Fall Fair!

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147 .wordpress .com. I want to say sorry to my viewers for not posting earlier, but a lot of things are going on in my life right now. Okay, so last year, I remember saying that the Fall Fair is truly the best party Club Penguin has ever had, and I was astonished to know that it was going to be coming back this September to Club Penguin; so far, I have been blown off my feet by this amazing party. This truly is the best of their ability: all of the mini-games, prizes and decorations. Last year I thought it couldn’t get any better; and I was wrong. I have to say, this party beats the last one, and it is now my favorite party in the history of Club Penguin; after 12 months have passed, I now have a new favorite.

Like any great Fall Fair, there are loads of different games to play while you roam through the different rooms. Over the past year, I have come up with some tips to help you earn the most tickets in any one game. I know I made a post about the party last year, but I am extending it; so no need to look back

Feed-A-Puffle is a game located at the Cove in Club Penguin. If you do not already know, the point of this game is to shoot the puffle food into the puffle’s mouth. If you can, try and avoid the back row when shooting into their mouths because it is easier to miss than in the front. Also, try and avoid the blue puffles when you advance later in the game, because it only gives you two tickets, while the other puffles give you up to 12. Many people might not even get up to the point where the purple puffle comes, which is near the end. If you are not going for max tickets, this game is right for you. It is fun, and you can try and get as far into the game as possible.

Grab and Spin is a game located at the Dock; same as last year. For some unknown reason, Club Penguin made it so that if you reach the high score of 100, you get 0 tickets. I thought that was sort of upsetting. Unfortunately, there is not way to control what you land on, so this game is all by chance.

Puffle Paddle is found at the Snow Forts. I have to say, Puffle Paddle was the real ticket earner for me last year, and it still is. If you have a lot of patience and can keep the puffles in the air, this game is right for you. One hint that I have is to try and keep that first blue puffle in the air, because that one gives you more points that the other puffles. When you think about it, this game is kind of like animal cruelty, because, who would really paddle their pet? That isn’t right. It isn’t like feed a puffle because, that is doing something nice for it by feeding it. I think this game might be controversial about that. Other than that, this game is fun and you can always try and beat your record of number of puffles in the air at once.

Puffle Shuffle is located at the Forest. I disagree with what I said last year about this game. I really had a negative opinion about it, that is, until I made up this great tip on what to do when to play it. Okay, so when you enter the game, it shows you three different color puffles. All you need to pay attention to is two of them. Once you have found the two that you are going to track during the game, keep your eyes on one of them, and your mouse arrow on the other. As they move, follow them. By process of elimination, you can find the other puffle that they ask for. It is actually a pretty easy game, there is not much memorization needed. The number of coins you earn increases every level you pass in the game.

Ring The Bell is located at the Dock. Wow, this is probably the easiest game at the party. All you need to do is swing the mallet just right on the target. Just try to center it, let it charge up and release. It is very unlikely that you will lose unless you do it on purpose. Repeating this game over and over brings a fortune of tickets over to you.

Memory Card Game is a game that I have avoided last year and this year during the Fall Fair. It is located at the beach. The point of it is to match all of the cards on the screen with the one that goes with it. It is not that much fun, plus you get less that 100 tickets in the game which lasts about one minute and a half. You can get 10 times as many tickets in ring the bell than you can in this one. This is only game for people who want to play for the heck of it. There used to be a glitch in it last year so that you could get coins faster, but apparently it was taken out of the game. Even with the glitch, you could still only earn 100, but in a “shorter” amount of time. The point is, just avoid playing this game.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~MEMBER GAMES~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Puffle Soaker is not that great of a coin earning game, but it sure is fun. It is located in the party room. The point of this game is to try and hit the puffles with water. It looks like you are earning a ton of tickets when you look at your score, but you are wrong. That five hundred score turns into about one hundred tickets. One tip I have is to use as much water as you need. When I first started playing, I had no idea that there wasn’t a penalty for using water, so just spray like crazy to get what you need to knock down. Also, hold down the space bar to hit the ones in the back row; it shoots further.

Balloon Pop is a fun game, it is kind of hard to get used to. The game is located in the party room. I am not exactly sure if this is a great ticket earning game or not. One tip i have is to click and hold the mouse button to get maximum power. That is really useful. Also, take advantage of the trampoline at the bottom. I know we tend to try and stay up high in the air when be play this game, but the trampoline comes in handy when you need extra power to try and hit the target balloons. Also, try and hit the balloon into the target at almost exactly a ninety degree angle so that the tickets will break out and you will not have to put effort into trying to fly and catch them.


Overall Party Rating: ****

Over and Out!

3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Corey828 on September 28, 2008 at 7:35 pm

    Nice post, and your right , this party is AWESOME!! One of the best…… so far. In my opinion, the halloween party of 07 was better. I cant wait to see this years!

    yeah, that is going to be a lot of fun… 🙂

  2. Awesome! Unfortunately, my opinion isn’t as bright. I just find this party kinda ‘uck’. I mean, the decorations are pretty much the same, and the newer ones (Nightclub + Lounge mainly) are like disco tech, not fall fair. The iceberg is however, my favorite part of the party. I was bad and used that cheat with the Spin the Wheel and just got a bunch of tickets, as earning them is a pain in the butt when you are doing it just to get the items. Fall Fairs do not amuse me, online or in real life.

    Gosh, I can’t describe how much I LOVE your posts. They’re the perfect length, thorough, and informative, whereas some people say “fall fair is here. go 2 the forest and memberz room 2 get teh itms.” You elaborate, and that is part of this site’s charm.

    But I noticed that you didn’t talk about how you felt about the new and/or returning items. I personally think they could’ve done better in that area. Perhaps release some items that actually look good on the penguin *eyes the ginormous glasses* and that you’ll wear on more occasions than just the fair. *eyes caramel apple*. And the returning items I don’t really care much, since I never really wore them all that much.

    Hope you had fun reading this!


    I didn’t talk about the returning items in this post because I have done that so many times in the past and its a pain to repeat myself over and over.

  3. Poopy! Where did my super long comment go?!

    sorry! it went into awaiting moderation. I hold back comments that are long :-/

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