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 hey guys its me sassie. i wont be able to get on the computer much anymore. i get about a full back pack of homework everyday except saturday and sunday. i just started school on tuesday. and i got homework on my 1st day. i also have to practice for volleyball and soccer. and i need to pratice the piano and my violin so i may get on once a week or get on at least once a day but i will try. i wont be able to make some of the group photos because of all this stuff. and also playing with my dogs after i am done with all my stuff. i will try and get to any of the group photos when ever they are. but right now i have too much homework, and stuff to pratice for. and weekend i am working at the wildlife center for 6 to 7 hours. i have reports to do on the computer but i never anwser my IMs. so i hope to make group photos or events and try to make time to talk to my friends. well bye