Elite Penguin Force DS Game

As you know Club Penguin has created a “DS” game for Club Penguin, heres the NEW NEWS on it…

Whether you bought the game or not here is your ultimate guide to everything you need to know about Club Penguin: Elite Penguin Force for the Nintendo DS!

[The steps below are for people that have the game, if you don’t have the game skip these steps]

  1. (For this step you must have a DS and EPF) Pop in EPF into your DS and wait till you get to the Main Menu
  2. Press Start with your stylist (Use your stylist for all of these steps)
  3. Choose a Penguin Color
  4. Choose a Penguin Name
  5. Click “Continue”


  1. Open up the box EPF came in
  2. Get out the Card where the Instructions are
  3. Go to www.play.clubpenguin.com and click Unlock Items
  4. Enter the code on your EPF Card, no caps, no spaces or dashes between the letters or numbers
  5. Now you have access to the EPF Command Room and a CertificateMissions

    When you select Missions you will be dropped into the wonderful world of Club Penguin! Use your stylist to move around and go places, talk to other penguins, etc.! Click the Black Penguin in the bottom left hand corner of your screen to open up your inventory. Click the Red Suitcase at the far right of your inventory to open up your Player Card and dress up your penguin or view your medals! The first tab on your player card (just like in Club Penguin, before they updated the player card features) is for your cloths, that includes your neck items, body, face, etc. The second tab has your Medals, Awards, etc. Click the X on your player card to exit it just like in the online Club Penguin. In the Missions section like I said you can waddle around Club Penguin, talk to penguins, etc. There is a copy of the Club Penguin Times in the Coffee Shop, you can click certain things when they have a yellow hand symbol over them (for the stylist) and you will make things move, etc. You also get a coin for it 😉 To join the EPF view the paragraph below, once you join to EPF you can start some missions by talking to other penguins and they will give you something to do (like help them deliever pizzas!)

    Missions – Joing The EPF

    Once you finish your “Test” from the EPF agent Dot! To finish it go to the Coffee Shop and read the Newspaper. A Blue Puffle will give a peice of paper (normally you would talk to penguins and they would help you but you dont need to becuase I will help you), go to the Snow Forts and take the peice of paper from the Snow Man, go to the Plaza and take the peice of paper from the person in the Mail Box, go to the Dock and take the peice of paper from the person hiding in the Tubes next to the Dock, now go to the Beach and into the Lighthouse. Talk to the EPF agent named Dot! She will give you a map and you can join EPF! When using the map double click on the YELLOW CIRCLE next to an area to go to it!

    Mini Games

    There are 6 Mini Games you can choose from, you can get to them by Clicking start (when you’re still in Missions mode) and then quit, you will be back at the Menu. Or you could find them in Club Penguin! For example to play the Dance Challenge Game go to the  Night Club and talk to the Penguin that’s dancing. The Mini Games you can choose from are:

    • Snow Boarding
    • Cart Sufer
    • Ice Fishing
    • Jetpack Adventure
    • Dance Challenge
    • Snow Trekker (Using a Snow Cat from Penguin Chat 3)

    You use the stylist for all of the Mini Games, the Mini Games earn your coins and with those coins you can buy items from the Gift Shop Catalog in the Missions Mode! The Catalog has some rare items you can buy too ;) But back to the Mini Games! I’ll break down each game for you.

    Mini Game – Snow Boarding

    Using your stylist your penguin snow boards down a Mountain and does tricks. You use your stylist on the screen and drag it right or left or up and down, etc. It will give you a direction to drag it in. Keep doing this till you crash a few times or get to the bottom of the mountain.

    Each game also has 2 medals you can win, a gold and a silver. Once you win one you can view it in your player card

    Mini Game – Cart Surfer

    This one is kinda hard, I would suggest doing it with the Control Pad, But its up to you! When using the Control Pad its like the Control Pad are the keys on your key board when you are playing the online Cart Surfer. When using the Touch Screen option you will use your stylist and select a trick to do on the bottom screen. Once you get used to it its not that hard.

    Mini Game – Ice Fishing 

    Ice Fishing on the DS is also just like the online Ice Fishing. Using your stylist touch and hold your stylist on the screen and move it up and down to try and catch fish. You can use the really small fish to catch the big fish. And you can catch the medium sized fish and squid with just your worm. Depending on how good you did, towards the end (like in the online Ice Fishing) there will be less and less fish or squid. If there are 2 squids left at the end, catch one, and then catch the other. The last one will attach to the Treasure Chest that a crab brings out and that will end the game. Same with catching the Mullet but no treasure chest and you use fish to catch the Mullet!

    Mini Game – Jetpack Adventure

    Once again Jetpack Adventure is just like the online game! Using your stylist touch and drag it along the screen and try not to crash into obstacles! Then land on the Landing Zone at the end to end the game.

    Mini Game – Dance Challenge

    This game is a DS exclusive! First, turn your DS on its side. Now copy the Pink Penguin’s Moves. Say she/he goes up, down, side, side. Touch the DS screen and drag your stylist up, down, side, side! Do that and miss a few times and your fail!

    Mini Game – Snow Trekker

    Ah! This Mini Game reminds me of Penguin Chat 3! I never played Penguin Chat but know very very much about what it was like. In Penguin Chat 3 they had Snow Cats. This is what this Mini Game is all about. Trekking a Snow Cat through the snow and collecting coins! Before you go on the water part, click the snow cat on the bottom screen of your DS until the Snow Cat has skies on it, orange buoys and skies. Then you can go on water. On the bottom screen of your DS there will also be tips. You control the snow cat with your stylist by touching parts of the bottom screen! You can make it so your snow cat has a plow on it so your snow cat does not take damage when your hit things! Collect coins until the timer on the top screen runs out!

    Whew! That was a lot of typing.


    In the Multiplayer Section you can connect to DS’s together with one EPF game and both play! Or connect to a WiFi network and join other players online!


    Here you can connect to a WiFi and download new missions weekly! Or download the latest copy of the Club Penguin Times and read it right from you DS!


    Keep clicking back until you are at the Main Menu! Here you can select play or Dgamer (Disney Gamer). If you have an Dgamer account you can log in (again using WiFi) and do whatever you do with a Dgamer account, I would not know because I don’t have an account!

    I think I covered it all?

    Here are some pics for yeah, I will upload some screen shots of the Game in real life soon!

    If you don’t have the game here is where you can buy it:

    • The game will be available in Europe on Febuary 27th 2009 *Thanks to Darkknight31 for the tip*
    • You can buy the game at the following stores:
    • Toys ”R” Us
    • Wal-Mart
    • Target
    • Best Buy
    • Gamestop
    • Amazon
    • Club Penguin Online Store

    pretty sweet a?

Did you see the HQ lately? There is a Command Room for the new Elite Penguin Force game on Nintendo! The game comes with a card, which has a code. Enter the code to get into the Command Room! Its like a HQ inside a HQ! You can buy the game on eBay as I speak, even though the game did not come out yet. But I would just wait till the 25th and you can get it cheaper in stores.



so thats what the new Monitor is for…..


this is what the card looks like that came with the Game. Enter it as you would with a Toy Code and you will have acsess to the Elite Penguin Force Command Room!!


this is what the Command Room looks like



you can change the Flat Screen TV inside the Command Room



you can also change the Center Table!

I did not shoot theese pictures, I searched them on google image!


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