Clonez: Over the past few months- and maybe even years, I have tried to find a game that is similar to Club Penguin. A game that has been recently created so that I could become a beta for it. I know Club Penguin has a highly selective group of penguins who have been chosen to wear “the hat”. Over the years, there have been many things that have caused the number of beta penguins to decline. It could be that their penguins was banned forever. It could just be growing up. It could be that they were angry because Club Penguin changed their name to Penguin*so-and-so* because it was only 3 characters long. Whatever the reason, betas in Club Penguin are not only rare to have a beta tester hat, but they are also rare to find. In this day and age, many people realized that they needed to join another game to become a beta- to see what it is like to wear that crown of authenticity. There are two types of games that come out: the serious games and the not serious at all games.
It all started for me with the “so called” release of the game Waddle World in 2007. I had heard about it on a website and how it was coming out soon. It was supposed to be exactly like Club Penguin in many ways. Unfortunately, the game never came. I realized that a group of kids under 18 were creating it. These people were definitely not serious about creating Waddle World, and so it was a complete disaster.
If you may have noticed from the past on this website. I have advertised for Sunny Tropical. In fact, it is still here on the widgets to this day. Well, it was “way back then* that I realized Sunny Tropical was going to be a game that would be coming out soon. It turns out that they have closed themselves off from the world, leaving no updates on their website.
Another game that I have been following recently is called Dragon Play. This game is still not out yet. I really doubt that they are serious with their creating of it. Way back in 2008, they put up a slogan to draw some attention to the year. “2008: the year we have all been waiting for.” This directly implied that Dragon Play was coming out in 2008. Yet, they lied, and now I doubt this game will come out for another few years.
There have been other games that have been pretty serious with they development. Some were serious, yet their game design was kind of pointless. I was shown the game Dinosaur Junction in 2008 by a friend. Nobody ever logs on, it is a complete ghost town, and the games are pretty boring.
Then came Panfu. Panfu was a very cute game in a way. Yet there were way too many features that were locked. There is not much to do if you choose not to pay. The games are too similar to Club Penguin.
I am really impressed with Planet Cazmo so far. It was actually the first game that I saw the creator actually put effort into and was serious about it. They just completed beta testing a couple of months ago and are far into creating their multi-player chat world.
And then came Pandanda…

Hello everyone this is Dublanous1, technical admin. of
There is a new game called Pandanda, you can see it at
It is much like Club Penguin in many ways, but is very interesting, I suggest you check it out. It is so much better than Panfu, which is totally focused on younger children. This one is focused on just a little older crowd. They are doing Beta testing now as well.


The concept is basically pandas walking around, you can do the same things like dance, sit, and wave as you can in Club Penguin and you can type what you want in the chat bar.

Instead of igloos, you have Treehouses that you can design and make; since is still in beta, you don’t need to pay to buy clothing and furniture. Me and Clonez and Connor went on and we enjoyed it. Something that you can’t do in Club Penguin is sleep; but I guess pandas are usually sleeping, so there is the ability to go to sleep.They look so cute when they are sleeping, too! They wear a little striped sleeping cap on their head and make the “Zzz” above them.

You can dress up your Panda too and buy clothing for it! Another interesting thing is how at nighttime, it looks like nighttime in the game, and in the daytime its sunny and bright; very interesting. There are stores you can buy at. You are given 2000 coins right when you enter to use on furniture or clothing. Yet you can always ear more coins from games. There are many more ways to make coins other than games games: collecting garbage, picking fruits and veggies and even fishing! One concept that is really copying Club Penguin is how there is a room called the den that has find four, but its called Line four instead, kind of like the lodge in Club Penguin. The bad thing about the game is that there are some places that are closed, like the movie theater and there is a club that is closed. Yet, this can be understood, because Pandanda is going through beta testing right now, and so they are still developing a lot of different parts of the game.


Overall it is great and I hope you get to try it!


11 responses to this post.

  1. cool guys. ;D

    if i think of anything not in there i might add it in,

  2. Posted by Corey828 on March 10, 2009 at 2:47 pm

    I just made an account on it. Do you if there are any other ways of making money other than the memory game and the dragon game?

  3. ya, there are a couple of games in the place that are multiplayer, like the line four game and the pig square game.

  4. Also, Corey, you can collect fish, go to the fishing hole and buy a fishing rod, (which I think gives you the most coins) but also, you can collect cans or go to the orchard, there are people scattered around that will buy the things, mostly in the east market village.
    Hope That Helped!

  5. Posted by Corey828 on March 10, 2009 at 5:32 pm

    Ok, thanks. By the way, when I made my panda, I tried to name it Corey828, but it would not let me. So my panda name is “888888” What are your names in pandanda? WE should meet up so we can be buddies.

  6. I am… skydays, and sky is clonez, yeah, I know its wierd, but I couldnt get Dublanous or Dublanous1. Connor is Connora

  7. Posted by Sassie on March 10, 2009 at 8:57 pm

    I made an account last night, Of course i used the name Sassie XD thats kinda the name i use for everyting. I like the game its pretty fun and the sleeping is very cute. I just want to go into the game and cuddle with the sleeping Panda XD

  8. I signed up for the game, it’s pretty cool. Oh, and Clonez (or Skydays147), has a user named dz3475 comment on here before? Because that’s my old WP account.

  9. no, I don’t see any comments with the name in it. sorry

  10. Posted by dancerbri on March 13, 2009 at 3:21 am

    hi I’m Dancer Bri (my penguin name is bdabda) I’m jacknovozin’s cp wife. Nice blog!

  11. Do you play Pandanda? Well, if you do and you really need some awesome cheats than come on down to our blog with all kinds of Pandanda cheats at *~DELETE~*

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