Real Deal On Advertising VIII

Billy MaysI remember first seeing him on the television, he was advertising his most notable product, OxiClean, the incredible stain remover. I kept on thinking, there is no one on the planet who can give such a wild roar to the audience as him. He talked with such enthusiasm and pride, and he really put meaning behind every word that he said. He would go beyond any limit just to show the usefulness of all the products he advertised.  I remember watching his show Pitchmen on Discovery Channel a few weeks before he passed away. He  smashed his hand with a hammer just to show how tough some shoe insole is. Not only that, but he even agreed to let his hand get run over by a car. There has never been and will never been anyone with that much enthusiasm towards advertising products for everyday life. He was clearly dedicated to fulfilling his job as a pitchman. We probably all remember seeing some advertisement featuring Billy Mays while he was alive. The Awesome Auger, Big City Slider Station, Gopher, Hercules Hook, Kaboom!, Mighty Mendit, Mighty Putty, Orange Glo, and most importantly, OxiClean, were among some of the many products that Billy Mays had to offer consumers.
There was only one man on the face of the Earth whose massive yelling power has never bothered a single soul. His methods of persuasion were just out of this world; he attracted the spending of many consumers to buy the wide variety of products he had to offer. He had made just so many inventors’ dreams come true. With his majestic  all-powerful beard, he used his signature facial expression to woo people from all around. Billy Mays, who has been dead for exactly three months, will never be forgotten. He is a strong figurehead in the history of advertising.


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