Not That Great…

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of skydays147. wordpress. com. I’ve seen penguins all over wearing the red hard hat that turned out to be the second beta tester item for the game. Well, it isn’t that great, I mean, It is a lot less than what I was hoping for; many blogs had posted their “high expectations” about the item and how there is a 100% of a ninja suit. Well, you are wrong. We are all wrong. I was hoping on this one rumor to come true about how a purple and pink beta hat would come out.

I [Connora] am so embarrassed, and […] very sorry. We’re sorry for telling you the wrong Item. And I will take the blame for the fake evidence, even though I didn’t do it, but it is my site. I think Kranendonk just wanted either people to believe us, or to get more hits. –

What a shame! And about a million penguins fell for it! Oh well, at least there is a dance involved in this item. When you wear this item, with or without the vest, you drill with a red jackhammer. Not that great. Penguins can still wear the yellow or orange helmet. I would not feel left out if I did not have this item, because there are other alternatives.

On Thursday, the rare flower plant grew about a foot taller. There are now roses visible. I actually think the plant is starting to look like it belongs in the igloos now. I wish penguins could change its growth by clicking the mouse and pressing up, but alas, that feature is not out. Next Thursday is when the plant goes into full bloom. That means June 5th. If you did not already know, June 5th is my birthday, so that is kind of nice and it is like it is going to pop out just for me. Well, I don’t think I am going to have a party, because whenever they are planned, penguins never show up. I know that I don’t show up to other penguins because I forget. I hate that feeling… when you miss something important just because you forgot it. Then, you try and come up with some excuse that turns out to be lame. It is hard to talk to the host right after a mistake like that. So like I said, I am not throwing a party. I do not wan’t a party at all. It’s ok. I get enough in real life.

I just noticed that Topwaters site is deleted. Gosh, I can not believe he gave up again.




Samnan Man

Jake Zawkins Comment: Well a lot of people are busy on that day, so let’s have it on June 7th and the time is going to be 5:30 penguin standard time. It will be held at Tristan125’s igloo and it will be on the map. I will be doing photos and maybe a video. See everyone there and reserve your seat!

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  1. Posted by Corey828 on May 30, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    If you did have a party, I would definetely come. Happy week early birthday! And i agree with the hard hat, its kind if stupid, like they thought of an item at the last minute so they colored the yellow hard hat red. Oh, by the way, you look kind of good with that tan cowboy hat vs. the black one. 😀

  2. you seemed like you knew what you were talking about.

    Hi Everyone! Guess What?!?! I Just Met Screenhog And Gizmo!!! […] But thats not all! They let slip what the free CPIP item would be! […] The free CPIP Item should be a pink and purple party hat!

    that was a pretty convincing party hat that you made, edited or not. If it was edited, I am not mad, I just love your drawing skills; If it was not edited, I am not mad, I love your internet searching skills.

    Thanks anyway, you gave me something to write about. I am not trying to make you look bad. In fact, your site is very popular, there are so many penguins who copyed that picture and were greatly influenced by what you were saying.

  3. well that makes me feel better (not sarcasm)

    it was edited, i edited it, since kranendonk told me it was gonna be that (even though it wasn’t)

    p.s. i hope we can be friends

  4. why’d you make me look like the bad guy? Ok, we’re human and humans make mistakes, just like you did when you posted that

  5. yeah sure we can

  6. Hey u didnt give up, im still playing cp :\

  7. heeeheeee

  8. “yeah sure we can”

    oh my flipping god. look at where we are now. we webcam all day everyday and we share the most personal things evar. soo awesome.

    im glad i made that horrible mistake of posting the hat. (:

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