Club Penguin and Youtube

Hey everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147 . wordpress .com. Club Penguin and Youtube has been a topic that I have wanted to talk about for quite a long time now, and I have never gotten the chance to do that until now. The big question I want to throw out there is “Are Club Penguin Youtube videos over-rated?” I wan’t to say that Club Penguin is of course one of my favorite games on the internet, but I feel that the line between the two big giants has intertwined and the garbage that comes out is such a mess. I really do not feel that Club Penguin should be on Youtube at all. Everyone is always saying, “Start making Youtube videos and you will be famous!” I totally disagree with that statement. There are over a thousand people with youtube accounts and none of their videos are acknowledged. If you go on and type in “Club Penguin”, there are pages of results that show up. Then go to “Sort by dates added”, it shows that there is a new club penguin youtube video almost every two minutes. Most of the videos up there are cheats for the same thing. if you look at someone “famous” such as mike92, he has the same video of what everyone else did. Okay, so the point is that what everyone is saying is false: youtube does not make you famous at all. My second point is the Club Penguin music videos; totally disturbing. When you mix together Club Penguin with music and graphics, what do you get? A total jumbled up mess! First, you look at Club Penguin: you see cuteness and innocence and fun. Then you look at the screaming death metal video of Club Penguin and you think, “has the world come to an end?” I totally hate those videos where there is a music video and death metal or something is playing. Its like, they are opposites on a magnet. They do not belong together. The game is totally different from that music choice. I remember reading the comments for one of the crazy music videos, apparently, I was the only one who had written a negative comment about it. Everyone else was saying things like “Great Job!” or “Awesome work!” I knew they were lieing, it was just so obvious. There is one other thing that bugs me the most: too many graphics. There was once this music video I watched; I couldent read any of the words of the song because of all the swirling and the crazy effects. If you had your volume off, you coulden’t tell one music video from another. I was thinking inside, what is wrong with the people who enjoy this garbage? Oh, then there are the people who use a video camera instead of a hypercam. You can’t even see their moniter screen, nor what is happening in the picture. Oh course, these are the videos that nobody watches. Apparently, a five year old was taping it. The only Club Penguin youtube video I would watch is one with a cheat or glitch or something crazy and original. Its just not right to see other peoples dreadful creations. I sometimes feel like I need to give them a reality check or something.

Over and Out!

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  1. dude i tottally know what you mean, some of these people like this total death metal rock – then make a club penguin music video about it. One time I watched a video, and was tottally dizzy at the end of the club penguin music video, i dont really like watching club penguin music videos (cpmv). But I do like watching storys that people come up with that envolve their penguin and igloo and stuff like that, its kinda fun to watch, When I made videos I made little skits like that.
    waddle on and great post.

  2. by the way, here is a PERFECT example of what your talking about in this post- take a look!

    lol gross

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  4. IDK what to say about this… Honestly Clonez, unless you quit Club Penguin, in 2 years which you would be 17 (IDK if you’ll quit) but anyway, I’d be famous by the age of my penguin… only the young and rare will be the next gen of famous penguins… i know i changed the subject alot, but W/E, any way, you should never quit… as long you have fun what your doing, go on ahead and do it… bad choice of words on my side… woops…

    maybe it is because of my age… i need to know from a younger person’s point of view.

  5. it’s an online penguin, no matter what they like to say they aren’t really that famous. If people cared about famous online penguins then they would be famous outside of club penguin too. I don’t see any paparazzi around trying to get pictures of penguins though.

  6. Posted by cozypup on September 28, 2008 at 9:35 pm

    well clonez htats a lot to say and ive always thought it would be cool to make a video and after reading ur post i still do. But remember is what hte penguin wanted to do with the video- its their choice. and also- even if every video repeats its self in some way- its still made by a different penguin each time. and i think it is true when someone leaves a comment saying Good Job! or something like htat. cuz who would lie? seriously! and i think it does – in some way- work that if you make videos you will become famous in years to come. but thats only really when your penguin is rare. and plus not all videos are garbage! and why do think its soooo bad to have a music and a computer game mixed? does this video look bad?:

    not really- but this is just ur opinion remember

    okay, i never said all music videos are bad, just the ones with the horrible song choices and bad graphics. I love that classic music videos; those are the best

  7. Thank you man you are great

    walk and i will back with you



  8. Posted by Tristan125 on September 30, 2008 at 11:59 am

    That is why i stopped making videos because im not wasting time of making pixels sing. i wouldnt care if it was a fan mad commercialor something like that.
    anyway i think that donation thing on clubpenguin is genuis.
    happy rosh hashnah clonez .repsond back please

  9. AHAH WOOOOW, Clonez. AWESOME post. I love it!

    I remember when I made them back in the day. That seems like a lifetime ago. Anyways, it’s a funny thing. You don’t realize how absolutely dumb the thing you are doing until you no longer do it. For example, the music videos. First off, I wasn’t doing it for fame, I was doing it for fun, and second off, I thought it was all that and a bag of chips. Now I look back and like laugh at myself for being so naive.

    Oh and I almost forgot… there was a holiday marked on today’s date in my homework agenda thing. Happy Rash Hashanah Clonez! I would totally use your real name here, but I don’t think you would enjoy that much. Tehe.

    I’m going to go read your Fall Fair Review post next, so expect another comment by yours truly! But then it’s time for homework. Hooray. -unenthusiastic-.


    P.s. how are those girls doingg… hmmm? I was curious, so MSN meh! =P

  10. WOW. That came out as a super long comment. Cool. =P

  11. I like that one that cozypup shared; it’s really good. It’s terrible if it has the hip hop swearing music. Its just sick. I like that one though. I don’t really watch CP videos, just sims 2 videos (which i play)

  12. Posted by Claire on October 5, 2008 at 4:55 pm

    well….. skydayz i disagree.I’m sorry but i like the music vids as long as the use hypercam and i can read the lyrics.Of course metal is crap.

  13. Posted by Anonymous on October 21, 2008 at 5:29 am


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