin (never logged on to), and my nickname, which lives on through my posts. It is the only way that others from the past can identify me and so I decided to keep it. This website still has everything from the past. I never deleted a single blog entry from before I “quit” so that others can look back on it when they visit. As for this website: I will never delete it. I wouldn’t be that hurtful as to ruin the “evidence” that I’ve built up. I still continue to post every once in a while on topics that come up in my head to express myself. Although it may not be as appealing to some, it makes up who I am and what I want to do with this glorious website that means the world to me. Really, the only thing left to say is to keep coming back every once in a while if you are curious what this pal from the past is up to. I always enjoy reading comments from the people who visit.


  3. Posted by Beta Kuhkashie on April 28, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Yep. You’ve worked really hard, and it’s a really good site. I don’t go on as much as I have in the past. I’ve quit myself. I’m really glad you continue to work on it. Shows that you really commit yourself to it! I have tried a few recipes you’ve put on, and I loved them!
    If you’re wondering how I found this site again, I was just sitting around, bored. I was thinking about things I used to do in the past. The idea of this site just kinda came into my head. So I went on and thought I had misspelled the website.
    At first I was very disappointed that I saw these posts, but then I actually got really happy. I’ve been looking through the articles from 2008, and I’m really surprised that you’ve actually kept those ClubPenguin posts.
    I’d expected you to delete them, despite the time. I’ve been comparing those posts to these. They really have changed and evidently you have matured.
    Sorry to bother you, if any, and I really do appreciate all that you’ve done to help the ClubPenguin community. Every once in a while I see random youtube videos saying goodbye to you. When I first saw this site, I actually did expect you to end the website. I thought you’d quit at 15, but instead it seems at 16. So, when you turn 17 post and I’ll make sure to wish you a happy birthday 🙂


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