Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of As many of you know, Independence day is coming up and as always, Club Penguin will not have a party for it because it is an American holiday. I totally disagree with Club Penguin’s decision. They should definitely have a party, but only on the American servers. There would be fireworks, like always, maybe the dock or cove could be turned into a picnic area with blankets set out and the iceberg could be where the fireworks are launched. It would be nice if the whole island were turned dark just like the Halloween party. It shouldn’t be something gigantic, but something to make us remember our identity. We don’t really need a free item, because everyone could just dress in red, white, and blue clothing. Here is last years party, not official; but look at that spirit: it is priceless!. To make it even, they should have an independence day party for the Canadian and British servers. For example, Canada Day is on July 1st, so there should be a party for that only on Canadian servers. I don’t see any problem with that, because all of the nations are getting what they want. If you have read the newspaper, you may have seen the picture of the fireworks. They look a lot more festive this year! It reminds me of the design used in the A Little Better commercial. Well, thats my opinion. There is a very good chance that Club Penguin will have a more attractive fireworks design than at the past parties.

It’s crud because it’s all bad.

I totally agree Connora. Rockhopper came on Friday leaving penguins upset with what he had brought this time: three item bring-backs and two item color-changes. It’s pretty awful. The new items are upsetting. They are getting to be a lot darker. For boys, the coat came back in a dull, gray color and for girls, the pirate dress turned out to be such a mess-up. As you can see in the image to the right, the pirate dress has gotten more detailed as Rockhopper visited. The first dress was plain and simple; just like an official Club Penguin item. The second one was baffling: it had a black rip in the side, which was quite pointless. The third dress; well, it looks like something the devil would wear. It has turned totally Gothic and I am guessing that Club Penguin was trying to make it look different from the ones that came in the past and they did a horrible job at it. Rockhopper’s items are definitely getting darker. Other than the items, the four rooms of the ship have been added temporarily again. The newspaper stated that G had installed a snow cannon 3000. Apparently, it looks exactly the same as it did when it was revealed in April.

There has been another problem on Frozen that occurred a few days before Friday. A couple of penguins have been seen in clumps at the dock and yelling at so called “bots” that say that they can hack clothing items onto penguins without even going on them. The problem is that penguins are falling for this nonsense. To accomplish something like that would be like getting into the hackers hall of fame. It’s impossible. Please do not get pulled into this garbage that the “bots” are promising. Hopefully they will go away soon. If you see one of them, report them immediately.

Over and Out!

P.S. I made an image on paint. I was thinking about what other multiplayer worlds would be like with different animals instead of penguins. Here is my idea for Club Panda:

It is totally fake, but I wish it were an actual game. Here are a couple of features that would be in Club Panda

Club Penguin Club Panda
Coffee Shop Tea Bar
Pizza Parlor Sushi Parlor
Forest Zen Garden
Dance Club Kung Fu Arena
Puffles Crickets
Dojo Dojo

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  1. Hey Clonez! You are an awsome blogger at this dude:!: You’re like the best! Keep it up dude! 😉


  2. Posted by Corey828 on June 28, 2008 at 7:28 am

    Lol, It does look like something the devil would wear.

  3. Here’s what I thought of the new pirate dress:

    I thought it looked like something that would belong in “Sweeney Todd” lol

  4. LOL good edit!

  5. hehe thanks

  6. There is a panda club penguin.

    It’s called “Panfu” and it is a rip off. Everything on Club Penguin is on Panfu. It s*cks…

    You get banned for saying “Club Penguin”

    Wow, I guess my prediction came true! (along time ago lol). I seriously did not know that existed.

  7. Posted by frosty25 on June 29, 2008 at 7:45 am

    OMG dude Clonez how ya been? Sorry I been working on clubpenguin and I currently moved on to runescape for about four months.Then I started to remember how good CP was, so now Im back online!


  9. ???

  10. this is cool i will give u one of my penguins passwords if u band me i will not talk to u ever even u mr pie

  11. wat happend to my comment????

  12. what did you say in that comment

  13. hey just sayin hi. PS. I will be online during 4th of july at iceberg around 9:00 PDST in frozen. I want to see you guys again and i thin im gonna come back

  14. Yay! That’s awesome! Glad to hear from you 😉

  15. hey can you meet mee on right now

  16. sure ok what penguin r u gunna be on

  17. blapp. go to frozen at ice berg.

  18. respond wen you get this

  19. Lol Club Panda, Me and Clonez came up with that idea when we were teasing a girl.

  20. guys what i said in my comment was: This might sound kinda dorky but i am a fan of Lego. So i have this thing called “My Lego Nework” it’s actally really fun!” and oviyouly…. oh i didnt tell u! well i used to have this penguin named Vrizman “he was a member!” and sooner or later he got hacked by some girl penguin named Tay Tay “but i dont know the numbers” and so i named my lego guy Vrizman… now that u think about it i had a croul member life! Anyways the lego thinggy isnt that fun. it’s queit boring. so that was wat my cooment was sappost to be

  21. I dont like lego network!!!!! I said i did but… i dont

  22. Posted by Corey828 on July 4, 2008 at 12:55 pm

    Or instead of having those places on club panda, There could be like a japan party on club penguin with those places.

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