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News At 10:00 AM

Hello CP rise and shine!

There is not much to talk about today so ill make this quick cause your probobly waiting for your favorite show next and you can wait cause its the last episode. So fianlly the party ended here’s what some say about the party


Blah Blah:It was the worst party ever

Greenday:CP lost it

Penguin1053: BORING!

Mr America: This party socks!


Mary Moo: LOVED IT!

Sushi Woshi: It was fun with the penguin bad. I mean yeah its great!

Tootsalot: Gooooooooood times 🙂

Mr Man77: It was fun hanging out with my friends at the party!

And lastly to top it off the new levles to the fetured game “aqua grabber” is a big hit! and that’s about…… O o O o O o O wait i just rememberd! Remember about the party!

Day: August 15th

Time 4:00 (PST)

Where: Beacon

Who:Everyone, duh!