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News at 10:00 AM

Hello and welcome to the show about kids with leashes……… HEY WHATS GOING ON *screams*

Hi its Mozart Dx here and welcome to News At 10:00! Today is a very sepicle day because RH is here! and he brought some stuff with him! For his free item he brought the brown pirate boots! We also have a blue print hunt! I was happy cause when i grown up i would like to be a arcitect/builder.As you can see in the picture there is the blueprint. Thats because we you find all the lil’ boats you have to put all the pics togeter and you get the blueprint!Lastly i know i have been saying thius alot but i want to remind you guys about that planed parrrtay:

Day: August 15th

Time:4:00 (PST)

Where: Beacon

Who:Everyone, duh!

Mozart Dx

That’s all until next post!