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Saint Patricks Day Parade

Hello everyone! This is Clonez, admin of skydays147 .wordpress .com to give you the latest news on what is going on. First of all, the major update this week is the Saint Patricks Day party. Overall, the party is satisfactory. Green has invaded Club Penguin! The main idea of this years party is the parade. The parade starts at the Ski Village and goes through many rooms on Club Penguin and ends at the forest. As you travel through the parade, there are many amazing floats such as the Rockhopper and puffle one. My favorite is the treestump foat, which is the last one on the trip. Other rooms were decorated also, but I felt there were less this year. Like last year, the Club Penguin band played in the night club. Something has changed about this party, and that is the free item! There is still a hat, but I guess it is bigger? Club Penguin totally redesigned it to look like a green top hat with a buckle on it. Not the best work, I was hoping for a shamrock necklace…

Overall Party Rating: 2.5 / 4

In other news, the space play came back to the stage. It seems as thought many people enjoyed it, so the whole thing came back by popular demand this Friday. This includes the sets, the music, the special effects, the script and most importantly, the costumes. Only one thing was added: the space player card background. I really do not like what Club Penguin is doing with the stage. They are really ruining it for the other penguins and, being updated every month, Club Penguin is going to go crazy having to update it all. Redoing the Space theme was secretly just a little break for them in having to come up with ideas, but they don’t want you to know that.

Many of you penguins probably did not realize this, but there is a new yearbook added to the selection. I thought it would be one for September 2007 until now, but I guess they added an 05-06 book instead. Lots of information is revealed, including the beta testing and alot of other events in the past. You can access the book in the book room on cp, or you can click here. The yearbook was not the only book released, but two others were brought earlier during the week and they are actually games. To play, you type in the keys on the keyboad that it displays and it is sort of like those “choose your own adventure” books. Hidden coins are on some of the pages. The first book, My Puffle gives you 50 coins and the second, Burnt Out Bulbs, gives you 250 coins. More are added when you find bonuses.

Last but not least: Test Penguins. Everyone has been talking about the lastest craze that was released on March 10th, 2008. The site, known as Club Penguin Improvement Project was started to test servers and find bugs and glitches. Here is how it works: you can sign up to find bugs by using your Club Penguin screen name. A clone will be created of your penguin that only can be accessed on the test game. If you are a member, you are able to still be a member and it is sort of like restarting your penguin account, but the clone will be deleted on April 4th when the test ends. The game may be an exact replica of Club Penguin, but the good thing is that there isn’t any rareness. A few posts back, I held a debate about whether rare items are good or back. When applied to the test, it seems as though everyone is happy without it. Everyone can make friends easily, and I’ve tryed. The same rare penguin on Club Penguin that always refused to talk to me is now my buddy. As for myself, I have accepted buddy requests from alot of new players on Club Penguin. In my opinion, rareness is bad. This is a pretty good setup of a situation without rareness. So what do you think now? Rareness: (good or bad)? You can find out more about the test on the site. Feel free to explore and please join in. This is a once in a penguins lifetime experience. 😉