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My piczo.

Hey everyone! Its Purplepizza6. I decided to make a piczo just to try it. And me just trying it turned out big. I think my piczo is very creative. If you can, can you guys check it out. Tell me what you think about it! Thanks bye.

P.S The first day of school party is today.

Time: 5:00

Server: Frozen

Where: MY igloo

Hope you can come.

One Year

This first year of me being in Club Penguin went by so fast. I met alot of new people, played alot of new games, and got to know every room in this world of penguins. I remember starting out as a nonmember on September 9th, 2006. I was so confused what to do, since I just heard about it on I remember how before in April ’06, I was about to join back then, but for some reason, it did not let me make a penguin. Well, anyway, there were alot of changes from the time I started until now. The lighthouse opening in September 06, the very long Christmas party in December ’06,  the new clocktower in February 07, the Makin’ Waves game at the cove in June ’07 and since that date, I havent played cart surfer. Well, there are lots more fantastic events that happened throughout the year. I have been waiting for this day: the day that I have turned 1 year old.
I am hoping for a party today. Yet it is a bit hard to scedule one in since there are a few other ones happening. I am already starting to buy alot of birthday cakes and banners. I might as well set them up later today for an “unsceduled” party. Meaning, anyone that shows up when I am on CP can come to the party. What really stinks is that I don’t have my birthday hat anymore, so I can’t wear that. I am hoping that alot of people are able to come. Thanks so much!

Over and Out!


PS: here is a quiz of some of the great parties I have been to ever since I started. Can you guess what party each of the decorations were from?


 hey guys its me sassie. i wont be able to get on the computer much anymore. i get about a full back pack of homework everyday except saturday and sunday. i just started school on tuesday. and i got homework on my 1st day. i also have to practice for volleyball and soccer. and i need to pratice the piano and my violin so i may get on once a week or get on at least once a day but i will try. i wont be able to make some of the group photos because of all this stuff. and also playing with my dogs after i am done with all my stuff. i will try and get to any of the group photos when ever they are. but right now i have too much homework, and stuff to pratice for. and weekend i am working at the wildlife center for 6 to 7 hours. i have reports to do on the computer but i never anwser my IMs. so i hope to make group photos or events and try to make time to talk to my friends. well bye


I tipped the iceberg!

hey guys its dub!! i tipped the iceberg earlyier today!! i took a pic so u could see, and i got a prize, and ice block!! check it out:
and heres the item i recived: 😀


i know i shouldnt talk about this but i wanan make a mermoil for the 9 11 thing because i was looking at the dates and i saw 9 11 so i waned to do that also i wanted to put it on youtube but i need help and everything soooo im gonna try put music in it soo which song should i do sorry blame it on me or i tried commet the songs name i tried or sorry blame it on me ill keep the votes!

Usa Photo

 I wanna take a picture Of everyone in there usa uniform or in red white in blue. And I wanna make that picture into USA Productions for JomarmicandGuyhi account on youtube.

Time: 12:00 Penguin standard time

Server: Snow cone

Place:Snow Forts

Hope you can all make it!

beta tester added me

 i was on today when jordan414 a beta tester showed  up at my igloo. when he came there he asked me to be his buddy. it was a suprise for a beta tester to ask me that. he also said i was cool. i will ask him to come to the photo shot so you can meet him. and he may add you if i ask him. well bye.