Okay, oh my gosh, I am so being left in the dust

So I just *had* to write this post. Everyone else is, why not me?!

I guess I’ll start with my friendship with da boss, Clonez. SOOOO it started way back when when that uber cool CPIP item was to come out on Club Penguin. A worker on my (at the time) Club Penguin site lied that the item was going to be a pink and purple party hat. (you may have seen the picture on numerous WordPress blogs, yessir, I made that edit.) And so everyone was like OHMAHGAWD! PINK ADN PURPLE BETA HAT ZOMGZZZ!!1!!1! And then when the rumor came untrue, Clonez posted about it. [linky poo] And if you read the comments on there… well I was pretty PO’d at him. But for some reason, I wanted to be friends with him still. Well that is exactly what happened. He’s by far the best interwebzz friend I’ve made. He’s also the most personal. We communicate through lots of real-world methods. He’s pretty awesome, but of course you all know that! ;P We stay up latee on weekends (and heck, week nights too. Although I am forced to sneak on. Hehe.)

Okay, so you’ve never heard of me? Pish posh, you have now. I’ve been administrator on this site since like early January or late December or something rather. I don’t exactly do much on here, but oh well! I mainly just comment on Clonez’s posts. (Oh my gosh I am getting so tired of calling you Clonez, mister.) I have about a bajillion chat clients (MSN, AIM, Skype, ooVoo, blah blah blah) but since I am evil, and two of which are for real-world only friends, I’m going to give you my MSN and AIM addresses. MSN: connor.dude@live.com and AIM: connorr134. That is if you even want to contact me. Hah.

I guess maybe a little info about moi? Hm. Well for a start, I’m fourteen and in the 8th grade. I live in North Carolina. I was born, however, in Arizona and I lived overseas for a year. wahoo! In school, science and English are my best classes. Math is poop. No likey math because math teacher gives too darn much homework. Even though I live in the south, I do not have a southern accent, and I hope to lordeh that I don’t ever develop one. I love making things in Photoshop and I also love swapping YouTube videos with mah bud, Clonez. I also like to write like I actually have a personality rather than like a robot with perfect, grammatically correct and fantastically structured sentences and all that crap. That is what school is for. Um. I think that’s just about it? Well if you want to learn more or even care to meet meh, you can chat. I like meeting new peeps. ❤

I guess I’ll see ya round! (or most likely not since I don’t write posts here, but I do on my non-CP site. [; )


12 responses to this post.

  1. p.s. clever new avatar, mister w.

  2. p.p.s. happy 15464th birthday george washington, i love you <33

  3. lol its p.p.s cause p stands for after, and s stands for writing, (IDK why) so that would be after writing writing, no its after after writing 🙂

  4. very well put, Connor. That really sums it up for an intro to you! Nice to meet you (again once more))! Love the signature; so much better than mine hehe. a ton more script-ish

  5. oh, well i learned pps and pss and a bajillion thingies over time, and i just picked one.


    off to bed now.

  6. Connor said:
    Were you talking to me? 😉

  7. Ive been here since march, 2007

  8. naw, i was talking to clonez.

    but it is nice to meet you. i wouldnt mind chatting with you sometime, you seem cool ;D

  9. ok, but instead of having to continually write posts, how about we each have a widget where we can put our names and “bio”?
    sky has one, why don’t we?? I will make my own. Oh, and something else, there are three bars for the widgets, so why don’t we (the admins) each have our “bio” in each collum at the top. I will take the left, connor, you can take the right. and let me know if you need help doing that. 🙂
    P.S. you can call me Dublanous1, Dublanous, Dublan, or Dub. (it is pronounced Dub,(rhymes with club)-lan, (rhymes with clan)-ous (rhymes with dose, like a dose of medicine)

  10. ohh ha i was far off in the pronunciation. i thought it was something like doo-bluh-nuss

    hahahah ;p

  11. Posted by Corey828 on February 27, 2009 at 5:27 pm

    Hi, im Corey828! I usually go on Mammoth and Frozen, so you can meet me anytime…………. Lol… math is poop…so true.

  12. heyloo!

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