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St.Patty’s party

hey guys its me sassie. tomorrow is st. patty’s day and i decided to do something fun. I am going to throw a st. patty party. yesturday when my pengun turned 2 years old the party was a blast. lots of my friends came and the party went for almost 2 hours. Now i am going to throw a st.pats party,just because i always wanted to.

place: my igloo

server: frozen

time:5 cp time(pft)

why: sassie wants to have a st.pats party.

now if you come you will have to wear all green because its st pats. i really enjoy st.patricks day alot. its one of my friends birthday and its a time for year where i get i get to see one of my friends that moved to flordia sometime again. now i hope some of you can come. if you can come comment below, if not then i wont be mad at you. i just want to see who will come. now hope to see some of you at my st.pat’s party tomorrow. well bye

rock on


p.s. also guys its coming very close to where i am going to be leaving cp. but i dont know the complete date. i have tired days where i would try and quit but i am not ready to yet. i just know my day will come where i am going to. well hope you all come to my party guys.

I have A new AIM And 40,000 hits Party!

hey yall! its Grim here saying that i have a new AIM name!

its Schlingespieler

Also, i plan to throw a 40,000 hits party!!!!!!!

when we get 40,000 hits, me and sky will host a party