The Real Deal On Advertising IV

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147 .wordpress .com. Today’s segment is on the different role models that advertising provides along with who to listen to and who to ignore!


Whenever you are feeling down; whenever you feel like you are about to give up and return back to where you came from, there is always one person that you have in mind to follow; to guide you in life. There are those times where things just do not turn out the way you want them to. You just want to hang up the skates and go home, but you don’t; because there is an urge that you have to keep going and tough things out in society. This urge may be because of an adult figure, like parents. In Religions class in school my class started learning about Confucianism, which is a belief system that declares that the adult figures guide you when you are young, and that they are the foundation of the tree trunk of society. It may be from a famous movie star or someone who you believe has achieved their potential. There must have been a time in everyone’s life when some biography in English class really sparks some light into your own life. You become inspired to follow the same steps of this person to guide you. This person: this parent, movie star, athlete, politician, is your role model.  Everyone has a role model. This role model maybe not exactly be defined in bold print. Must people don’t go around wearing a sticker that says, “Hello, my role model is *so-and-so*” because it may just be a personal connection between your role model that is private. But most definitely, there is always a time in your life where you have a temporary role model without even knowing it. In advertising, role models play an essential part in drawing you to buy a product. Because role models are people who you follow in life, you may be attached to whatever product that person appears to enjoy on a billboard, magazine, movie, or television program. And this leads on to our main topic: role models and advertising. There are two types of ways that the role model is used to convey thoughts about a product. This can be done with permanent role models or temporary role models.


Permanent role models are usually conveyed in movies or in television shows that contain many well known actors and actresses. Brands don’t even have to be mentioned by the character like regular commercials or billboards. Research shows that consumers want to identify with the characters they watch on television and that seeing real products helps them to do that. Instead, there is a much more clever way that movie or television productions introduce products; and this process is known as product placement. Product placement is the practice of intentionally placing a specific brand or product as a prop into filmed entertainment (1). It is very rare to see if happen by accident. You might not even notice that a product is utilized in the movie or television program until you pay close attention to it. Possibly the most famous example of the use of product placement is in the television show American Idol. The companies American Idol and Coca-Cola have developed a strong bond to each other. They both help each other to gain a profit using product integration, which is when a company funds a program and in return their product is integrated into a show (1). This is an example of a visual placement; occurring when a product, service, or logo can simply be observed. If you did not notice, the judges of American Idol are always shown drinking out of a Coca-Cola glass. Although the cup does not get much of attention, the cost of placing it there is pretty high. A few seconds of exposure on a popular drama or comedy series can be worth as much as $500,000, based on the cost of a 30-second commercial(1). There have been other events where Coca-Cola appears in American Idol. The “green room” in the show was renamed to the “Coca-Cola Red Room” and special taped segments of the featured contestants became known as “Coca-Cola Moments” (1).  This product placement is used because the judges might be your role model; they are well-known people. And if they are your role model, then the television show and the Coca-Cola company profit from it because you go out to buy some of the soda. If you already drink the soda, all this advertisement does is make sure that the bond between you and the company is strong so that you will not switch to buying a different brand (they surely don’t want your spending to go to Pepsi).


There are some good things and bad things about using product placement. The good thing is that the consumer has someone to associate the product with. The bad thing is that the consumer has someone to associate the product with. How can this be a good thing and a bad thing? Well, let us take for example the advertisement in which Britney Spears is seen with a bottle of Pepsi. There are an ad in a magazine with Britney Spears with the can; and now people who had Spears as their role model could associate her with Pepsi and start drinking it. Back when it was released to the public in early 00’s Britney Spears was a popular singer for that time and now times have changed and Britney had her own problems with life like driving drunk and shaving her head bald. Now anyone who saw that advertisement would not feel right associating Pepsi with her. The people who had her as a role model would not only dump the role model but also the drink that she was associated with. There are some instances that have worked over the years and still continue to be seen nowadays.


The famous “Got Milk?” advertisement features famous people and characters all with the milk mustache. There are plenty of role models that are shown in the Got Milk advertisements and there is always one that you are compare with. Although the milk product hasn’t been given much praise lately, other companies are starting to follow on to the trend. Recently, the company that makes M&M’s has started to show advertisements featuring famous stars in the shape of an M&M to try and promote their product.


The second type of role model used in advertising is the temporary role model. These role models are not famous at all, yet they do things that make you wish you were in their shoes. These advertisements have people in them that are relaxing and enjoying themselves when using the product. I had stated before in another post that Wal-Mart commercials make your mind run wild with ideas. Well, they also contain temporary role models. A mother might look at the mother in this commercial and see everything orderly and enjoyable and that is her temporary role model until the commercial is over. A child might look at the group of kids playing in the sprinkler in the summer with his or her friends and eating ice cream. This person is the child’s temporary role model until the commercial is over. You look up to this person because you want to be just like this person: enjoyable, relaxed, and fun. This is what makes you want to buy products at Wal-Mart. There are some ways in which this kind of advertising can be a bad thing– when it attracts the wrong kind of crowd. What I am talking about are advertisements for alcohol, cigarettes and other drugs. There advertisements almost always utilize this temporary role model concept, in which people are shown having a good time with these drugs. Most of the time, the product isn’t even shown in the ad. For example a tobacco advertisement will just show a group of people having fun in the forest around a campfire.  You feel like you need to smoke in order to have fun like this group of people, and so they become your temporary role models. What is really being sold is the desire to be around friends who enjoy being together. The real truth is that  tobacco isn’t the reason why the people are enjoying the campfire. The same thing applies to alcohol advertisements. An ad may show a beach scene with some nice, attractive looking people playing volleyball. It makes you feel like you need to drink beer because that person becomes your temporary role model. You feel that the beer is the reason you have fun with your friends. The truth is that the picture is staged. In fact, drinking alcohol impairs coordination, this, the ability to play volleyball would be affected. The two examples can drastically affect your health if you follow the temporary role models.


Although having a role model helps you get on with your life, mixed messages are played when looking at the role models of advertising. It is important to figure out who you should follow and not to be blown away by the advertisers who are trying to hurt you with staged clips or scenes.


(1)Kinney. Lance. “Product Placement,” 24 Jan 2009 <;

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  1. Oooh sexeh post. ❤

    This one didn’t seem to take as long as the others to write. ;D

    Well it’s like OH EM GEE good. I enjoyed reading it a lot paragraph by paragraph when you were writing it. I DID SO NOW I CAN BE SURE TO COMMENT FIRST WOOOOOHOOO! Well , I’m not really sure what to say, except I can’t come up with a better comment for this post than the other comments I posted on the other Advertisements posts. I’m so happy you mentioned my BFFL Britney Spears. I SO DISAGREE HOW SHE IS CRAZY FOR SHAVING HER HEAD SHE WAS SO FORKIN’ HAWT AFTER THAT SHAVE!!! D=<< ahah

    Rocky liked it too, even though he can’t read. :tehe:


  2. By the way, I edited the post a tad. At the veryyy beginning where it says “today’s segment…” I put in an apostrophe because “todays segment” was bothering me. D:

  3. You’re amazing! You should go into journalism. Your post is informative and interesting. I love em!

  4. Posted by Dublanous1 on February 12, 2009 at 11:07 am

    So sky, I guess you’ve moved away from the CP stuff and more into your personal life on this blog, ehh?

  5. it isn’t personal life. I just make connections to it a lot

  6. Posted by Dublanous1 on February 13, 2009 at 9:59 am

    Yeah, but you know what I mean

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