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Pixel Penguins II

Hey everyone! This is clonez, administrator of It seems that the most popular post on this website would be the pixel penguins one. Every single day, this post has been having the most views. Well, I have something for all you pixel penguin lovers: a new and improved version. In fact, there is nothing to download at all! All you do is click here and you are on the webpage for it. There is a larger selection of clothing to choose from also, including more backgrounds, and now you can even add puffles in! Here is a snapshot of what it looks like:
There are many other tools related to club penguin at the website I found this. There are ban checkers, Club Penguin badges, eCards, and an outfit planner! The site is called It is one I really recommend to visit.

Rare Items Debate

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, administrator of One subject keeps coming up every time a new clothing catalog is released and that is rareness. We all like to show it, we all hate to see others show it. What is the big deal? Ok, here is our situation:

On March 7th, 2008, three very rare accesories were brought back to the catalogue: the brown fedora, the red sunglasses and the blue sunglasses. All three of them were last seen during 2006 and have been worn with great pride ever since. The same thing has been happening for months now and the rareness of items has decreased drastically. Let us take an extreme example: the christmas scarf. This was one of the FIRST items ever released. Everyone thought that it would remain rare until the end of time. I even thought that the day would never come. This is completely insane to many penguins from before December 2005.

My question is “should Club Penguin stop bringing back rare items?”

I have been a penguin ever since September 2006. It was getting to be very ridiculous having the same old people brag in front of everyones faces about how they went to the sports party, or collected the first pin, or whatever. Thats not the worst part about it. They wear the clothing in such an awkward way. The thing is, when you wear all the rare items at the same time, it looks completely out of fashion. But other people never think that, all they think is, “wow! Thats awesome!” Okay, reality check people: in the real world, everyone wants to stay in fashion to fit in. It seems like it is turning into the opposite on cp: the dorkiest penguins rule. To some newer penguins, they might actually want the item unlike you. They don’t care how old it is, but if they like it’s style, they will wear it. I have to admit, I do wear a “rare” style. People can not resist the urge and it is completely fine to wear at least something that brings back memories, but please, please, please do not over-do it! I completely favor bringing back rare items.

Being old should give you more freedom. Especially in Club Penguin. Because you joined in late 2005 or 2006 should mean that you are granted a rare item to make yourself stand out more from others. Having a rare item kind of helps you get more friends. I do not mean fans, like all the penguins who repeatedly ask you to be your buddy, but actual friends. You get to be able to recognize who started around the same time you did. You can think about the memories of parties and laugh about them. Letting newer penguins have the rare item you have completely ruins the effect. A rare item also raises a penguin’s social status. People will want to hang out with you more and for almost every beta tester, you become a one-man show. Everyone hollers your name when they see you, everyone knows you and respects you, dances around you and encourages you to put on your beta hat or some other item. I strongly feel Club Penguin should not bring back rare items


  What is your opinion?

I found out something that really was shocking, written by screenhog on club penguin staff:
“This question seems to come up quite often (more often shortly before and after a clothing catalog launches)… what items will come back into Club Penguin? Are there any clothing items that will never come back?The following items are not planned to ever come back:
– the party hats (beta test, 1st anniversary, etc.)
– pins
Every other player card item has the chance of coming back. Non-member items, member items, party items, backgrounds… every one will come back someday. They won’t all come back at once, of course, but they will come back.”