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WOW! this is cool!

Hey ppl its Mozart Dx here and this is cool! And Clonez Please Dont get mad at me cuz i used the bank and radieo station. Well…… here it is! Its not much its just something i think you guys would think intesting.

Hi, i didnt know were to put this under so i just did General Support Questions.

Me and my friend Samnan man (friends in real life) were talking on the phone
about a new Club Penguin. Mabey called or The Penguin Hangout or even
Club Penguin2. In this Club Penguin2 inside the Gift Shop there will be a non
member section and a member section. In the non member section, non members
will be able to buy free items from partie’s but they will be able to buy
something other than backrounds and colors. There would be rare items in the
non member section so newer penguins woulden’t get in fights with the members.
And the non members section woulden’t be a catulog it would probubly be a wall
and the items would be hung up by push pins. And it would cange every now and
then. And when there was a party i would be a “never gave out” free item. And
when the party was over it would be added to the non member section. And mabey
cange CP around a bit in the new CP. Like a radieo station or bank were you can
save your coins and send bills and stuff. There can also be a job sign-up office

were you can sign up for jobs on CP like work at the pizza shop were there would

not only be Pizzatron3000 but a pizza delivering game. And also there can be
Ninja’s hopfuly not hackers real ninja’s. You can become one like you can
become a Secrat Agent but the ninja items were also free items but only
avalible when you become one. And lastly there could be stuff for non members
to buy for there igloo. That’s all!
I enjoy CP and all you can offer these are just ideas. Thanks for listining!

And here is There Reply!

Hi There, 

Wow!  It sounds like you and your friend spent a long time discussing Club
Penguin2, and exactly how you would like it to look.  You certainly have some
cool ideas that we will consider adding to the current Club Penguin.  We can\’t
promise that we will use every idea you suggested, but we can promise that we
will consider each one.  

We\’re always looking for ways to make Club Penguin even better, so if you have
any other great ideas in the future, please don\’t hesitate to email us again.

Kind Regards,

Allison W
Club Penguin Support

Isnt that cool! That mean Me, Samnan man, and Clonez might have the ideas chosin for our future in Club Penguin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. i just sent them a idea for a movie theater like….. the one in Hollywood were all the *****stars**** right in the plaster.