Hello all who come to skydays147.wordpress.com, I don’t want to interupt clonez’s (or sky’s) posts, but for a long time I have quit CP and haven’t been on this site as often, but now, Im back as an editor.

I have known skydays for 2 years now, and I used to be around when this site was at the peak of visits. Alot of the people that used to visit are gone now… Im pretty sure of… but if you want to see some of those names, click on the story page, scroll down and I have a very, very, very long story there that is really good about an old army called the USA that Joem25 had, I was a mear soldier once, and then I was leader when joem quit. I recomend you read that/those story/episodes. For all that are unfamiliar with me, please comment below.



Also, for those who are writing on this website please make your post status “pending review” before you publish it if you want me to edit it.


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  1. Armies of Club Penguin have all been but extict for a long time. Trying to relaunch an army is pointless. Especially when the main battleground- the Dojo, cannot be used.

  2. Armies are just no longer a big thing in Club Penguin anymore, as they’ve all died.

  3. And also, it’s good to have you back, Dublanous. Unfortunately we believe Grim Reepa and Mrhammjam are gone. Sassie is a mystery. I’ve lost all chances of contacting Mrhammjam on Xbox Live because my gamertag was hacked and stolen.

  4. Posted by Dublanous1 on November 19, 2008 at 3:55 pm

    Yeah, good point, I was leaning towards not launching it anyway

  5. Posted by Jomarmic on November 26, 2008 at 11:15 pm

    Oh Dub! Hi! I like haven’t been here in 6 months, I miss you all! I quit cp, but I stop in sometimes. I really used to enjoy the story you wrote. But now, ive been obbsessed with twilight for the past 7 months. So, its hard to not think about twilight and be here at the same time. Purple says hello, shes been doing good too. 6th grade is cool too. It takes some times to get used too, but hey! When you got glasses, its easier! Well, comment back and everyone best wishes for the your Thanksgiving. oh and on Sassie, she IMed me about a month ago, I didn’t respond because I was idle, but I’m sure shes around. I hope she’s soing well aswell. Well again, best wishes and I’ll come back soon.~Jomarmic

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