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Clone of Clonez!

Hello everyone. This is Clonez, administrator of to give you all this major announcement. On Wednesday, March 26 at 3:26 PM PST I witnessed a “clone” of my penguin, Clonez. This is the first time I have ever seen a copy of my penguin, or ANY penguin in general. It is almost impossible to tell which one is me or not. The only way you can know its me is if I am wearing member clothing. Be on the lookout for this penguin. I have sent an email to the staff at cp about this copy. I hope I do not get banned because it is seriously not my fault. There is some hacker out there trying to make me look bad, or whatever his evil goal is. I do not know when he will be online again, or if he is gone for good. If you have any other information about this person, please comment below.