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Hi everyone is Mozart Dx! I am doing my frist contest to see who is real good at writing a story. Here is what the winners get:

1: You get Bigmokey2 with the name Penguin (still)

2:You get to take a pic with me clonez and samnan man

3:You get a noob named Samnan Pie42

Here is my story:

    Of a 10 year old
Yes it does say diary! And yes im a b-boy. My mom made me this Journal so I can keep up on the BORING time. If you ask me, I wanted some lego’s so don’t make fun of me about the mess im in.

It’s my birthday! I haven’t gone to school yet but I will put it in my bag.

After School: Listen! Somebody found my journal! And somebody herd that when I was five I went in the girls bathroom by accident! (In kinder-garden) I’ve been holding back those secrets ever since!…… Well not the diary thingy. This is probably my worst birthday yet! HOW can I live with my self? I can’t go back to school! HELLO BY TAYLOR Sorry that was my little sister Taylor. She’s like 4….. I think? Something close to that…… I think I left my diary open. But she can’t read so in fine. Well other then the fact that it’s my worst birthday ever!

Last night at dinner Taylor ate a green bean, hated it, and put it in the mash potatoes. Mom always say’s Taylor should enjoy her life right now.

Mom and Dad announced that my family is going to china for vacation! My dad got me this panda picture so I can have something to look forward to. Because dad knows best how I hate plan’s!
The first time I ever went on one I was stupid! I went in dad’s luggage when he went for a business trip when I was 4. It was one of those stupid “NO KIDS ALOUD” trips. Because I was under the age of 6 and my dad is a construction worker/………

I am not finished but please finnish yours! And please comment it. And remember that it doest have to be about cp it could be about real life but not you. and please DO NOT copy other stories. if you do this you be disqualifide.

Mozart Dx That’s all until next post!